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Post by Eveylin Myers on Wed Sep 09, 2015 8:13 pm

Just Pm me or put a comment down here if you want to do a post with me, or if you have an idea that we could do.
FRIENDS: Eveylin is pretty good at making friends. She treats them as if they were her own brother or sister, since she has a good caring side. If they ever ask for something or if they have a problem, Eve would try her hardest to help them or be at their side whenever. But she wants her friends to do the same for her as she would do for them. If they do turn out to be fake to her then she would cut them loose quickly.
FAMILY: Eveylin absolutely loves her family to death. Especially her parents as they cared for her even though she was the only child that they was able to produce. Also her family is rich, so she has some funds coming in often to her banking account. Moving from that point, she had support as she went through her shifts and when she was dealing with cancer. This show how her family means more to her than anything.
ENEMIES: Well this girl tries to not to make enemies, but if she doesn't she usually get them due to them not liking her personality, or them envying her uniqueness. She typically avoids them by not paying attention to them, as hurtful things that they might say to her really doesn't get under her skin easily. But if they come after her family or friends then she would put a stop to it or confront them herself. Though sometimes she tries to talk with them in hopes of them to maybe being a mutual Enemy. So enemies are not a main concern for her.
LOVE: She hasn't had much love since after her high school boyfriend dumped her. But she does like someone who actually care for her and will make her feel special.
Eveylin is not a big fan of one night stands, though if it will advance her in society or if she gets drunk then there might be a better chance of getting to have sex. Also she is a tough one to crack so maybe a couple of dates might make her sway towards the fellow that did does things. That's pretty much Eveylin's love life to those who wonder.

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