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Lion's Den Bartender - Aspen Guetta Empty Lion's Den Bartender - Aspen Guetta

Post by Aspen Guetta on Wed May 28, 2014 11:40 am

OOC Name: Junebug
Character Name: Aspen Guetta
Job Requested: Lion's Den Bartender
Why Would You Be A Good Fit?:
I am easy to get along with and work well with others. Not in the past, nor do I ever predict in the future do I see myself getting into an argument with one of my co-workers or manager, unless needed. I am specialized with handling drinks and mixing them, as well as identifying them by either label or memory from the position I left them in. I'm easy with names and greeting people, and from a young age I learned to use manners almost constantly around everyone. The only difficulty I have is if driving to coax a drunken individual to not drink anymore, as I am small, and less able to do so. It would be much more helpful if another bartender could aid me in that, but I can be very persuasive if I am in the right mood.
Sample Of Work: After finishing her conversation at the end of the bar with some wasted couple, she took away their drinks and decided to call them a cab, sending a look to the bouncers to help them out a bit until the struggled to find their feet outside. Once she knew they were safe, she began to refill drinks and ask for refills or anything else to those with empty glasses or without anything. She found some eyes captivated, staring at her as she only wore a tight vested bra and ripped skinny jeans that rested very low on her hips, enough for them to see the lines run beneath her shirt and glow through the material. Her tail swayed behind her as she smiled to some who caught her eyes, flashing a grin to Kale as he called her over and gave him another, "Here ya'go." She said cutely before grazing her hand along his back and sending him a wink before moving onto the next customer. Her eyes darted to the dancing bodies beneath the lights as well as the exotic dancers standing on top of the bar counters, swaying close to shiny poles in skimpier outfits then her. She made sure if they needed anything as well, to those who weren't performing, and smiled to those who asked politely for something to drink.
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Lion's Den Bartender - Aspen Guetta Empty Re: Lion's Den Bartender - Aspen Guetta

Post by The Dean on Wed May 28, 2014 2:07 pm

Lion's Den Bartender - Aspen Guetta Xw12

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