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Psychology Teacher & Diving Coach - Elsa Ferris Empty Psychology Teacher & Diving Coach - Elsa Ferris

Post by Elsa Ferris on Wed May 28, 2014 11:22 am

OOC Name: Junebug
Character Name: Elsa Ferris
Position Requested: Psychology Teacher & Diving Team Coach
Why Would You Be A Good Fit?: As a teacher, I have gained acceptance into graduating with a teaching degree as well as a master in psychology. I graduated top of my class and won valedictorian in college and feel that it is my calling to help provide my teachings for this college before me. For students, I am bluntly strict, but am willing to give extra credit to those who work hard for it. I do not tolerate the lack of respect and will hold an account against my students if I see the mockery amongst my assigned class. I've worked with many students upon the subject, and along with the diving team, I too have also competed in the sport at the beginning of my high school years. I've won many awards and have benefited from my past coaches to a golden peak. It only seems fitting that I help this school reach a higher education in the subject or sport I am applying for.

Sample Of Work:
"Pencils down." She commanded, her tone strict as she glanced at all the eyes that looked up, some fearful, while others were held with confidence. Mrs. Ferris despised those who believed to think they could pass her class with flying colors, though she did hold a couple favorites, but never spoke of them, nor showed it. She didn't need any complaints coming in from parents as it was. She had enough of those filling her inbox. Pushing her glasses off and onto the desk, she leaned against the wood and looked to her class, "Pass'em up, stacked neatly if you know what's good for you." Her nails tapped against the piece of furniture she sat on, eyes steady and calm as she watched them do as she asked and fixed the material around her chest to fit against her. The tops of her breasts were normally large as she peeked out of her white button down shirt, fit tightly by the band of her small pencil skirt that held down around the mid of her stomach. "Alright, class. Open to page 274 and finish the review problems. You will all have an assigned reading tonight on the human mind and tell your opinion of it or any questions you may have on the chapter." She looked at her watch once before returning her gaze, "You will have two days to complete this assignment. Those who do not do it or give me any excuse, will get no credit." Mrs. Ferris nodded and watched as some talked amongst their peers, allowing her some time to look through her emails on her computer and look through her teaching book to make a note of where they left off.

Walking along the pool side, the woman raised her chin and stroked the metal of the whistle that hung from her neck. She wore nothing more than a white and gold accented track-jacket, and beneath she strutted a two piece red bikini. Her hair was pulled back from her face and her eyes were narrowed as they watched the players stood at the edge of the pool. The water was very blue and cleaned, thanks to the pool boy, and the surface was lined straight with floating barriers. Elsa raised her hand and held the whistle up near her mouth, looking into the direction of the others with a stern glare to receive their attention. "Five laps down and back! Last one does an extra, no if's, and's, or but's." She looked down and back before taking a step away from the water's edge, her hind-paws making a tapping noise as she did so. Removing the extra piece out of her eyes and behind her ear, Elsa took in a large breath and blew her whistle, sounding the alarm for them to position themselves, a routine they've gathered and gone over at the beginning of the year. When she waited for their position and nodded her head, she blew quickly another and the race was off. She waited back against the wall and watched, eying their performance and spotting those who needed work, "Keep those legs straight damn'it, no doggie-paddlers or else its another lap for everyone!" She bellowed, her tone also soft and easy to hear throughout the echoing room.
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Psychology Teacher & Diving Coach - Elsa Ferris Empty Re: Psychology Teacher & Diving Coach - Elsa Ferris

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