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Post by Hunter Brooks on Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:02 am

OOC Name: Insidious
Character Name: Hunter Brooks
Position Requested: Gym Teacher & Football Coach
Why Would You Be A Good Fit?: In order to get a feel for love of the sport you play, the coach has to love the sport. I am all about physical fitness and trying your damn well best to do everything to the absolute best of your abilities. I push both myself and my students to the peak of their success, in hopes that we will be able to accomplish our dreams together. I will make sure that all of my students are passing their classes, or they will not be allowed to compete in Football. I will also help to make sure other teachers are doing the same. It's important that these kids have a future without the sport. I went to college myself, played for the Varsity team all through High School. I know all the positions, the plays, the strategies. Your college would be dumb to not hire me as the Athletic coordinator for both Football and Gym class. As well as football, I love all sports. I am well versed in them and will be able to help all of those who are struggling to get better.
Sample Of Work:
"Today, we learn about soccer. Also know as 'futbol' around the world, it is proven to be one of the most known sports. Though, it is not as amazing as football, which I hope all you young males in here will sign up for... But this sport is universal. The rules are the same all over the world. It requires speed, technique, and control. Traditionally, it is a non-contact sport. But that is to be under debate." Tossing the soccer ball to the ground. He grabs the rest of the balls from the bag and lays them on the grass. "Now, grab a partner and I want you to practice control kicking the ball to one another. If it goes past your partner, you will both take a lap. You will do this until you hear me blow the whistle. When that happens, you will begin jumping jacks. And go!" He places the whistle between his lips and blows it loud. He watches and walks around as he points to pairs and makes them take laps.

Gathering the men in the locker room, he stares at them all. "Now we have a big game ahead of us. The Spartans have killed all their opponents before them. Today, I want you to play like you are losing your legs tomorrow. This is your shine or die moment. Defense is going to run straight for the quarterback. I don't want that ball to leave his mitts unless it is falling onto the ground for a fumble. If and when you recover it, run fast and run hard. In the event that you do get tackled, get the fuck up and walk it off. I don't want to see any cry babies or tears on my field. I want to see passion and drive. Do you want to win this year? Do you want to join the NFL when you graduate? Are you sick of hearing me yell? If that's the case, get out those doors and tear them apart!" With the team now amped up, he forced them out onto the field, following close behind with a clipboard in his hands. He watched as they took their positions and he paced the side of the field. The game was intense, but he knew his Soaring Eagles could get it done. The quarterback caught the ball and the team charged forward. Some of them stayed on their guys, but soon the quarterback would go falling to the ground, the ball leaving his hands. A member of the team, scooped it up and ran for the goal. Shouting and waving his arms, Coach egged him on. "Keep going baby! Taste that victory, it is so close! You got this boy!" The defender made the touchdown and began to dance as he was joined by the rest of the players. It would be another winning year for the Eagles.
Hunter Brooks
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Gym Teacher & Football Coach - Hunter Brooks Empty Re: Gym Teacher & Football Coach - Hunter Brooks

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Gym Teacher & Football Coach - Hunter Brooks Xw12

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