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Tobias Kapulo  - Adoption Empty Tobias Kapulo - Adoption

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Tobias Richard Kapulo


   Nicknames · Toby
   Age · 21
   Gender · Male
   Race · Anthro
   Species · Wolf
   Sexual Orientation · Heterosexual
   Occupation · Student / Option of adopter






Tobias is a tall and thin young man, weighing only a light 125 pounds and a height of 6'3. HIs coat consists of the same tan/brown color, but ranging in shades. The hair on his head is brown and unruly, slightly curly most of the time, but never looks bad. His eyes are a golden amber that's a little unusual for some, but mesmerizing none the less. His style in clothes range from day to day. One day he could be wearing a leather jacket and skinny jeans, the next he could be wearing a button up and nice shorts. He wears blank dog tags for no particular reason, just for the hell of having something to put around his neck for the day.  




Tobias is a trouble maker. He can cause a lot of problems when tested. Normally, he keeps to himself unless someone tries to push his buttons and pull him out of his comfort zone while he is unwilling to exit it. He refuses to follow strict authority and dares challenge it. While some refuse to stand up for something, Toby has almost no fear. He will tell you how he feels even if you don't ask. He's not afraid to share what he thinks when he thinks it. Nothing could possibly stop him from telling someone what he thought, wether it hurt them or not. Toby's not one to lie. He will not lie about anything unless it's completely necessary. If someone lies to him, disrespects him, or treats him like a young child, he will blow a fuse. He will not take that kind of behavior from anyone, which makes his list of real friends very limited.




Tobias grew up in the inner city of Chicago. Not the best place for a young pup to be raised. His family had no relations to drugs, alcohol, or any activity in the area. Not being involved or around this sort of activity kept the young lad out of trouble. He grew up with not so many friends other than his elder brother, Tanner. He had always depended on Tanner to look out for him, and he always did. It was a close sibling relationship. Then Tanner and Tobias' parents divorced. Both their parents were suitable to live with permanently, but the state had stated that they must live with one parent longer than the other. Visiting the other on weekends during the school year, and switching every other week in the sumer months. Their mom had gained the custody of the boys and Toby was saddened by this. He loved his mother, he really did, but he loved his father too. Now, he was only allowed to see his father for a little amount of time. At 15, Toby had begun to find his relaxation in theatre. Yes, he became a theatre geek. It relieved him and would allow him to express his feelings freely through actions and words written by another. He had joined the theatre club at his high school, which put on many plays and musicals that Toby would constantly star in. He wanted to become an actor.

Graduating high school with a 4.0 GPA, he decided to of to FUR. He heard the drama and theatre programs were excellent and the teacher was fantastic. He was overly excited to join and become one with the theatre / drama group once again.


Roleplay Sample


The tan male walked through the high school hallways, reminiscing over the years he spent in this building. He them found himself in the auditorium. Where he spent most of his days since his freshman year. He smiled as moments flashed through his mind of everything he had done in here. It was incredible. The thunder of paws and hands clapping still pounded his ears from every performance he had done. Starring as the lead role in almost all of them. Shaking his head and looking through the curtains of the stage, he began to recite Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."

"Despised, distressed, hated, martyr'd, kill'd!
Uncomfortable time, why camest thou now
To murder, murder our solemnity?
O child! O child! my soul, and not my child!
Dead art thou! Alack! my child is dead;
And with my child my joys are buried."

A smile grew on his face as his feet carried him out the door. Leaving the memories to remain in his mind and the walls of his high school before starting a new chapter. In college.

Extra Information


There's not a whole lot more to come with this boy, just a bad boy, theatre geek of a kid. Nothing more, nothing less.

Availability Date


Whenever adopted


Out Of Character Information

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