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Suka Felix Moscoe


   Nicknames · Felix / Mo
   Age · 23
   Gender · Male
   Race · Anthro
   Species · Polar Bear
   Sexual Orientation · Pansexual
   Occupation · Student / Adopter's choice






Suka is a large young bear with a lot of muscle. His muscles are clear under his "white" fur. With a head of silver-ish hair and goatee, his looks are quite astonishing. His eyes are a magnificent ice blue that give anyone a piercing gaze.  Like most of his species, he's a swimmer and has the strong body for such a sport. His protective fur prevents him from getting too hot or cold in waters, which is of course, a bonus for him. The bear's height is at 6'4 and weighs a massive 235 pounds. His daily wear for clothes is typically the same. He usually wears some sort of athletic shirt as well as shorts an street shoes. Nothing really changes in his clothing, other than when he's swimming in competitions.




Suka's a major flirt. With his larger body and strong muscles, he easily swoons women over. He has a very charming personality and is always more like a gentleman than a jerk. He doesn't use foul language often as he doesn't see a need to use such words unless there is no other word to fit the position. He's quiet in most first meetings, but warms up to new people pretty quickly. He doesn't get attached to people or things easily. He hates clingy people, and he knows he's not one of them. He will not date someone if they're extremely clingy. He has a distinct look that he has when he has an interest in someone, but it's not a bad look. Some would describe it as flirty while others may use the word seductive. It's not seen often, as he doesn't get emotionally attached to anyone, which is something he looks for. They may have a physical attraction, but of there is no emotional one, he will not continue it. Unless they're just there for a "fun" time.




Suka was born in Northern Alaska, where he lived throughout most of his life. The cold was his best friend, as well as the water. His mother, father, and two brothers always knew that Suka would do something involving winter or water. It was in his bones. He grew up playing football, basketball, snowboarding, and competitive swimming. He was good at all of them. More specifically the winter and water sports.It was his favorite. Nothing could compare to his skill, dedication, and hard work to what he put into these sports and his education since a young age. At 12, Suka hit a growth spurt. He had grown more than four inches in one summer. He was now 5'10 as a young kid. By the time he graduated high school, he was 6'2 and 200 pounds. Since then, he gained another 35 pounds and 2 inches. He was proud of himself. He was strong, tall, and heavy. He knew he wasn't fat either. He knew he just had a lot of muscle, still with some fat here and there.

After high school, Suka joined many club teams for both swimming and snowboarding. He excelled greatly in both. That fall, he got a letter in the mail from a scholarship he applied to at F.U.R. his senior year. It was a full-ride scholarship to F.U.R. for his swimming abilities and his many wins in competitive meets. Nothing could compare to his excitement more then that moment. He soon packed up his stuff and took off to his new college for that fall. He family was sad to see I'm go, but knew he would make something great on himself there.  


Roleplay Sample


Walking through the streets of the downtown area, the polar bear as been looking at all the shops and lights as he made his way down the sidewalks. He smiled to everyone he saw, trying to make as many friends as possible already even if he had just arrived from his home in Alaska yesterday. he was having a little trouble getting used to the climate change from home to his new city, but he knew he would quickly adapt to the changes here. The small of scones and coffee filled his nostrils as he walked by a café. It was too tempting. he had turned around and entered the little establishment. Wiping his feet before he entered, he seated himself and waited for someone to take care of his needs. A young feline came up to him and introduced herself. "Hi, my name is Jaylee and I'll be your waitress." She smiled at him as he sat in his booth, eager to order. "Hello. I have not been here before and I am new in town. I would like a cup of coffee and a scone for now, please." He smiled and nodded, placing the menu in the feline's hands before she smiled, turned, and walked off towards the kitchen to place his order. His mouth watered at the smaller that were swirling through the café. A little shudder was sent through his body as he looked out the window. IN waiting for his coffee and scone to come to him, he pulled out a novel he had read more than once in his life. "The Outsiders." He remembered reading it as a young boy and had always loved the story of the war between the city Greasers and the city Socs. It was a fantastic novel and he had read it more than 15 times by this point. He couldn't get enough of it. Soon, Jaylee came back with his coffee and scone. "Here you go. Welcome to out little city." She smiled at him before walking back to the kitchen. He sniffed the scone before taking his knife and fork to it. It was one of the best things he had ever eaten. He smiled and finished it within a minute, then took a swig of his coffee that was warm on his throat. He smiled and sat back into his booth, continuing to sip his coffee and read his book.

Extra Information


He has a tendency to be a little messy with his bedroom. Procrastinating with doing laundry and dishes.

Availability Date


Whenever adopted


Out Of Character Information

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