The Irony of Choking On A Lifesaver [Open]

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The Irony of Choking On A Lifesaver [Open] Empty The Irony of Choking On A Lifesaver [Open]

Post by Peyton Sanders on Mon Jun 02, 2014 1:09 am

Here in the afterglow, nothing seemed less interesting - less free. The waves that crashed against the shore were blissfully quiet that evening as she walked along it's shore, her toes digging into the soft sand, followed with footprints indented into her shadow. A pair of strappy heels dangled from her hold, swaying with the way she moved. Her hair lay in long black and crimson strands that reached only the bottom of her shoulder-blades, blowing with the salty breeze the ocean made against the beach. The tides were low that night as the moon reflected its pale glory upon its surface, and not a care in the world was left with her. Combing her fingers through her hair, she drew a long and tired sigh, unfolding the need to keep her muscles tensed and relaxing the rest of her body that listened to the music of nature itself. Studying for her classes had become hard since she joined, but she knew the consequences of giving up too soon, and it was not worth her time to pay.

The wolven anthro wore a pair of tight, ripped shorts and a blue striped, loose-fitted, single shouldered white top, as well as a single pair of shades resting at the bridge of her nose against her face. A phone in her back pocket and a couple cash in the other was all she needed for a quiet walk, and judging by the noise up the beach and glowing lights, she predicted right that the money was useful. Her pace slowly quickened until she saw the bar's outline become more easy to see within her field of vision. Peyton tasted the salt on her tongue from the breeze and contemplated her options with conning the bartender into letting her have a drink. The chances were slim, but it was worth a shot, and if that didn't work very well, she could crack a joke or two to say she was kidding and save her life by asking for a soda, or something non-alcoholic, that is.

Reaching the counter only took her a couple minutes, taking a spot upon one of the straw weaved bar-seats and settling herself comfortably until she realize not many people were around. It was a pretty well lit and isolated little shack to be so busy, she reminded herself, but the fact still makes her curious as to where the party was at. As she shook it off, the wolf looked to the bartender, who was kinda cute in his shorts and no shirt. He was a zebra anthro and wore a flowered necklace around his neck and almost wore it with a passion, as well as his bright white smile. Peyton caught the glance he gave her, and it didn't seem the most persuading when she returned it. When he had asked her what she wanted, she didn't say anything and looked at him as if she were tired, kinda stressed looking. His brows raised and he nodded understandingly, turning to his station to fix her something strong without asking how old she was. She produced a seductive and thankful smile to him when he gave it to her, and he winked back before getting on with the other customers. "That was easy..." She told herself, snickering as her lips placed over the colorful straw of her glass.
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