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Lana Ellison Temple

Nicknames · Lala, Lanny [she will kill you or at least try to if you call her either of these] Lan she doesn't mind so much but prefers Lana
Age · 19
Gender · Female
Race · Anthro
Species · Kitty Cat
Sexual Orientation · Heterosexual
Occupation · Student/Currently unemployed


Lana just gives off a whole badass 'bad-girl' vibe at first sight. She's a typical tomboy and is the type that will carry a knife on her and would not be afraid to use it. However, she still manages to keep a sexy, alluring aura about her and has become a professional at mixing both tomboyish badass-ness and mysterious sexiness. She's strong and toned from a harder 'child-hood' than most and although not overly curvy, she manages to catch the attention of those just by the way she seems to hold herself and walk with an air of confidence. She is quite nimble and has the habit of performing little 'bird-like' movements in the way she moves nimbly and tilts her head. However do not be fooled, this girl is built of muscle and definitely not one to think you can take advantage of and get away unscathed. The fur that covers her is a unique extremely light pink, most would just think it was a creamy colour but if you really focus you will realise that it has a very light pinkish tinge. The upper part of each arms has strange purple markings that she has carried since birth and does not know what their meaning is. The same coloured markings are located beneath each eye except smaller and shaped differently. She decided not to bother with tattoos because of these markings. She has short spiky hair, cut carelessly into a bob of sorts to keep it out of her way. It is the same colour as the rest of her fur.

Her eyes are a light green in colour. Lana will usually be found wearing short crop tops and either jeans or shorts depending on the weather, she will rarely be seen in a dress or skirt. Her preferred top covering is what looks like a black jacket cut short leaving her stomach exposed. She then likes to where jeans/shorts and tends to wear a leather belt, studded on one side where she likes to keep a small pocket knife hidden, She also always wears a black velvet collar/choker around her neck where a pearl of very dark purple hangs, a small token to help remember someone she had once cared about. Being a fan of piercings, Lana's left ear has 6 piercings where she likes to wear completely different coloured hoops. Her right ear only has two piercings where two slightly larger silver hoops are found.


After a very tough upbringing, it is only understandable to Lana to have trust issues. (WIP)


A simple history or backstory of your character goes here. Maybe a little about their childhood and how they got where they are now. Two paragraphs is a good area to aim for in this section. Maybe a little about their past and a little about their now. More than that is always a bonus. (WIP)

Roleplay Sample

[By Guardian Tundra on Age Of The Wolves]

She frowned as he asked her to show him her singing voice. "I um..." she began before trailing off, gaze glittering with confusion. It may sound extremely weird, but how did one sing? Her voice had the chances to have a melodic ring to it but the dull emptiness she spoke with tended to chase it away. She would need to let emotions leak in, let her dull dead voice reach high and drop low to provide the perfect melodies. It sounded like an awful lot of hard work...She turned her gaze and rested it on him silently, wheels turning away in her mind as he nudged her. Evidently tying to urge her on. This time as he sung, she payed particular attention to the way he let the words flow from his mouth and the way he strung them together to make unique sounds that turned into beautiful melodies. She watched him closely as he trailed off and turned his azure gaze expectantly in her direction. A few more moments of silence ticked by where his gaze shifted to where the two herbivores were practically out of sight. He was then facing her again and she narrowed her hazel eyes. Finally she rolled her eyes and stood slowly "Fine, fine..." She grumbled. For a moment she stood in silence, thinking hard. Her mum had never really sung much and if she had Tundra would never be able to remember. Fell had liked to sing though, she could remember his deep soothing masculine voice as if it was only yesterday she had been a young wolf, innocent and happy as she sat by his side and listened to him sing. Well, partially happy and innocent, by that time the rest of her family had already been burned to death...

Shaking the thoughts away, she tried to think of the songs he'd used to sing. Most were much too deep for a voice like hers but she remembered one, a song that the two of them had sung together. The lyrics filled her mind instantly despite how long it had been since the two had sung together. Taking a deep breath, she sung.

"I find a map and draw a straight line
Over rivers, forests, and pack lines
The distance from here to where you'd be
It's only paw-lengths that I see

I touch the place
Where I'd find your face
My fingers in creases
Of distant dark places..."

She trailed off, eyes closed and still hearing the rest of the song play out in her ears, hearing her brother's voice accompanied by the higher pitched voice of her younger self. Trembling slightly, she pushed on- skipping a couple of verses and diving right into the chorus.

"I'm miles from where you are
I lay down on the cold ground
And I, I pray that something picks me up
And sets me down in your warm arms"

She fell silent, the lyrics bringing one wolf to her mind. Dark pelted and bright-eyed Samael. Fell had told her that the song had been originally been sung by both a male and female wolf together and that was why he had always gotten her to sing it with him. As she ran over the lyrics now, she imagined Samael singing them himself wherever he may be. They were quite fitting actually...this brought a small saddened smile to her lips. As if only remembering Malachai's presence now, she quickly turned to him- eye's glittering. She had no idea what her voice had been like, it was funny how even if you were the one singing out- it was impossible to tell yourself how it sounded. The song had been slow and soft, hopefully something that would suit her. She had a strange longing for her voice to be as good as his was, it would be embarrassing if it had not been...not that embarrassment usually effected was just, she did not tend to care what most thought of her. But she wanted this brute to like her- she could do with a friend before she exploded with the things she kept to thing she would be found walking in circles talking aloud to herself. Not a good thought....

