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Pietro Ciel Michaelis

Nicknames · Piet, Ears.
Age · 19 Years Old
Gender · Male
Race · Anthro
Species · Chiroptera; Bat
Sexual Orientation · Homosexual
Occupation · Student


As a bat, his wings are fragile and thin as they attach to his lean little arms. The texture of his wings are to enable him the ability to both glide evenly and fly at higher speeds. His complete wing-span is 10feet across, though that isn't the only thing he has that's rather large, for his ears and tail are equally great. With such large ears, he's able to hear at longer distances, and with his tail, it helps him steer when flying, though that is the only use he truly has for it other than another thing to drag along with him. Fur colors conclude in both a light black, grey pigment, and a horizon orange shade. His nose is a lighter orange, almost yellow, and his eyes are bright silver to reflect the moon's surface. He isn't all that tall, however, standing completely at "5,10" while most of his classmates are taller than he. Though he may not be all the bronze and glory, he is very intelligent and uses that to his advantage. His raven black hair comes down a bit over his eyes, though it is an undercut in the back.


Pietro tends to find himself as one of those friends that gives helpful advice, though is unable to use it at his own personal need. He's always stuck defending himself with a clueless effort, which eventually drowns him in drama and more issues than originally. An outcast to society, though extremely intelligent when it comes to school, he is near blind when it comes to the rules of the outside world. He knows all there is about history and technology, but cooking and living on the wild side for the lad is far from his element. He is nurturing and faithful to those he befriends, which happens quite rarely, and usually when he gains friends, he tends to keep to a small group of them to hold onto for a while until natural departures. Pietro treats those around him fairly, despising those that lack respect, and praising of those who are kind in return. His holds a habit of dancing in place for random reasons, most being that he is bored and has trouble sitting or standing still for very long, others being he likes to attract a bit of attention to meet new faces. He does not take larger males seriously, and despite his small form, he tries his best to overpower them no matter their social status. He knows full well his intentions here at the university, and is happy to be able to given this opportunity, as well as great plans to make the best of it while he still can.


From early childhood, Pietro was always quite handy and intelligent, a bit quick-witted for a fast learner in his class, even for a youngster. Gifted, they'd say, though not quite in the same sense. He had his faults and regretted him in the process, though he was lucky enough to make at least one friend on his first day into middle school. Trent, a seadevil anthro, was born blind, and tended to wear a bandage over his face for some found his eyes unbearable to look at. Pietro didn't seem to mind, and the two seemed to hit it off very nicely together through both elementary and even partially through high school. These were the days where the bat felt most at ease with his character, sticking to his own little group of trusted individuals, as well as making a great future for himself in his studies to be a doctor. He became fascinated with Trent's condition so much, he even contimplated on becoming an optomitrist, though knew it wasn't his dream, and decided otherwise to just be a surgeon. His parents supported him in no matter what decisions he chose, though that later didn't quite work out so well.

As senior year rolled around the corner, and the two were still trying to discover their places in the world, Pietro really came to his senses around valentine's day as to what interested him most. He'd always been curious of what he liked and disliked other than food, and somehow earned an almost love for his dearest best friend. The feeling was even mutual, which only drove the two closer in their time as friends throughout the year. There were some nights were they'd kiss, and cuddle on the couch when they'r parents weren't home out of the fear they'd disapprove or even feel appauled by their actions. It wasn't until Prom, where the two were without dates, did Pietro get the chance to finally see what laid beneath Trent's bandage. They wanted to loose each other's virginities before graduation, and planned to do so with each other with how strong of a bond in trust they already shared. It was then did Trent speak up and allow the bandage to fall from his face, revealing two crystal blue milky-eyes. Pietro couldn't believe himself in what awe he had over his friend's eyes and the opportunity of being given such a trustworthy glimpse. That night had been the best of his entire being, but it was graduation which set them at different angles. It seemed as if his own world were crushing together when his friend announced he would not be attending the same college, and Pietro was deeply saddened by this discovery so much, it took him weeks to speak to his friend again over the summer.

