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Post by Nebula Seijuro on Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:45 pm

OOC Name: Junebug
Character Name: Nebula Seijuro
Job Requested: Seaside Aquarium's Keeper
Why Would You Be A Good Fit?: Other than the fact I am indeed a marine-based animal, I find myself exceptional in every way for such a job! These animals are not far from my beloved kind, and I'd be more than happy to accompany them with a relatively similar individual such as myself with keeping them pleased, clean and at ease in their captivating environment. I would be more qualified for other aquatic mammals like myself, dolphins, whales, and possibly sharks depending on how aggressive they may be. A good majority of my life was only surrounded by water and sea-life, I am quite skilled in swimming and knowing their thoughts. If the fish are in any need or are threatened, I shall aid them with the best of my abilities to settle them at once. A happy aquarium means happy people, and that's just what I plan to do!

Sample Of Work: Sitting at the tank's edge, she left her feet in to soak, her skin pulling at the water as it acted as a sponge to cleans her from the outside in, instantly dehydrating her sensitive blubbery flesh. as she relaxed there for a short while. The rest of her body was formed with a wet suit in the aquarium's black and blue colors against her lighter blue skin and pink markings, as well as gingery hair. It was required of her to sleek each strand back into a pony tail, though now that her hours were done, she had it down and flowing gracefully against her shoulders. The smell of water was nothing old or foreign to her, she loved it so much, for it reminded her of home. Nebula peered passed the surface of the tank depths to see movement below, having felt it in the sensory pores of her feet before looking down to see it near her. She seemed perfectly still, her head tilting as a smile across her face as the dark beast emerged at her feet. "Done eating there, Mushoo?" The narwhal asked while requesting the larger, feral whale open his mouth so that she may stroke his tongue carefully as a way of relaxing him as he swam closer to between almost between her suited legs. "Where's your brother?" Just as she had almost finished her question, she heard the second killer whale surface and blow the water free of its blowhole, nearing his sibling carefully to join him for a nice petting. "There you are, Hiro! Aww, who's a good boy?" Nebula exclaimed in the most loving way, as she would when owning any animal, or caring for one that is. The keeper fed them both a fish before wishing them off so that she may leave, turning around to only be spit with water. She pretended to act surprised, but the killer whales playfully turned away and snickered before she faked a sad, whining noise. The whales soon fled back for her in concern, but she laughed and played along to their tricks since they seemed so kind, wishing them off once more finally before returning back to the main desk to check herself out and grab her clothes from earlier that morning to go home.
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Post by The Dean on Tue Aug 25, 2015 12:05 am

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