"Well there you go, I sung" She stated flatly, not knowing what else there was to say. However after a few moments she went into more details thinking it was only fair to give him something, at least this wouldn't get anyone hurt. "It was originally sung by a brute and a fae, they had been separated for a long time but after finding each other they made that song to let out the emotions they'd felt when being separated. That's only a small part of it that I sung there. My brother...he used to sing it with me a little while after my family died.." She shrugged uncomfortably, eyes shifting to the far away point where the two grazing herbivores had last been seen. They were completely gone from view now. Was it bad how the thoughts of her family did not bing her any sorrow? It was hardly her fault that she had been too young when they died to remember any of them..yet still she felt oddly guilty. Of course, that was siding Fell. She remembered the large dark pelted brute all too well. And his name still brought pains to her heart no matter how empty she made it.

She gazed at the brute, gaze uncertain and frustrated. She wanted to trust him so badly but it was so damn difficult. She had not been lying when she'd told Samael that he had been lucky enough to get anything out of her...that she was not usually one to open up with such ease. Yet she cared for Mal, not in the way she cared for it was something completely different. She supposed it was what one would call platonic love.. but even with the word platonic before it, love still seemed a bit dramatic. Friends? Friends sounded good. Simple but good. He spoke, speaking of friendship as if he had somehow known what she was thinking. She listened attentively, gaze fixed on his face as he spoke of friendship and trust. The word trust did cause her to shift uncomfortably but that was all. As he spoke of not looking for love but the mere comfort of having a friend, she realized with a jolt of relief, that he had just gotten rid of a possible problem that she had not been aware of until now. He was a brute, she was a fae. A taken fae...she supposed, but he did not know that. It could have been all too easy for him to develop feelings for her and not get any back in return as she knew her heart belonged to the Exiled brute out there somewhere. Even if her naiveness had caused her to take almost a year to realize this. She would have hated to have to tell him that she could not return such feelings and knew that it could've put a barrier between the two's friendship. But luckily he was all about being friends and nothing else, that was all she wanted.

She was about to speak but he wasn't finished and continued on, this time asking if he could trust her before stating about how he would help take part in Teren's downfall. After a moment of silence drifted by, she spoke. "Yes, you can trust me. I have no reason to want to betray you" She stated honestly before tilting her head slightly. And can I, sir Malachai, trust you?" She asked, simply for the sake of asking. She knew he would say yes, of course he would...but she wanted to hear it from him directly. She nodded as he told her there was no need to apologize even if she disagreed, her actions had been overly dramatic but the last thing she wanted was an argument so she remained silent. "My past does not matter all that much, because it's in the past and that's where it's going to stay. I feel there are much more important things ready to happen in the future so why bother wasting your time stuck in the past." She stated firmly "I may still want to right the wrong's I committed but I will focus on the right's which are in the future rather then thinking of the wrong's from the past." She nodded, tail flicking across the lush grass as she leaned back on her haunches.

She would not say anything else for the time being as she could tell that he was very focused on the question she had just spoken and she wanted a proper and honest answer so she let him think. She watched intently, ears twitching as he made his decision and spoke it aloud. Of course, Samael was mentioned along with Aleu. She had heard of the young apprentice briefly and knew that she was also Steele's daughter as Malachai stated. Except, unlike Sam- Aleu's mother was still roaming these lands as far as Tundra knew...she had not seen Katyusha in a very long time. In fact the last time she'd seen her, the wolf had been Elite of Erenyx and she remembered the bitterly cold night where she had met Samael and Katyusha for the first time. She had heard rumors the the two were both in different packs now but did not know if they were true or not. Come to think about it though, even if she did not spend much time with the pack- she had not scented Katyusha around the territories in a long time. Something dramatic had probably happened and others would probably be shocked that she hadn't noticed but that was Tundra for you, she very rarely ever took part in pack life unless it was required of her to do so.

She nodded in agreement to the Warrior's words, gaze distant. "Me too..." She murmured quietly with a soft sigh. She was instantly brought back to reality again as he asked if she knew the Exile personally. Her gaze narrowed and her tail flicked from side to side across the carpet of petals. This next answer would determine if she trusted him or not. Finally she blinked and stated simply "I love him." Those three words would show him that she trusted him and would prove that there was a friendship between the two. Blinking, she went quiet for a few moments before suddenly turning to the Warrior. "Malachai I need to trust you with this. In a few days you will hear one of three possibilities. The first one is the only one that will be true if you hear it, that I will be dead. The other two will both hold a lie that would make you possibly hate me if you heard it. So let me tell you now, it will not be true." She went silent then, frowning to herself. She had told him this much already, why not just tell him the whole thing. He would hear it eventually anyway. "Look, if I live through what I am going to do I may possibly become one of Teren's high ranked wolves. Don't think this means I am loyal to him, I swear it's a trick. And you will hear something else wether I get a high rank or not, you will be told that Samael was murdered by won't be true okay? You must not tell anyone about this or I will kill you myself." As much as she doubted that he would ever give away the secret, she had to throw the threat out there for Samael's sake...if anything happened to him because of her....She took a deep breath. 'Please oh please making telling him the truth be the right thing...' she begged silently.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Kat
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · Long, long time.
How did you find us? · Site admin/invited by the owner.
What's the best way to contact you? · PM.

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