One night, a bit before the two were finally moved across the map, they shared a sweet goodbye with one another by spending the night at Trent's. That was probably the most terrible part of his life, he thought, knowing this would be forever until they'd ever see each other again, and would fall into the routine of very different, segreated futures. Though that evening was disrupted when his friend's mother decided to walk in on them kissing, and it didn't fair too well with her, nor his friend's father. When the father intruded and readied his hand to smack his blind son, Pietro stopped him for the case of injuring his only friend, and youngest lover. He did every thing he could to calm down the man, having known him for years, and it finally worked, though the bat was in pure disbelief that even his friend's parents would try to worsen his condition. Holding Trent close by, the parents together discussed the predicament between their sons and their chose of love. It was unfair to them that they'd be on different paths soon enoug, so the parents did not take a huge interest in seperating them more than it already was, for they were adults now and their parents had no say in who they cared for. When moving day occurred, Pietro was in tears to see his friend go, only to backtrack on his own actions in heading towards his chosen college. He tried brightening his spirits, and it worked after a month of processing. Hopefully, this year would do him some good, after all.

Roleplay Sample

The season had gone by painfully slow, only to compel the broken with another crack down the middle, but was now complete. She was like glass. Her mind and body were once content, and reflected beauty. But now what appeared to be a shattered shape of misery. It was of course near impossible to loose the color of one's eye pigment, however the glowing amber that once filled them were now a weak light. Knowing not of what that light had left to shine deep within her orbs, the ghostly fae roamed as if it never concerned her. Nightmares dominated the nocturnal hours in her most peaceful state. She lacked energy. The will to keep living. Everyone, every wolf that meant something to her, was now gone again. The fae's presence was of a dull hope as she walked among the pack lands in an almost lifeless way. Her limbs were in motion, whilst it seemed her mind lacked in the effort to remain sane. Cliché wandered passed tall trees, a dark side of her brain causing her to keep living as she ventured further beyond the camp and even farther away from reality. Fog then swarmed around her feet, reaching up to almost her sides, thick and transparent it was as it glided along her form. The humidity of summer made it even harder to breathe at such a height, but the she-wolf never seemed to notice, nor react loudly enough to it to care. The thick, ghostly air seemed to lock around her wrists and limbs like chains, but the mist that towered higher over her backside formed a distorted pair of wings. They were only a figment of her imagination, they couldn't possibly be the wings of a dove with feathers and purity. She had seen so much evil, so much darkness, the poor fae had almost convinced herself it had adopted her into a world she never thought to be apart of again.

With a mind so fragile and a body so vulnerable as it kept grieving, she was surprised she had managed to keep holding on to whatever rope was in front of her. Death had not come to her. She was a coward among those whom fought for the lives she had made. But she was thankful for those saviors of hers, and pitied herself for what act she couldn't uphold to save her own. The wolf wept a muffled cry of whines as she neared closer to where the act was committed. Each of them. Standing in the place of where all her sons had fallen into the grasps of a short life. She'd cradle the ghosts of her beloved children and hope they meet ends with their future life. The fae hoped for that connection to be felt once more before they spiritually passed. They'd arrive in her dreams from time to time, or a common illusion passed onto her from grief as she worked slowly throughout the day. "My sweet boys.." She'd whisper, her broken heart filled with only love, but a voice so hoarse from not speaking since that day could only manage from her throat. Her head lowered and her eyes closed, as if she were kneeling over to nuzzle her three dead pups for one last time out of motherly instinct to show everything will be okay.

Swallowing hard, she kept her whines to a low note before murmuring a gentle lullaby to wish her young a goodnight's rest. "Wandering.. children of the earth, do you know just how much you're worth?.. You have walked.. this.. path since your birth, you were destined for more.." The stars shown above her, so bright, so hopeful as they twinkled, the moon to accompany them all as their first friend in the nightly sky. As a believer of the stars and their power to shine even despite the death that happened, she continued and slowly lowered to the ground so that she'd rest beneath the stars with her young spiritually present to her mind's capacity, "-There are those.. who'll tell you you're wrong, they will try to.. silence your song, but right here.. is.. where you belong, so don't search.. anymore.." She'd sing lastly, her eyes being guided slowly to the skies as she watched them dance upon such a summer's night. The fae would wonder where they'd be in that sky so broad of theirs, perhaps alongside those that had also fallen after their births, or maybe even nearest to those with the highest potentials. She'd never know, and mask herself with a smile as she silently wept into the wind.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Junebug
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · Three Years
How did you find us? · Magic~
What's the best way to contact you? · PM, AIM, Facebook, Gmail, Oovoo, Skype, etc.

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You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

1. Visit the Claims and save your name, character, voice, song, and relationship status!

2. Make sure you reserve a Dormitory for your student. If you wish to have a teacher, PM The Dean.

3. Check out our Member Zone and get to know the other players on site!

4. And if you get bored, make your presence known in the Chatbox! We don't bite... Unless you want us to!

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