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Nikki Moore - Canine (WIP) Empty Nikki Moore - Canine (WIP)

Post by Nikki Moore on Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:47 am

Nikki Lena Moore

Nicknames · Nik
Age · 24
Gender · Female
Race · Anthro
Species · Wolf
Sexual Orientation · Bisexual
Occupation · Unemployed For Now


Nikki is a sassy sexy female, with soft black and red fur. The red fur is on her chest, bottom of her tail, in her hair, on her face and on the inside of her thighs. She is slender, has an athletic build and knows how to strut her stuff. She can shake her sexy body quite well, but she likes to keep herself healthy. She goes to the gym to keep her slender trim and often finds herself at the beach. She is just all around a beautiful piece of tail.


Nikki has quite the tongue (in every aspect ). and she uses it to her advantage. Nikki is very bold, especially when it comes to standing up for herself or others. She has quite a sassy mouth on her, and isn't shy about showing off her stuff. Nikki enjoys strutting her stuff, and only stands down to people above her. Nikki knows she is sexy and sometimes uses it to her advantage, showing off a little cleavage or giving a sexy smile. Besides being sassy, sexy and smart she angers easily. Perhaps it was how she was neglected growing up or just how she hates being treated some days. Her anger triples when ever a topic she dislikes comes up.


Poverty struck many when things went south, and when poverty struck it hit the Moore family quite hard. No longer did they live in lavish, but now in the dirt. The only one that didn't seem to crippled by it was Nikki, while her siblings were torn to bits. Nikki had long forseen the upcoming tragic event, because she had been discussing it with her father and watching the stocks. He had said to her that it would probably happen, and to be prepared for it. They did not tell the rest of the family because it would have put them into ruins. While Nikki became comfortable in their new life, it took many months for the rest of the family to consent to the life of the low class. Nikki and her siblings went to a public school, and while Nikki and her sassy tone struck chords with some good people her siblings did not do so well. They were upset that they had to go and were always asking Nikki how to blend in. Eventually they did, however and they all drifted apart.

Roleplay Sample

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Out Of Character Information

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