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Post by Elsa Ferris on Tue May 27, 2014 8:32 pm


Nicknames · Ms. Ferris, Elsie
Age · 28 Years
Gender · Female
Race · Anthro
Species · Ursidae; Red Panda
Sexual Orientation · Bisexual
Occupation · Psychology Teacher, Diving Coach


Elsa stands to the highest of precisely "5ft, 5in" tall, and is used to the idea of her college students being much taller than her, though that doesn't stop her from being a tease, nor bitchy strict teacher. She looks to be an every day red panda, having red, white and black fur mixed within her coat and so forth. Her hair is cut short and extends into longer lengths more towards the back compared to her bangs up front. The color of her eyes are a soft purple or magenta, and tend to be darker once she is upset with a student or flirtatious. Her breasts are larger than the rest of her body, but it works with the figure she has, and her tail is thick and fluffy, just as well as long as it sways behind her hips.


After graduating with a major in psychology, the young lady has become immune to the idea to opening her eyes a bit more around everyone she meets, testing them with the sort of skills she had gained and watching their every move in order to figure them out one piece to another. She is typically silent at first, but if a student is to annoy her, her face will turn strict and irritated easily. But when noticed, she tends to be a tease as a teacher in the case of entertaining the male specimen in class, this showing a lesson to all females how strange the gender is and how repulsive they could be towards them in return. Her class is most likely to be the hardest with her type of teaching, and she doesn't take no very well for an answer, or excuses on homework. Here's a little secret however for those who are wanting to know a little more about Ms. Ferris, if one were to look for 'extra credit', come find her, and she'll be convinced with enough of special effort.


The anthro grew healthy and strong within a wealthy family of four, her parents, her one older sister and her, and they had little problems other than when to clean and who had done their responsibilities as needed daily. Other than that, she lived a peaceful childhood and absolutely adored her older sister to whom had taught her so much to become a young lady. In high-school, she surprisingly was a freshman drop-out, and her mother tended to her needs in being a stay-at-home mom and home schooling teacher, this allowed Elsa to be taught only at home until she was ready to finish her senior year of high school with her peers. Unfortunately, she became rebellious when she returned and paid little costs to her education until she turned eighteen and felt the smack of reality take her by the neck. Only then did she stop her addiction to cigarettes and the band wagon of junkies to teach herself the values of life by receiving a strong education to take her places further than being behind the bleachers with the people whom would not succeed so pleasantly.

In college, she mastered in psychology and took the scholarship of being their star diver. She won several competitions nationally and competed with some of the best divers across the country alone, all the while receiving a teaching degree and falling in love along the way. Elsa has met with a wolf named Chris, and they fell madly in love enough for each other, just as college couples were to be. They were in the same field of education and were just beginning to have the times of their life as they planned it together until it ended. Unfortunately, Chris has cheated on the poor girl with her friend, leaving her in heartbreak for weeks on end towards exams. She would cry helplessly and wonder where she went wrong until she would hear her sister, who had already graduated and went to Harvard to become a doctor, told her some strong advice to live by. Thankfully, with time she studied hard and graduated the top of her class, and decided to live her dream of doing what she loved best. Dream big, after all.

Roleplay Sample

THE LOST ONESv2: Noctavia

Where the wind blew softly, and the field of grass was gentle, there a woman stood at it's center, draped magnificently by a thin red dress to which followed the air's path - her hair flowing with the wind's direction in long obsidian waves that wove into a graceful mess of darkness. Her tone of skin was milky, pale like the moon that guided them during the nights as the illuminating orb that hung in the sky was their light. It appeared soft, like as if it were containing something so fragile and peace-loving, but to whom one may underestimated, is truly a mystery to unravel. She is a nuclear bomb, one touch, and it could sent her aflame and destroy miles beyond miles of life within seconds.  This was no ordinary place, for it was caved in around the edges and fogged in her own view every few moments. Her eyes narrowed through the open space, following the path she made with her large paws, before shifting, all the way to the end where a now existing tree stood at the top of an abandoned hill. The sun was warm as it touched her flesh, not too hot, but enough to make her feel comfortable out in plain sight. For once, she moved from her spot after a long period of time, drifting magically through the tall swaying grasses and snaking her way up towards the top of the elevated ground where two nooses hung from a single strong, aged branch amongst the tree. Her head inclined curiously to both of them, wondering how they got there, and as to why it appeared so similar to her recollections. As she slowly reached up to touch the old rope, it disintegrated before her finger could even graze the rough material, and in the distance as she looked through the space where the two nooses were, two figures stood hand in hand at the end of the field

Her pupils dilated when the bodies raised their hands and waved at her in a somber motion, their faces almost dead-looking - lifeless.

Noctavia's eyes shot open wide, pages of the book she was reading wiping away from her darkened vision and falling onto the floor with a loud smack into the wood. As she sat up quickly, her hands went to her face and rubbed them slowly till she found the strength to see clearly. It was a dream. Her wolves cackled simultaneously before she silenced them. It was very rare for her to dream, to hold an imagination of inner peace rather than continuous casualties. Psychologically, both her mind and self-demons were linked powerfully between one another, which meant that most of her dreams originated from her counterpart rather than a majority to herself. The dream had a purpose, she thought to herself, hearing a slight chattered whisper mumbling in sync throughout her mind until she once again put them to rest with a sweep of her mental hand. Enough. She commanded.

And the door opened.

The Alphess sat up on the couch and made herself useful to casually pick the book up from the ground and placing it over her stomach where she nonchalantly played a part in acting oblivious to the actions going on downstairs. Her eyes scanned the words of her book she randomly took from the shelves of their royal library, one of course she had read at least a thousand times, but still worth reading. Noctavia listened to the footsteps her husband made as he crept closer, the want to go towards him aching her bones, but the strength keeping her anchored to the cushioned furniture. In truth, she was a mess. Her thoughts had allowed her to drift off while reading and now her hair was displayed in a frizzed action and her eyes appeared groggy and attempting to wake up. She had no make-up on, nor a pretty attire she usually would present, but of only a simple pair of jean shorts that held tears around the edges and an open jacket along with a black tank-top underneath - barefoot and completely natural for the afternoon. Her heat grew strong in the moments it took for her nostrils to catch the rich scent of her beloved, causing goosebumps to rise like wild-fire across her skin and her to silently weep from the inside. She couldn't help herself in this season, she wanted him.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Junebug or Kia
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · Couple Years
How did you find us? · Admin
What's the best way to contact you? · PM, Skype, Facebook

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You're Accepted!


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