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Post by The Dean on Wed May 28, 2014 1:13 pm

There aren't really "rules" per-say to mating. You can mate with anyone you want, have kids with anyone you want. There are specifications though. for instance, if you have a couple, one from Ungulates and the other Felines, the child will only take the physical aspects from one parent and the coloring of the other. sometimes a child might share both attributes from parents. For example:

Mating Rules Furry-wolf-bookmark-function-is-available-after-login-65058
Mating Rules 1229741055tsaiwolf_wings_of_the_nig
Mating Rules Bright_Io_by_shadow_wolf
Mating Rules Demon

Of course this sort of thing can happen with many animals. It is really up to the couple on what kinds of kids they will have, but as Admins, we do request that the specimens be shown to the Admins, and a form be filled out detailing so.

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