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Post by Nebula Seijuro on Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:09 pm

Nebula Tyde Seijuro

Nicknames · Nebby, Ula, Nebs.
Age · 21 Years Old
Gender · Hermaphrodite
Race · Anthro
Species · Narwhal - Marine
Sexual Orientation · Pansexual
Occupation · Seaside Aquarium's Keeper


Standing out has always been common to the young sea mammal, and surely it fits for she's never been able to blend in precisely just yet! Tall, lean, and well rounded for a bust, she stands clumsily at "6,0ft" and weighs approximately 150lbs, [almost a third of it being in her tail] however, she lacks a bit of posture from the weight in her two feet long, salmon colored horn, which makes most think she isn't as tall as she is said to be. Her tail is measured to be just as long as she is tall, noted to be quite heavy as well to luggage around. Nebula's blubbery skin is a fine, ocean blue, paired across her inner thighs, arms, stomach and some of her neck and face to a soft lighter blue that reminds her of the ocean sky. Markings against her sides and lower stomach are found to be almost a glittery magenta pigment as they shine beneath and above the water. Her eye color ranges depending on the sunlight, though typically it is seen as a soft ginger orange with flecks of sunset pinks. For hair, it flows in long salmon-y ginger waves down side along her back, with highlights of soft pinks and blended sunset colors to accent the color of her eyes.


Nebula has always considered herself a tomboy, though her friends and family would disagree for they described her more so as a free spirited girly girl, even despite what features she was born with and keeps to bring herself self confidence wherever she goes. She is a trustworthy friend, but can be found as one of those strange friends that makes all the wrong ideas.. Unfortunately, she can't seem to hold her drinks as a young adult, for she never drank outside the law, and was a good girl all most of her life, as well as some today. When bossed, she takes it quite negatively, and will stand her ground to a fair fight, with no fear or worry on using her fists to fight back if necessary. She's a spit-fire lady, and doesn't tolerate insults too nicely. If something is bothering her, she'll say it, and tends to speak her mind even when she doesn't know it. Nebula is an open book and always willing to meet new people no matter the type of species or status they hold in society.


Since birth, Nebula had carried on a rather interesting trait that set her apart from others mentally among other whales her size or age. Born into the very ocean blue, her parents were blessed with their own, but the gender was unidentified until it was thought to be a boy, then it had grown a year fully in size, where it then developed breasts and was mistaken as neither a boy nor girl; it was simply up to the child's decision of what they considered themselves. As a hermaphrodite, labeled female, Nebula had a tough time fitting in, never really tending to friends for her ocean-mates would only call her names and such, causing the Seijuro family to move so their beloved daughter could attend a school of fish without issues regarding gender. These problems only seemed to rise when the schools would offer a gender upon their paperwork, and the parents would have to explain that Nebula was neither of them specifically, though claimed herself as female. Unfortunately, the administrates did not take this too kindly, and sometimes would wish the parents off in search of a more tolerable school for their young to attend to an education.

When finally the family was able to settle down in the nearest ocean depth, they managed to find a place suitable enough for their daughter to go to elementary school. As high school came around the corner and Nebula grew into her young adult-like form, the Seijuros' decided to move to land to better her chances of a finer college. They stayed near the waters in case of emergencies while Nebula attended private high school. Her true identity remained quiet all up until her Junior year where they held a car wash to raise money for the cheerleading squad. All things were nice and fun, splashing water playfully at one another and whatnot, but a friend of hers she had come to sincerely like in an intimate way had gotten all wet from head to toe. Her shirt did nothing to hide what was underneath, and Nebula couldn't help but stare, for she already loved whom this person was, but that which she owned beneath that wet shirt made her even more helpless to adore. It didn't take long for someone to of noticed the strange bulge in her shorts for her to take off running in a dead, floppy sprint. She hadn't of thought it'd be such a problem until she had developed such feelings for someone else in both a romantically and sexually way for her; and it only paid a consequence. From past experiences, she convinced herself it would be the high school gossip, making it harder for the young narwhal to return to school and face them all in the hallways.

When she was finally persuaded to return to school after a few days absence was emailed to her parents about her attendance record, Nebula fearfully walked herself to school, her parents having not been financially stable enough to buy a car for her to drive. She carried her books and things into school as she normally did and headed to her next class before a hand pulled her back into the nearest janitor's closet. Scared that she was going to get pummeled, she wept and peered to what had been the friend of hers whom she admired so greatly, only to be kissed firmly and told sweet things of how she wasn't any different than the rest of the girls there. The two ended up dating throughout the last two years of high school, most of her classmates thinking of her to be a lesbian, but Nebula didn't quite know until senior prom when another friend of hers explained a sexuality she hadn't quite heard of, but agreed to, for she felt that was her most in what she found in people. Though before graduation, the two were separated due to the fact they were going to different colleges across the country, and sadly had to face their futures rather than theirs as a whole. She took a gap year out of slight depression and confusion on whether or not she wanted to start schooling yet. In this time, she swam with her parents to the Mediterranean Sea and visited Italy to learn the history of where she was born nearest to before migrating into the Atlantic, and later Pacific oceans.  When her time was over, Nebula traveled across land after wishing her parents a sweet goodbye and safe trip to her next step in life, where she tended two years of college to receive her associates degree in nursing, though wishes to return for another two years to recieve her bachelors degree.

Roleplay Sample

After a long day of work, he would wish his smallest goodbye and thanks to the healer whom mentored him and escape the work station as expected before venturing to the nearest creek to wash up. He had done this as a routine since recovery, wake up, eat something quickly, go to training, wash up, eat something else, and go to bed or take a stroll to relax his thoughts. However, he had requested leave a tad earlier so he could freshen up, giving the excuse he was tired and needed a goodnight's rest so he'd be full rejuvenated for the next day. The ashen male cleansed his fur thoroughly, making sure not a speck of dust or grime was left somewhere embedded further against his skin and among the many hairs that made up his arrayed pelt. He would drink from the waters the pack has to offer as he bathed quietly among himself as the sun would set upon the other side of the threes. The apprentice made sure of how long it would last until night would hit, he had expected this, and was quite sure of his plans that evening after getting out of training early. Once satisfied, the young brute wandered over to the foodpile and fetched two hares, knowing full well it made no noticeable dents in the amount of food captured for it was quite filled. He hate one of the two, saving the second for later as a gift.

As the wolf considered his options, he agreed they were much needed now that he was strong again, he could protect himself this time, and perhaps pick up a few things to bring back once everything was at peace again. Traveling as far as he could possibly take himself from the pack, he no longer tread among the soft grasses of summer and now rested his paws in soft, cooled sand along the teal waters that swayed in from the sea. The sun was perfectly still in the west as it reflected against the ocean blue, the sky of a marvelous pink as it was accompanied by purple clouds and even the faintest touch of the moon far in the east. The waves were calm as they moved beneath the skies that filled with faded stars among the orange and pink shades. He sighed softly and stood still on the sand, slowly setting down the hare on a clean rock found on the shore. Hoisting himself on a much taller boulder, the apprentice tilt back his head and howled loudly into the sunseted horizon. It was heartfelt and promising, a song that meant he was sorry and he was here, that he needed his friend to see once more. But he wasn't sure how clear it would be heard over the silent roar of the incoming waters. He would only try, and try he did. And he'd wait patiently for her to arrive, and shower her with a plump hair and a relieved smile. She'd be okay, he told himself.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Junebug
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · Three years.
How did you find us? · I'm an admin.
What's the best way to contact you? · PM, AIM, Skype, Oovoo, Facebook, IG, etc.

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Character Information
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You're Accepted!


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