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Post by Edward Collins on Fri May 30, 2014 2:21 pm

Here is what I would like to see for Edward:

FRIENDS: Friends are alright for him. You can never have too many or too few. He likes intellectual things, such as chess and reading.

FAMILY: He doesn't really have contact with his family. In his history, I never stated if he had siblings or not, so it is possible. They can be accepting of his gayness, or they can deny him because of it. Either is good for me.

ENEMIES: Homophobes are his biggest enemy. Anything else is alright as well.

LOVE: Love is an interesting concept. It would have to be with a man who understand his love of performing arts and appreciates the fact he is happy as a teacher and does not want to change his job anytime soon.

CO-WORKERS: He is looking for a couple friends to have at work, ones he can trust at work and keep it professional. Though if the right one comes along, it may change.
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