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Post by Carlisle Jacent on Mon May 26, 2014 5:50 pm

Carlisle Leon Jacent

Nicknames · C.J.
Age · 26 years
Gender · Male
Race · Anthro
Species · Ungulate; Buck
Sexual Orientation · Homosexual
Occupation · Lazer Quest Clerk


The ungulate is well built from many athletic sports from his past and the time of which he served. His pelt is dusted into a mix of galaxy-arrayed colors, and is not typically scene on many bucks at all. His antlers are large, and he tends to sway when they've grown heavy enough to make him have headaches sometimes until the season comes around ot when he looses them. He stands at most a total of six foot four, and weighs at an average for his age and healthy diet. Casual-wear is what his wardrobe mostly consists of, for he doesn't enjoy dressing up or any of that such unless necessary. His eyes are silver as they come, just like his mum.


Carlisle is an observant and patient person who tends to become easily fascinated in the simplest things and enjoys listening to others. One of his greatest dislikes is someone calling him ‘Carl’ for short, and if heard, he’ll become greatly irritated and yell if he has too to make the instigator stop. Though for his masculine interests, he has found a far liking into be the dominant type over some, and just as he is in the bedroom, he displays a controlling attitude. His self-esteem is strong, and at times he is reasonably cocky, though half of that comes from his humorous side.


From the age of a young fawn, Carlisle profoundly became one of the quietest individuals his age range on his block. Whereas all the other boys would clash antlers and roll around in the dirt all day and the girls pranced after the boys in a chase and host tea parties with their colorful stuffed toys, the single fawn distanced himself from the crowd to smell the lavender flowers. The suburbs was a quiet place to raise a family, and with great reviews, Carlisle grew around a mid-class family in an environment of no danger recalled or recorded. He was fed and exercised properly until the completed age of his time before high-school, there he began taking on responsibilities just as any other growing anthro would in the case of growing up to fulfilled adult-hood. But still, his parents were not thrilled with his choices. Instead of trying out for sports, the buck enjoyed working out and doing things independently rather than having a certain purpose to work with others as a team. After a couple mild arguments through his stubborn father and begging mother, he finally gave into their antics to join the football team, trying out to be one of their leading quarterbacks asides from Rodney Wickings, a crocodile that was secretly fond of males that were twice his age. Wickings tended to make him strangely uncomfortable at times before Carlisle gave the team a chance. He knew of his suspicions towards the quarterback’s orientations and interests, but could not judge a book’s pages by it’s cover so easily. Throughout his high-schooling, he no longer became interested into females and would hence a rather tension when he’d be around Rodney getting dressed in the locker rooms. There was times where he could have sworn he was staring, but would quickly, casually look away and deny himself of his thoughts until one evening, he toppled at the face of society’s doorstep.

It had been after-school one evening where it had all began. The game had ended and the other teammates were beginning to freshen up for when they’d take their girlfriends out for dinner and soon then most likely a date, or whatever they did these days, Carlisle convinced himself to believe. For since he couldn’t get a rise most of the time, he resorted to Rodney’s car when he was around, but in this case, he was no where to be found, though his ears trained close to the showers where he heard a tuneful whistling ring   through the walls. He went to look, and eventually came across a showering Wickings standing there beneath the water. He couldn’t keep his eyes from him, the way the water pooled and dripped down his scales and so forth. Carlisle knew of his interests and his personally, but didn’t want to make a display, even if others weren’t here to see. If only for a second he could, no. He couldn’t. But could he maybe? Then Rodney’s wide jaw lurked up and sniffed the air before he turned to see the peeping buck from around the corner. He smirked and inched closer, which made the ungulate stiffen and soon follow his motions till his town was on the floor. Now they were both bare, and their arousals were large as they slid from their hilts. It had begun by kissing, their lips locking in a dance and fight for dominance over another until their bodies pressed closer and soon then the crocodile was against the wall by the buck’s hands. He had waited far too long to be able to do such a thing with the quarterback that haunted his dreams. As their time was shared, groans and wet bodies were fondled and groped, as well as a bench to one of the locker room’s was bent from one of them being laid across it before being penetrated severely of impatience. By the end of their joined time, the buck kissed along the crocodile’s neck and whispered sweet things in his ear. They decided to keep their journey a secret as long as they would see each other intimately like so again more often when they could arrange some things. For until then, they would remain a mystery, two simple friends in class and strong pals on the team. And so the story began.

Roleplay Sample

Dainty dark brown paws shifted underneath the weight of a young female, toppling rocks and pebbles to slip from the abyss's rough, steep slopes. Beneath she could smell and hear the rush of a bubbling stream, filling her ears with the harmonious noises of life around her. It had taken what seemed forever to get herself out of her den that morning, but lately that had become normal for her with all of that's gone on. Luckily, the autumn day began warm enough to hunt, cherishing the moment in tackling a few hare to add to the food pile along with a sufficient meal for herself to dine upon in her quieter moments. As she began to finish up her meal, Tragedy moved onwards into the early morning, dumbstruck to find herself as always wondering the lands with her daydreams being the only thing stopping her from realizing the present time. Quietly, the fae followed the sounds without knowing, secretly fading into the misty smells of the pack and the water as she smiled. She thought of the obsidian male, how his eyes shined so mysteriously into her own that easily calmed her mind. She wondered helplessly of when the next time she would see him again, and until then, all she could do was wait patiently like she had learned so long ago.

While sniffing the air, she caught the strong scent of two females by the way of their radiating fumes much like her, quickening her pace down the boulders towards it. Moss wedged between her pose when doing short jumps over the rocks, providing small quiet yips in each attempted leap. From a comfortable distance, she examined the two very closely now. Focusing her vision on them, she outline their average feminine bodies and color to remember who from who. She knew these wolves, though with the lack of social abilities lately, their name was faint to her remembrance. Tragedy felt it at the tip of her tongue, but with this, she decided to drop it before she thought of the wrong name and said anything before them. Mistakes were always accepted, in some cases, so then they could be learned from, however, that was not the case, "Good evening, others." She said in a soft, graceful tone, keeping her stance regulated to the rank she held, "How are you all today, and before I make any assumptions, may I ask for who you two are? I am Tragedy, an older warrior of our beloved pack here. I've been here for quite a while now, surely you must be a bit newer than I, yes?" Her head tilted, knowing full well that these faes were later additions as their scent was not as strong as her. Such an easy give away to the nostril's power.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Junebug
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · Couple years
How did you find us? · Admin
What's the best way to contact you? · PM, Skype (pedoo.bearr13), Facebook

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Carlisle Jacent - Ungulate 33qo
Now that you have completed your profile, make sure you visit the following places BEFORE role playing: Character Claims for All Accounts linked to your OOC, Name Claim for your character's name, Face Claim if you are using a famous person's face or known anime character, Relationship Claim for the status you wish to be placed in, Voice Claim for what your character sounds like, and Dormitory Assignment for where your Student will live. If you wish to be a teacher, please PM The Dean. Once you have completed all of that, feel free to post anywhere you like!

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