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Post by Junebug on Mon Mar 31, 2014 3:40 pm

"Hakuna Matata, it means 'no worries for the rest of your days!'"

Hey y'all!

It's nice to finally meet you, and welcome to Endless Fantasies! I'm Kia, or uh.. I mean Junebug, but I get called a lot of things around here. But do not call me Junie, ugh, I hate that. Anyway, I guess I should begin by saying that my real name is Kia [Ky-uh] and no I was not named after the car. Characters I [am or will be] play are Carlisle, a grey buck anthro and Zechariah, a dragon anthro. My activity level is considered very high, as I am almost usually always around, especially to answer private messages if anyone is in need of assistance.

I most typically am experienced in editing, like photos or finding photos to be precise. As for RP abilities, they range depending on whom I am writing with, but I am capable of writing hearty paragraphs if asked or I have the time. The type of writing I prefer does not have any limits. I have done all kinds and sometimes I have not, but am always up for a challenge if tasked with one. Most typically besides on the computer, I am found either at school, as I am in high school, and or with friends like every other teenager. I've known DarkWolfProwler & Insidious for my whole RPing career, and InBredCat I have known since we were in sixth grade together. I am currently in a relationship with someone I care about a lot, and am happy where I stand with him.

I am a jumpy, and weird person, but even if I 'seem' crazy in chat, I can get irritated with people real easily and am quite the potty mouth with in and out of fights. I've been considered very mature for my age and take my responsibilities seriously with becoming an admin upon three other sites [The Lost Ones v2, Lunari Addunt & Age of the Wolves]

If there's ever a problem or issue you have going on behind the computer and need a pal to talk to or want some advice, I'm always around to hear what's wrong. Even for a 15-year old, I've been through a lot of trouble and know what it's like to go through a lot of crazy shit all at once. I'm always here to listen, don't be shy(:

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