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Post by Indestrocto on Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:06 pm

Hey y'all!

My name is Indestrocto, but you can call me Inde for short. I have been roleplaying for around four years now, maybe five. I really lose count of dates, just ask my history teachers. I've been alive for almost 18 years, though I've been mistaken several times for a college student. My two passions are art and trick riding, but I am into a lot of music as well. I rarely go a day without listening to some music... It's nearly impossible! I love everything from indie stuff like The Neighborhood (beyond Sweater Weather) to rock like MCR and 3DG, and then onto Asking Alexandria, Suicide Silence, and Bring Me The Horizon. If you want to strike up a conversation with me, music and horses are the surest way to do so.

As for personality... I am difficult to describe. Blunt and sarcastic, sometimes bitchy... Really, you either love or loathe me, there is little room in between. Some people find me hilarious, some would rather I shut up. It all depends on your own tastes. I will say though, that as a friend I am loyal and caring. If someone needs me to stay up with them until 3 am to calm them down, hell I will do so. So if you're ever depressed or lonely or in a complete panic attack, just reach out to me. I'm almost always available.

Also it might be worth mentioning that I really am a furry, and have been for years outside of the rp sites. My two fursonae are Felvaldr, a feral antlered wolf, and Rowan, a white anthropomorphic cat. But I only really identify with Rowan, as she is my main and true fursona.

Other than this site, I am also currently on:

  • Age of the Wolves || Guardian Fel, Healer Athena, Apprentice Thorin, Apprentice Ciro
  • Lunari Addunt || Epror Jagara
  • The Fate of Five || Ashblaze

I have previously been seen on:

  • Soulless Guardians || Regis Rivanon, Anton Hale
  • Wolf Town || Felvaldr
  • Kingdom Cat Realm || Feshik
  • A Divided Land || Linx


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