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Raven Nichole Cruise

Nicknames · Rave
Age · 23
Gender · Female
Race · Anthro
Species · Canine
Sexual Orientation · Bisexual
Occupation · What You Do?


Raven has black fur with a bright blue markings all over her body. She stands to be 5'8, and is toned. Being a dancer does that to you. Her hair is long and goes from black and fades into the brighter blue color. She has wickedly good looking curves, slightly thick thighs. So far Raven has no tattoos, and only one body piercing; which is her belly button.


Raven is a very fun loving and outgoing kind of person. She loves to hang out with friends at the club, dance, drink and just have a good time. Although she isn't too fond of the type of people that think it's all about them. Raven tends to get annoyed at those type of personalities. But for those that are her friends she holds dear and is loyal to. If someone needed a place to crash for the night, she is always down for letting them sleep in the guest bedroom.


A simple history or backstory of your character goes here. Maybe a little about their childhood and how they got where they are now. Two paragraphs is a good area to aim for in this section. Maybe a little about their past and a little about their now. More than that is always a bonus.

Roleplay Sample

A Night Out (Open) by Domina Vixin on Lunari Addunt

As dawn broke into Vixin's window, she entered her spacious room. She was tired and in need of sleep, for she hadn't had any in the past couple of days. It was as is sleep had given up all hope for her. She was restless and on edge for some reason. So she shrugged off her trench coat, and then kicked off her boots. Finally stripping of her shirt and jeans, leaving her only in her under garments. Vixin closed the drapes to her double French doors that led out to the balcony so that no light woke her as she tried to sleep. Running her fingers through her blonde locks, she headed over to her bed and slipped into it, pulling the covers over her body and getting comfortable. Trying her hardest to gain some rest. After an hour of tossing and turning, she finally fell into a slumber and slept.

About three hours later Vixin woke. The bright orb was now high in the sky. She stretched her body, wanting all of the sleep out of her muscles so she would wake and be refreshed. Vixin removed the covers from her body, and untangled her legs from the sheets. Soon she made her way to the bathroom that was all her own. She sighed in a pleasure thought if sinking into a warm bath and letting all her restlessness melt away. Along with a new pain from a stab to her shoulder from the might before, the wound had healed, but a sliver of pain remained. Deciding a hot bath sounded just like what she needed she turned on the water and left the garden tub fill to her liking. As she left the water running she places small scentless candles around the room, and then dimmed the lights. Finally taking off her under garments, and slipping in to the water. Letting it devour her body and melt away her restlessness and the sliver of pain. She smiled, and rested her head on the rim of the tub. Vixin sat there for about an hour, by now the sun was beginning to go down. Soon it would be her turn to go out and play.

After getting out of the tub and letting the water drain as well she blowing out all the small candles. She wrapped herself in a warm towel and headed for her bedroom to get dressed. She picked out her under garments, and placed them on her body, letting the towel fall to the floor as she did so. Soon she walked over to her walk-in closet and entered it. She looked around, pumps, boots, jeans, and shirts of all colors. But the majority of her clothes were black. Since it fit her well, classic and elegant, but also serious. After a long debate with her inner self. Vixin picked out a lace overlay to a tank top, a pair of dark faded jeans, some black pumps, and a black studded belt to top it all off. She laid the outfit on her bed, seeing how well the flow of it would go. After another debate she shrugged and put on the clothes. She smiled as they fit her in all the right places, then moved to the full body mirror to look over herself. Sighing as she turned and seen her back side,"I wish someone here to lie to me and tell me it wasn't as big as it seemed in the mirror. Damn mirror, always lying to me." Having enough of looking at herself, she moved from the mirror and slipped on her black studded pumps. They were her favorite shoes to wear to the club. Since that's where she was going.

Vixin heard about a club called Fire and Ice. She heard that it was a great spot to go and enjoy the nightlife. And that is exactly what she planned on doing. Since being stuck in a house really wasn't her cup of tea, she hated being cooped up and bored. So clubbing it was. Before she left she fixed her makeup and hair. Then grabbed her keys and cell, walking out of her room and down the stairs, to her car. She smiled as she seen her beloved slick black Lamborghini GT sitting there and waiting. It was like it beckoned to her to climb in and go for a drive. She briskly walked over to her car, opened the door and lowered herself into the bucket seat. The smell of strawberries drifted to her nose from the air freshener. She put her keys into the ignition and started it car, it came to live within seconds. Purring since she just had the engine tuned last month. "Got to love that car sound after its been tuned",she smiled and put her seat belt on. Turning on the radio then backing out of the driveway.

Vixin entered the address into her GPS and followed the directions to it. Once she got there she found a parking spot close to the door and whipped her GT into the spot. Killing the engine she got out and headed to the entrance of the club. Lucky her, the bouncers here were all male. Easier to enter. She used her power to making him willingly step aside and let her enter. Once inside she took in the night life scene. Taking in the deep blues and purples on one side and the bright oranges and reds on the other. Since her favorite color was red she went to the Fire side of the club. She watched as the unaware humans danced and pulsed to the beat of the music. Making her way to a table with tall stools she sat there watching. Silently hoping another of her kind would join her.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Rave or Raven
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · Years
How did you find us? · Admin Invite
What's the best way to contact you? · PM

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