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Gregory Lee Hamlin

Nicknames · George, Rory, Greg, Lee, Ham or Hammy
Age · 18
Gender · Male
Race · Anthro
Species · Fox
Sexual Orientation · Homosexual
Occupation · Student


What does your character look like? Please be sure to add coloration to fur/coat, hair and eye color. If your character has any scars, tattoo, or piercings, please state them!


Tell us about your character's personality. Their quirks, their gripes, how they treat their friends or their enemies. Again, no need to write a novel here, but we'd love to know how your character ticks.


A simple history or backstory of your character goes here. Maybe a little about their childhood and how they got where they are now. Two paragraphs is a good area to aim for in this section. Maybe a little about their past and a little about their now. More than that is always a bonus.

Roleplay Sample

With a soft step Nathalia her way to her new, forever home. She wore a loose blank tank top with the word "Catch me." In italic cursive with a white dove attached to the me; flying away. Light blue skinny jeans and white Vans. Her hair down in loose brown curls she carried a small box in her hands and a larger floral fabric backpack over her shoulders. She sighed and walked to her destination. The world outside was dark and chilly, her arms covered in small ridges created by the cold. Stepping around the pool she kept her eyes forward with a blank stare ahead. She was thinking about Cole and her life...the car accident, how she had never been important to anyone in her mind. The zone out of reality caused her to stumble and trip over a breach chair on the deck of the pool and she tossed the box slightly as she was bent over the chair and pushed herself back up and looked up at the starry sky. That's what she did..look up to stop the tears from crashing to earth. They were forced to stay inside as gravity pulled them down Into her body instead of out. Looking ahead again Nathalia walked around the chair and picked up the fragile box and set it on the ground before sitting next to it. Opening it she examined the contents closely. A few pictures of she and Cole, the glass covering it shattered just as her heart had been. The silence in the area creating an even sadder atmosphere. One finger was traced along the cracks in the glass as a single tear dropped onto it; soaking into the cracks and creating a blotch on the Image. "No, no, no no no no." She whined and dug her finger nail into the crack of the glass and dug a piece out before knocking the rest out, cutting her hand a few times in the process though she didn't care. One thing was on her mind; fixing the image. The wet blotch on the image scattered some ink in crazy lines a bit but their faces remained. She took her shirt and tried to dab softly only to smear the ink a bit more. She bit her bottom lip. What a great way to start my first day here. she thought and sighed deeply.

"The weight of a simple human emotion weighs me down.."

Taking the image out of the frame and placing the frame down on the broken glass shards she looked numbly at the image; tearing sliding down her cheeks, to the corner of her mouth and down her chin before dripping onto her jeans. She rubbed her soft thumb over Cole's head before the tears stopped she could've kept crying but tears just wouldn't come out. The wind began picking up and whistled in Nathalia's ears as she slowly scooped up the glass and frame; setting it into the box and then the distorted image. She stood and wiped her eyes gently not to smear her waterproof makeup and picked the bag up and continued toward the door she wanted to enter. As she took the key out of her pocket and bent her knee and pressed it against the door and rested the box on her thigh as a makeshift table and attempted to open the door. Her hands shaking as she broke down again; trying so badly to get herself together so she'd didn't seem weak or vulnerable. But sometimes you just break down, you know? She dropped the key, of course. As she fumbled to reach it the box fell and she stopped crying and grabbed the key; putting it in and unlocking the door she grabbed the box and threw it inside; it opened and the contents spilled over the floor. She shut the door behind her after grabbing the key and took the image of Cole and her before cry shouting. "Why'd you have to leave me? You knew I wouldn't be able to handle you leaving but you left me anyways!" She fell back against the wall and slid down, her hands on the side of her eyes and gripping her hair as she sobbed toward the floor. Blaming Cole for his death was stupid but right now Nathalia didn't know what else to do. "I never should've let you get so close to me. I never should've fallen in love..,it always ends in heartbreak. I can't take it one more time. I won't let anyone else in....I'm no strong enough." She whispered to herself and Cole; who she was unsure could hear her or not.

A few minutes passed as Nathalia stood; went to the bathroom of her new apartment and fixed her makeup. Taking her bag from her shoulders she placed it on the counter and got out the small bag with her makeup inside. She wasn't much of a makeup lover but she did it anyway...I mean..she didn't have to. It's like she was dressing to impress anybody-not anymore. After the makeup was reapplied the airman grabbed her wallet, phone and key before slipping them in her jeans pocket. She shut the lights off and moved about the dim lit room; the moon shining through the blinds slightly. She moved out the door and wiped her cheek before setting off to find some alcohol. Alcohol can fix a broken heart, right?

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Shatter
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · A year or so..
How did you find us? · Owner referral
What's the best way to contact you? · PM

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