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Break Time Fun - Seeking Male Empty Break Time Fun - Seeking Male

Post by Elsa Ferris on Thu May 29, 2014 10:16 am

I was thinking of an idea along the lines of a MATURE based thread/plot.
She is a professor for the academy, so this can be a
STUDENT MALE or any MALE that works on the property.
Mrs. Ferris only eats in her room at lunch time when the class is dismissed,
and is always in her room the mornings. Time can be discussed through PM
on which time of day is agreed on. It doesn't matter to me.

- Mature being
- Male must be older then 18.
- Has heard the rumor that she gives extra credit to those
who "work for it," but some only believe him. **If a student volunteers
- Virgins not allowed.
- Doesn't have to be a hearty writer.
- Must be willing to keep a secret. **Condom needed -wink-
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