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Avery Allison Ray


   Nicknames · A / Ali / Ray
   Age · 23
   Gender · Female
   Race · Anthro
   Species · Arctic Fox
   Sexual Orientation · Heterosexual / Straight
   Occupation · Student / Adopter's choice






Avery is a short but feisty little fox. Her fur is a crisp white color with little specks of grey that aren't very visible without looking closely. She's very short, standing at 5'2 and 105 pounds. Despite her little stature, she has a big attitude. Her eyes are a light amber brown that she absolutely adores more than anything about her body. A head of hair with a reddish orange hue. He tends to wear it on a ponytail or down rather than doing a whole lot with it on most days when he doesn't have the energy to put that much effort into it. Her clothing style is quite simple. Mostly consisting of tank tops and v-neck t-shirts and skinny jeans. Sometimes a dress or skirt will be put on if she feels like looking extra cute that day. He has a small obsession with shoes and will not wear the ams shoes two days in a row. She likes to show off her footwear more than anything.  




Avery is a little fox with a big attitude. She does not take anything from anyone. She will stand up for herself against the strongest or biggest of people who could potentially crush her into a pulp. She doesn't really care, as she just wants to be able to defend herself against those who think they can pick on her like some little kid. She can be quite flirtatious as well. If you get her into that type of mood, then she will tease and torture you to the point of you simply wanting to screw her. Yes, she's that temping at points. Although she does this with men quite often, when they try to get with her, she always refuses. She'll tease you endlessly until you have to be the dominant one and take control, then you will have her going. She will let you get with her at that point if you get her worked up up enough. When she's around friends, her personality can change. Especially when she's drunk, but doesn't get wasted very often. She has no sense of control in that ape of situation which then leads to bad decisions. But while she's sober and clean, she's a feisty and stubborn little fox that's not afraid of a little danger.




Avery grew up in the inner city of Springfield, Illinois. It was a relatively small place and din't leave the city often most of her life. She went to a small high school within town and that' where she happened to meet some of the people she would think she would love, but hated with a burning passion. She hated school, even though she excelled in her academics. She hated the people. They were always busting her ass about her homework or asking stupid questions or walking too slow in the hallways. It was the most annoying four years of her life. The only way she survived it was by sleeping. She would take as many naps as possible through the school day. It was the only thing that kept her sane. That and daily text massages from her dad that would always make her laugh out loud during class. Especially at the most inappropriate times. She and her dad were super close, until he was diagnosed with stage 4 leukemia. Treatment was rough on the both of them. Both emotionally and physically. A few months after radiation and chemo, her father couldn't fight any longer and passed away. She has kept all his belongings and have them stored away in a closet in her apartment.

After she graduated high school, she made a promise to her deceased father that she would go to college like he wanted her to. She wanted to make him proud been if he wasn't there physically. She wanted to make her father proud of her.


Roleplay Sample


The little white fox sauntered through the club like she owned the place. She was all too excited to spend her evening here with strangers she won't remember. She grabbed a martini from the bar before hitting the dance floor. It was overwhelming at first, but quickly warmed up to the people that were around her every side. The lights flashed and music blared before she started to dance with this large male lion. She was rubbing and grading up against him the whole night as she danced. Temping him with her body, but never letting him get too far into it. She smirked and slipped out of the club, leaving him to wondered where she had run off to. She had begun to walk down the street toward her apartment before anyone she had encountered in the club went to look for her. She reached her apartment and entered, locking the door behind her. She took off all her clothes and crawled into her bed. She was relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep. Turning her TV on for background noise, she slowly drifted off into sleep.

Extra Information


She doesn't drink heavily, but enough to be a little tipsy now and then.

Availability Date


Whenever adopted


Out Of Character Information

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