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Rhett Emmett Matthis


   Nicknames · Rhett, R
   Age · 32 years old
   Gender · Male
   Race · Anthro
   Species · Hippogryph
   Sexual Orientation · Heterosexual
   Occupation · A-List Casino Manager






Mostly covered in grey this glorious hippogryph also has black accents. Most of his body appears to be bird-like, but there are some things which do not belong to birds at all. His torso and down are built much like a human's. He normally finds himself walking on hind legs. At the ends of his paws and toes, he has long razor-sharp claws. They are black like the midnight sky, void of any lights. On his face, he has large feathers that appear to be ears. His actual ears are tiny little holes in his head, covered by the feathers. He has a massive and very sharp beak, making it easy to rip into his prey Feathers cover his head, neck and wings, while fur covers the rest of his body. He has bright blue eyes like the beautiful summer midday sky. His tail is not too long. It looks much like that of a lion's, slender to almost a tip with a bunch of wild fur at the base. But the most notable feature are his wings. Spreading to a length of eleven feet and three inches wide. He can fly to any height with ease. His large wings also make it so that he can soar with minimal effort. He is the original apex predator.




Not too much can be said about Rhett. He likes to keep to himself mostly, finding security in high up places. He loves to fly and he will sometimes take others for a ride. He likes the feeling of flying more than anything. It's the cheapest way to travel, and way more fun than walking. He is a little older than a lot of the members around, so he is a little wiser. He has been called a hermit before, but it doesn't bother him. He has a degree in Business and a minor in English. Though he could use his intelligence for running another kind of establishment, he loves the casino. He likes the idea of people having dreams of winning the pot, and hopes they enjoy their time in his establishment.




The hardest part about growing up, is doing it all alone. His mother was a tween when she got pregnant with him. Immediately he was surrendered to the system. He lived in orphanages and moved around from house to house for foster families. In school, he was teased for the creature he was. Nobody had really seen a hippogryph from where he was from. Even the gryphons made fun of him. They teased him and called his a "weirdo". He never got to meet his family. Apparently, his father was a very rich lawyer who had gotten tangled up in the young female. He had been married with children of his own, but had a special place for his mother. At the age of eighteen, his father died of a heart attack. Rhett had never met him, but apparently he had left him a good chunk of money in his will. He had over one million dollars. He invested a small portion of it into the stock trade. It wasn't his hard-earned cash, so why not? The young hippogryph soon started to live the rich and easy life when he invested into a company called "Apple". The company expanded and blossomed almost overnight. Shares were going for six times their worth.

He paid for his tuition, his books, his apartment. He lived off his father's money, making some of his own still in the stock trade. He became a shark of the trade market and others would go to him for advice. But even after college, he had a hard time finding a job that catered to his schooling. So he started looking at real estate. It seemed the previous owner of a casino was losing his business. He couldn't keep the building filled with people and it was failing. Rhett purchased the property and worked hard to renovate and change things. No longer was it a slumming casino, but now a high-end one. Everything seemed to be going well. He hosted a hot party in the building to get the word out and for all to see the changes for themselves. Drinks were on the house because drunk people will gamble much easier than those who were sound of mind. Soon the place was booming with activity and the money started to roll in once more.


Roleplay Sample


Look, I really don't have time for this, but since you seem to be wanting it so badly, I will be forced to share my past with you, not that you really give a shit anyway. It was a dark night, the only light came from the sun's light on the bright moon. A young girl, fallen in love with a young man in high school, was now on a date in central park. As they looked between each other's eyes, staring with that look of "puppy love", they spoke sweet things to one another. But the moment was soon ruined, it started as just a twitch, then a shiver down his spine. This was not his first time, but it was still going to be just as painful as it had been before. He pulled away from her, wishing to not harm a single hair on her head. But even as he moved to the shadows, she followed, concerned for her lover. But what she saw would change her views on him forever. Too bad it was too late for the poor female. The large wolf that snarled before her, lunged and sank its teeth into her soft skin. The taste of blood filled the brute's jaws, flooding his maw, rolling over his tongue. Tearing into her body, he killed her. As he stood over her lifeless form, covered in blood, he licked his lips and muzzle.

When he came to realize what he had done and his wolf form subsided, he dropped to his knees. For what seemed like forever, he cried. In his rage and fear of being hunter, he ran from the city, heading on his own. He changed his hair, the way he dressed, and everything else about him that he could. Moving from state to state, he could not stay in one place. If anyone recognized him, he was over.

He searched for a pack to join, and finally he found one. They lived deep within the woods, away from the eyes of man, able to roam completely free and wild. If they wished to be a wolf, they could go ahead and do it. He was happy, finally he was happy. In this pack, he was welcomed with open hearts and minds. One fae looked to him more than the rest. She was beautiful and both felt love at first sniff. They would meet in the dead of night, under the stars and blackened sky. There they would reflect on their lives and talk of dreams of the future. When he thought he would not be able to love, Travis fell in love again. They were inseparable, unable to be split by man or beast, or so he thought.

The moon was shrouded by the dark clouds hovering over the safety of their haven. Footsteps could be heard in the distance, but they thought nothing of it. When they were attacked, it was too late. The hunters came, with their dogs and their guns. They had heard stories of large wolves living in the lively foliage of the forest. People believed they were responsible for missing livestock and children. They tracked their prey, watching for tracks or hints of their existence. Soon they gathered the trail, forcing them deeper and deeper into the wild. Travis and his love were far off in their happy place. Gunfire was heard, echoing among the trees. Immediately, the fae rushed to her family. Before Travis could stop her, she was gone. Her tiny frame moved about the trees at a higher rate than he could ever imagine. He pushed himself as fast as he could, but when he got to the camp center, it was a horrid sight. A hunter had just freshly pulled his knife from her chest. Hazel hues stared at the fae and then the hunter. His one true love was dead, and there was nothing he could do to save her. He snapped, snarling and growling with such anger and aggression he had never experienced before in his life. He helped some other members of the pack massacre the humans, ripping the flesh from their bones, as well as torturing their canine companions. When the massacre was over, drenched in the blood of revenge, Travis left the pack. There was nothing more for him here, feeling a empty darkness consume what was left of his heart.


Out Of Character Information

   Your Name/Alias · Insidious
   How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · A while now
   How did you find us? · My beautiful wife made this place
   What's the best way to contact you? · PM Insidious

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You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

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