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Nicknames · Ozzy or Oz
Age · 26 years old
Gender · Male
Race · Anthro
Species · Alligator
Sexual Orientation · Heterosexual
Occupation · Gang Leader - Matanza & Bouncer - Lion's Den


Black soul-less eyes are a feature he got from his father. They are dark obs, which show very little color between the iris and pupils. His body is covered in scale, thick and strong, which protect him from getting hurt, most of the time. His underbelly and bottoms of his limbs were a deep golden color. But just because they were in normally sensitive areas, they were not weaker than the rest of his body. His arms are lined with tattoos, most of which he received while he was in jail. Since being out of prison, numerous times, he hasn't changed his wardrobe. For shirts he chooses between white or black tank tops, most would call "wife beaters". He wears tight pants which look to be skinny jeans, when actually he is just so muscular, they fit really tight around his thighs and calves. He tends to carry a gun on his left hip or a knife. He never leaves the house without some kind of weapon. He wears boots when he does actually wear shoes. But most of the time, he just goes around barefoot.


Osborne, or Ozzy as his inmate friends call him, is just about as stereotypical as you can get. He has seen shit that would make an old person die of a heart attack. He is ruthless and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He is hard, like his exterior and used to take loads of pain. He does not care for names or faces, just what others have to offer him. He likes sex, a lot. He has and never will sleep with a man. Those who have tried left his area with broken bones, or worse. Ozzy tends to keep his circle of friends tight and close. He does not reach out to make friends or anything like it. He wants to make money and get bitches. That is his goal in life, and if he has to bust open a couple faces in order to do it, so be it.


From a child Osborne hated his first name, and his middle name too. He thought they were stupid, like his parents were trying to force good behavior on his or at least make him sound like a business man in the future. But that was not what he wanted. Through school, he was the bully. He stole lunches, money, and forced nerds to complete his homework. This even happened in his college years. Prior to that, while in HS, he spent a couple months in Juvenile Hall. It was for a minor charge of vandalism to a library. He graffiti'd the side of it with a huge image of a prostitute sucking his cock. He was proud of his work, admiring it and that was when the cops found him. When he was 16, his parents emancipated him, no longer claiming him as their son or wanting anything to do with him. He was alright with that. He moved out of his house and lived with his gang banging homies. They were a family. He stayed in school, had a full ride to F.U.R. if he stuck with wrestling. So he did. His famous move, "the Barrel Roll" had defeated many opponents. He went to college, while being highly active within the gang. They made him do some crazy shit that he really doesn't like to talk about. When he graduated F.U.R. with an associates degree, he decided no more, and stuck to his Gang.

In a couple years, he became the leader, killing their last leader for his spot. Ozzy became ruthless and for that he paid the price. He was sentenced to jail time for years over a couple charges of possession, distributing, and even giving to a minor. When the gang found out he got caught, they all banded together for the ultimate jail break they had ever done. With Ozzy in charge, they did less stupid shit, more thug things. They killed, vandalized, and robbed from the idiots who lived around the college. To this day he still owns the gang, but hides it behind his scales. He will never admit to it, unless you wish to join his ranks. If you are willing to join Matanza, be ready to spill some blood, as the name translates to in English.

Roleplay Sample

Taken From The Lost Ones V2 - Between Apprentice Kaehl and Alphess Noctavia

The young male moved along the roads from his home. His head hung low as he stuffed his hands within his pockets. Cheer up child, your sister will come around soon enough... But for now, let us play. We can embark on a journey together. Leave the bonds of your parents and shift, it will only hurt for a short while. Kaehl knew all too well that his wolf was right. it had been with him for years, even before he first shifted. It was there in his mind, directing him to do things and discover himself. The wolf guided him without him even knowing. What hurt could shifting do? Quite a bit of damage actually. The boy continued to walk and the wolf poked at his insides. Shift... Don't be a pussy.. Let us stretch and run free.. Kaehl did not answer the wolf and this only frustrated the beast to no avail. He thrust his body against the cages of bone and flesh, trying to make his way out. Kaehl took a deep breath and tried to block out the pain from the wolf, but it was too great. Dropping to his knees, he let out a scream. His body trembled as the wolf started to take over his body. His hands started to shift and change before his eyes, while he felt his face stretching and shifting in structure. He whined quietly, trying to stop his body from the pain, but that was to come. His tail appeared, white and thick, bushy and full with fluff. When the transformation was final, Kaehl stood on four paws, fur covered his body and his eyes were bright green, like his father's.

The wolf howled in his achievement of shifting. He stretched his legs and moved along his way. His nose and eyes scanned the area for any signs of prey. His ears flickered to the side as he heard the laughter of children. The wolf's stomach grumbled deep within, the carnal urge to feed was too much for the boy to try and control the wolf. The wolf pushed all four paws against the ground and dashed for the sound. The laughter sounded like there were at least three children. Two were boys and the third a female. The wolf lurked in the shadows of the trees, his eyes watched as the figures played and laughed with one another. Kaehl moved from the bushes and exposed his white form to the children. The smallest boy yelled "wolf!" at the top of his lungs. The small boy ran away immediately, but the other two stammered and stared at Kaehl, wondering what he was. He was much too large to be an average wolf. There must have been something wrong with him. With it. Kaehl stepped closer and the wolf released a snarl, the thirst for blood was calling his name, beckoning him to go after him. It was a great internal conflict for him, to eat the children or let them run away. Before he could even decide, the wolf sprung onto the remaining boy and bit into his neck, killing him in seconds. The girl screamed and ran off out of sight. The boy which was caught was much larger than the small boy. He had enough meat to satisfy the wolf, for now. Kaehl feasted on the child, ripping the muscle and fresh meat straight from the bones. He devoured the young child, not feeling a bit of remorse as the wolf controlled his form. But on the inside, Kaehl felt an inner turmoil. when the beast was satisfied, blood was dripping from his maw, trying to clean it, he rubbed his paws over it, but the blood did not change, nor leave.

Fresh water could be smelled not far from where they were. The wolf knew if he really wanted to clean the stains of flesh from his paws and his coat, he would have to go there and swim in the waters to be cleansed. Blood-stained paw prints left their mark in the ground as he traveled. The sun was beating down hot on his back, and he quickly moved in the direction of the water. When he grew closer to the water, he knew he would need more than just a dip for himself. He was hot and the sun continued to beat down on his back. Slowly he panted as he made his way to the water. Shifting to his human form was painful, but he wanted to feel the water on his skin. He stripped his clothes and placed them on a pile to the side of the bank. When he was completely naked, he jumped into the water and allowed it to cover over his head. He swam beneath the water, looking to the weeds and such which had been growing on the floor. When he came up to the surface, his hands moved through his hair, pulling it back and laying on his back. "This was not a bad idea.. If I do say so myself, but the child.. Was it necessary?" It is always necessary. How will we live without blood?

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Insidious
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · About a year or some shit
How did you find us? · My wife owns this place
What's the best way to contact you? · PM

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You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

1. Visit the Claims and save your name, character, voice, song, and relationship status!

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