Nightmare in heels (Kale Muse)

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Nightmare in heels (Kale Muse) Empty Nightmare in heels (Kale Muse)

Post by Jaclyn Grace on Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:15 am

Jaclyn Grace

I thought of angels choking on their halos.


Jaclyn stretched her arms gently, finger cracking as she popped her knuckles. Today was the day she was going to get her job all settled. She needed money, she needed something that would help her take care of the things she needed. Besides, she had many things to do that day and she wanted to get started early. She lay in her dorm room, the bed was comfy enough. She sighed and rolled over, curling tighter against her pillow. "Five more minutes..." She mumbled to herself, closing her eyes again. She slipped an arm under her pillow, pushing her face deeper into the fluff. She sighed, knowing well that she had better get a start on the day before she lost too much time. She flung herself out of bed, letting the covers drop to the floor. She yawned, stretching her arms up and over her head. She glanced to her mirror on the closest door and smirked, she loved seeing her ripped body. That night had been oddly hot, so she had stripped down to nothing but her underwear.

She tugged her hair away from her face and jerked open her closest. She needed something that would make a very pleasing mark upon the man who would give her the interview. She swayed her hips as she leaned down, picking up her spiky boots and put them on her bed. She spun around, digging through the closest for something that would make an impression. She reached in and snagged a dress at random, pulling it on and then running a brush through multi-colored hair. She grabbed a curler and let her usually straight and messy hair turn into something fine. She pulled on her boots, tugging them on quickly before tasseling her hair to give it a decent 'bed head'/lady look. She took a deep breath and shook her head as she grabbed her hand-purse and headed out the door.

She took the stairs down with caution, amber eyes watching her every step. She had some money left on her father's credit card, but he was slowly shutting her off until she could prove she had a job. She shrugged her shoulders as she made it to the final flight of stairs, moving a bit more quickly then before. She stumbled slightly and caught herself on the rail, hopping over the rail and landing pretty stable on her feet. Her tail hung behind her as she moved away from campus. She walked as she applied her makeup from her purse, making herself just call out for attention. She swayed as she walked, realizing she didn't want to be covered in sweat, she raised her fingers to her lips and whistled for a cab. It pulled up and she pulled herself into the back, flashing a toothy grin at the man who would drive her. "Lion Den, please." She practically purred the words out, winking at him playfully.

As they pulled up to the building, she smiled and handed him the amount he wanted by using her credit card. It used up the last bit of her money. She crawled out of the cab and stood there staring at the place. She smiled weakly and moved quickly into it. The place was well lit but very calm. The crowds wouldn't start pouring in until later that night. It was only afternoon, and she smiled as she approached one of the bartenders. "I'm here to apply for the 'dancing' job." She was confident and cocky when she approached him, smirking a tiny bit. The bartender nodded and waved her to have a seat at the bar while he went to go get/call whoever would be interviewing her. She listened to the calm music that played, something that would only play during the day.

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