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Post by Rose Soner on Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:06 pm

Rose Danielle Soner

Life's a dance, you learn as you go... sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow~

Rose had just gotten back from the campus, school starting and she had to collect all her stuff. Books, maps of the campus. She was thrilled and yet startled. Classes that would require her attention. She wanted to sign herself up for the music class, she had an old violin that begged to be played. Her book-bag hung from her shoulder, hands placed securely on it. She had been to the library and had picked out a few new books that she hadn't read quite just yet. She was relieved that she could live on campus, lucky that she arrived the day she did. She hadn't seen any place for apartments that were open, so she was just glad to have a roof over her head. She knew there was a hotel nearby, but she didn't know how expensive it would be. She wiggled her hips slightly as she continued walking, her eyes glued to the signs. But something caught her eye, she spotted a small cafe and a smile spread across her lips.

She pushed open the door to the cafe, looking around at how quiet it seemed. Perfect! She thought quietly to herself. She moved towards a table near the window, sunlight streaking through the rain clouds and into the window. She sat down comfortably, her tail wrapping around her legs as she was given a menu and then left to silence. She stared at the menu, her amber eyes flicking over it quickly. When the young barista returned to take her order. "I'd like the Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon, and the blueberry muffin, please?" The Barista nodded and moved quickly away, a smile touching Rose's face. She opened her book bag just as the rain started pouring. She glanced out the window, watching the rain pour down for a brief moment.

She lifted her fingers and thumbed through the books she had. She had a few classics, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Black Beauty. But she had recent books too, something about lighting. She decided to go with her favorite, Beauty and the Beast. She pulled out the book, staring at it's rather bland cover. She smirked, knowing that the blandness was just something to test true book readers. She leaned back in her seat, opening the book to the first chapter. She thumbed through the pages, nodding to the barista as she was given her order. She flicked her ears forward as thunder rumbled quietly in the distance. She looked up from her book to watch lighting strike, her smile fading as she realized she had to walk back to the campus in the rain. Oh well... She shrugged.

Her amber eyes returned back to her hot chocolate, it looked good. But so did her book, she sighed. She reached a hand out to her drink, lifting it and taking a sip. "Oh oh oh! Hooot!" She mumbled quietly, setting the mug down and licking her lips softly. Her southern accent sank in as she spoke, but then it settled as if nothing happened. Back to reading. She was quick with reading, but she wanted to enjoy the book, from cover to cover and decided to read it slowly. Her eyes flicked across the page, so intrigued with her book that she hardly noticed anyone else around her. She listened to the rain and thunder, and the bustle that went around the cafe. It was filling up with people who came for a quiet treat.

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