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Post by Eveylin Myers on Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:18 am

Eveylin walked down the street with a huff, as she readjusted her gym bag strap around her shoulders. She was nervous as her green eyes darted quickly at each person passing, if she had the time she would've been more friendly but her mission is a little more important. She had a chance to finally go and get a job, ever since her last job went out of business she had to rely on the smaller businesses. But that will change as she reached the Lion's Den with a smile raised upon her lips. Her pale hand extended to open the door and entered, the place was quite big as she slowly walked. "Hello, is anyone here?" Her voice carried through the build as her eyes veered towards the stage, in her mind she could picture the sounds and music that fill it up. Her body began to sway as she was in a trance but she quickly she broke from it and turned around. Now the next thing Eveylin need to find was the person in charge, again she adjusted her bag as she looked towards the bar and then to the seats. "Hello, I'm here to audition for a dancer position?" Her gentle tone echoed around the room.

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