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Post by Pierce Blackwood on Wed May 28, 2014 2:30 pm

Pierce Blackwood

Nicknames · N/A
Age · 28 years
Gender · Male
Race · Anthro
Species · Ungulate; Buck
Sexual Orientation · Pansexual
Occupation · Art Teacher


Pierce is a leanly built whitetail buck standing at 6'3" at the base of his antlers. His rack of antlers has 10 points, all of them unbranched. Though it may seem that Pierce was named for the sharpness of each of his points, the name actually stems from the stunning color of his eyes. His orbs waver at an unusual midnight blue, almost fading into a violet. His body is covered in stiff, dark chestnut fur except on his torso, crotch, underside of the tail and palms, inside the ears, and on his snout and neck, where his fur takes on a creamy color. His large, almond-shaped ears are perfect for picking up every sound in his classroom, and unfortunately, an occasional snide comment made my one of the students. Upon his shoulders, Pierce bears a long scar that cuts through his fur and shows dark skin below it. The mark runs across both shoulders diagonally with its highest vertex upon his left shoulder blade. Though he is indeed strong as a buck, he is no body builder. But his limbs are still well-muscled and his form in rather fit. His height is occasionally an inhibition, and he tries to avoid knocking his antlers on the tops of doorways and low-hanging light-fixtures.


Pierce is mostly a gentle giant. He is sweet, and charming in his normal life, though a bit of an outsider. When confronting someone he finds attractive, he will often stammer and be at a loss for words. Should he see anyone showing any sort of rude behavior or disrespecting anyone, especially females, he will immediately step in and attempt to suppress the situation. After all, being so tall does have it's perks. In the classroom, he is very open with his favourite students, but will snort and, huffing with rage, threaten to lower the grades of those who think that art is a joke. Art is his passion and sole reason for living. His style of life revolves around it. In the classroom, he will often hang little trinkets that his students made for him upon his antlers, not minding the feeling of feathers swaying by a leather cord or swirling copper wire surrounding blue stones.


Pierce was born from a mating between a large whitetail buck and an anthropomorphic doe that had submitted herself to a beast. His mother, Jacklyn, was absolutely surprised and confused at her pregnancy, not expecting her adventures to have such an end result. She was unprepared for raising a child. Throughout his basic education, Pierce attended public institutions. He grew to his height rapidly and was bullied by others, who saw him as a freakish giant. With age, he hoped, the others would also grow taller and he would feel less ostracized, and though they did increase in height, he was always a head above everyone he knew. During a difficult period in his teenage years, Pierce discovered his passion for art. In all of its forms, art was an escape for him. He colored his life with his own creations, and suddenly, he did not care what others thought of him. It did not matter after all. He ignored snide comments with his nose in his sketchbook.

Pierce graduated high school with flying colors and received a full scholarship to an Art Institute, where he mastered the studio and learned how to teach others. Soon, he applied to a larger, public college as an art professor himself. Since then, he has transferred workplaces several times, searching for his perfect location.

Roleplay Sample

From a thread of mine on Age of the Wolves

The Guardian watched the figure she was anticipating finally appear and, after a moment of studying her mass, bound in her direction. By the scent, now clearer in the increasing proximity, Fel could distinguish that this was the new authority. Without relaxing her body, her tail dropped down slowly as Quinn approached, acknowledging her rank. Once the creature finally reached her, the black fae examined the other’s body for a moment, noting that it was smaller and seemingly weaker than her own. It was, of course, expected that a Guardian would be stronger than their prioritized wolf, but the difference between them was interesting. She decided, however, that the smaller the neck she was to protect from snapping, the better off she was. Besides, maybe the lighter fae was swift enough on her paws to make up for it.

Quite soon after the fae halted, Fel lowered her head and upper frame in a bow, making sure to go below the ashy snout of the other. As she began to rise to her full height once more, she replied, “Yes, my name is Fel. And no time is bad, as you are the alphess. Bad times are to be put aside in your presence, not that this was one to begin with…” Her words had the quality of ice, calm and cold. Though it might seem that she was purposely addressing her with disdain, this was not the case. Her voice was naturally frozen, unless sparked to life with a warning growl. A shrug accommodated her next phrase as she picked back up, “I am as fine as I ever am. And you, Alphess Quinn? I assume you must be enjoying your new territories.” The icy gaze hung on her pelt, watching her, but not disrespectfully meeting the others’ orbs. No emotion colored her features as she waited for a reply. Fel silently stood, now casually relaxed but remaining still. Another burst of wind buffeted their pelts, making the long raven fur fly with its current before the hairs gently sunk back their normal, sleek positions. The longer than average tail gently swayed from the wind and then was once more limp.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Indestrocto or Inde
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · Several Years
How did you find us? · Co-Owner
What's the best way to contact you? · PM. If you have other means of contacting me, try those too.

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You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

1. Visit the Claims and save your name, character, voice, song, and relationship status!

2. Make sure you reserve a Dormitory for your student. If you wish to have a teacher, PM The Dean.

3. Check out our Member Zone and get to know the other players on site!

4. And if you get bored, make your presence known in the Chatbox! We don't bite... Unless you want us to!

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