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Lazer Quest's Manager - Carlisle Jacent Empty Lazer Quest's Manager - Carlisle Jacent

Post by Carlisle Jacent on Tue May 27, 2014 4:51 pm

OOC Name: Junebug
Character Name: Carlisle Jacent
Job Requested: Manager
Why Would You Be A Good Fit?: Now being out of the military and college, I've sought out to find a job worthy of my abilities. I am a hard worker and very organized, I've never left a room dirty throughout any of my years. I've learned to work well with others as team within the force and now have found myself at the doorstep of such an opportunity for some fulfilling fun. I know full well of the game and can be trustworthy for the job to make it worth while of my time. I am very persuasive with the enough energy and it would be an honor to work here with so many other individuals.
Sample Of Work:
Looking up, his eyes sparkled beneath the flashing lights to what filled the room, casting over his brightly colors coat to shine even more vibrant than it was before over his new uniform. He had managed to talk some things out about the old uniforms, switching them out for something more comfortable - casual, but simply a black t-shirt with the company logo, some jeans or shorts of choice, and simple shoes to walk around in, along with a matching company cap for the guys, unless girls wanted them too, but it was never required. It had been a while since he had been here, and it was crazy to think all this time went to applying for a job. It would be fun, he thought, convincing himself to think so as he fixed his shirt and patted down his hair beneath his large racked antlers. He huffed and walked out of the bathroom towards the court's center, checking out the lazer guns to see if they weren't malfunctioning and testing them out just in case. All was good.

As he looked around, people of all colors, sizes and shape were beginning to line up outside the glass doors. He nodded his head to one of the clerks to help him out while another went to unlock the doors - show time. Soon then, they started to pool in and hand him their cash, which he enjoyed seeing, along with the smiling faces of others. His eyes danced to one in the crowd, a large wolf with blue eyes staring at him, with a female beneath his arm, damn. If only.., he thought, all the while handing everyone their individual tickets and wishing them a good time. As things were deceasing, he let a clerk take over while he went to hand out guns to everyone and swiftly hoof back towards the operating panel. He shouted to them in question for if they were ready, and they chanted in return, so he smirked and turned on the controls that made the lights of their armor light up. Game on.
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Lazer Quest's Manager - Carlisle Jacent Empty Re: Lazer Quest's Manager - Carlisle Jacent

Post by The Dean on Tue May 27, 2014 6:07 pm

Lazer Quest's Manager - Carlisle Jacent Xw12

Lazer Quest's Manager - Carlisle Jacent Ejzd
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