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Jaxon Carter Elliot

Nicknames · Jax, J, Jaxonbear, Elliot (those who are close to him)
Age · 23
Gender · Male
Race · Anthro
Species · Ursidae - Grizzly Bear
Sexual Orientation · Homosexual
Occupation · Student | Bartender at the Lion's Den


Jaxon is a large male Grizzly Bear, standing at 6 feet, 8 inches tall. He weighs just over 210 pounds, which isn't surprising for his height. He as brown fur and black eyes, with a hint of brown. Normally, he dresses in a button up shirt with a vest over top. He doesn't mind wearing a ring or two just to give it a feel of his personality. Sometimes, he'll use some gel and get a little fancy with his hairstyle. Usually wearing it down, which is his favorite, he'll often switch it up and mold his hair into a faux-hawk for the day. He's simple with his looks, but likes to stay on the classy and sleek side of things. He prefers to dress nicely as it makes him feel better than just wearing casual clothes, but always insures that he doesn't over dress for anything not worth his time to dress up for. At first glance, you wouldn't expect him to be gay, but he doesn't feel like he needs to express that to everyone he meets unless he feels like he needs to.


Jaxon's fairly quiet and reserved when you first meet him. Prefers to think rather than speak, which has always been his way of going about things. He's a genuine teddy bear once you discover it, but he sure can get in touch with his inner beast. He tends to be the quiet one of groups, watching and observing the others around him. Her enjoys football, and is a way to output his feelings into something that he loves. Along with football, Jaxon is a budding writer. He realized that he had a way with words that couldn't be expressed by someone else. He tends to write little stories or skits when he's bored or as the motivation to come up with something. Nothing upsets him, he has a heart of stone that's hard to break. Although there are some certain things that could crack him, he has yet to come across that. His voice is fairly deep, with a thick Irish accent. He was born around those who had the accent and just learned to speak with it when he was growing up. It takes a lot to anger him. Insults or foul language towards him normally don't faze him. The one word he refuses to allow others to call him is the 'f' word, used as slang for gay people. That's the one words that he will tear you apart for.


Jaxon grew up with a large family on the east coast. He has a total of seven siblings, consisting of five brothers and two sisters. His family was more of the Irish and Scottish heritage, which he picked up the accent from his mother and father who spoke with it. He never looks at himself as "straight" as he was growing up. he always knew he was gay and would not deny it. He was picked on a lot through school for being gay, called names that he now finds extremely insulting. Never bothered to be talked to by anyone, and outcasted by his classmates until around his junior year of high school. As homosexuality became more and more common, he was starting to become accepted for his ways. At the beginning of his senior year, Jaxon met another boy who liked him. A young buck named Donny. They had a lasting relationship for about three years until Donny got into a car wreck that took his life. Since then, Jaxon has always been weary of those whom he associates himself with and still adores Donny, but doesn't speak of him as it'll make him very upset, very quickly.

After applying and being accepted into FUR, he decided that he should try and mingle a little and discover what his dating pool was like. Although much hasn't occurred since his arrival on campus and has yet to meet anyone, he has applied for a job at the local bar, the Lion's Den. He isn't quite sure what he's going to do or what he's going to encounter, but he's willing to have the full experience of college life.

Roleplay Sample

A post with my character Malachai from AGE:
He chuckled as she muttered words of agreement to sing aloud for him to hear. He smiled and waited, wishing to see how she sounded. He listened as she began, and he was stunned by her voice. it was surely a beautiful thing to hear. He listened to her song, examining the lyrics in his mind as she went on. He couldn't help but wonder what was going through her mind. Everything was happening so quickly. She was clearly stressed and worried, obviously not wanting to stay here any longer than she had to. He wondered why, but didn't ask. He listened to her song silently before giving a weak smile as she explained the origin of her song. He nodded and looked to the creamy-white female before him. "I bet you miss him. Your brother. I know I miss mine.. I killed him." He shook his head. Somehow letting his death of his brother slip between his lips as a weak voice, unsure if the female were able to hear it or not. A deep ache came from within his chest. I killed him. His last sentence rung through his head like a scratched record. If he could cry, he would have tears welled in his eyes. A soft whimper came from his h=chest as that night replayed in his mind for who knows how long. He couldn't get over that he killed his brother, for finding love somewhere else where he could not find it previously. He hated himself for it. He couldn't take it. They were not even discussing their siblings really, but he had to speak of it rather than letting it consume him. Even if Tundra truly didn't care. "He loved one of another pack. I was ordered to get rid of them.. both of them. I killed my own brother in front of the whole pack.. then found his love and killed her... and raped her.." His voice was hoarse as he spoke. He still couldn't comprehend he did such a thing. A faint sound of a whimper continuously came from his chest for the next few moments. It took him a minute to regain his voice and move on from his comments like they never happened. "Your voice is very beautiful Tundra. Very beautiful." He smiled and nodded to her as she seemed to be waiting for a response to her song.

He was hesitant to hear what the warrior would say to his words about desperately wanting to be able to trust her. He needed someone. A friend. Nothing else mattered to him than having someone to really trust through Erenyx. He knew he could trust Chiara and Piper, and possibly Magnus, but he was not close with them as he was with Tundra. Not romantically. He was the other white wolf as a sister or best friend figure. he could not comprehend why he had automatically considered her something along those lines, but he did. His ears perked as she began to speak once more about his words of trust and friendship. He nodded as she asked him if she could trust him. "You can, miss Tundra." He smiled a little and spoke again before she changed the topic momentarily. "I have nobody. No friends, no family. You're the only one I have, and I see you as more of a sister. Please, all I ask of you is do not abandon me as your friend, as a brother. I will not survive another abandonment." He spoke, his voice quivering. he had been alone for so long, he realized he finally had someone that he could depend on. He couldn't lose that. He couldn't have her turn her back on him, it would destroy him. He shook his head as he finished speaking. He didn't know what else to say in that moment on the subject itself.

It was then pulled to his attention about her past and her small outburst towards him. He listened, ears twitching from summer brigs flying around. He looked up to see a gust of wind brush petals from the tree. They rained over them like snow, and he chuckled at it. It was a curious thing that happened, but it was all nature. He looked up, seeing the birds in the trees flutter from one tree to another, barely flapping their wings with effort. He tilted his head and looked back to the warrior before him. He understood that the past was in fact, the past. it would always dwell in your mind, no matter how hard you tried to fight it. It was forever there, lurking in the depths of the mind, awaiting the correct timing to reappear in the eyes of the one who lived it before.

Tundra seemed to be hesitant before speaking the next words. He gave her a look of trust, assuring her that he was there for her to release whatever she as holding back. He words surprised him. "Okay, so let me get this straight. You love Sam, and he loves you I'm guessing. Teren wants him dead, so you're going to claim that you killed him yourself. If Teren finds out you lied to him about the death of Samael, he will kill you himself." He put the pieces of the puzzle together, trying to gather his thoughts on what she had revealed to him. "I swear to you that I will not utter a word, and if asked about Samael, I will say that he is dead and gone. You have my word." He nodded, assuring her that she had his full trust and respect for what she was going to do to save her Samael's life from the monster who had already killed the Exlied male's father and overtook his pack.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Blueberry Wine / Madi / Mad
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · About four years now
How did you find us? · Age / Site Owner
What's the best way to contact you? · PM

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You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

1. Visit the Claims and save your name, character, voice, song, and relationship status!

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4. And if you get bored, make your presence known in the Chatbox! We don't bite... Unless you want us to!

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