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Rules For Sororities & Fraternities Empty Rules For Sororities & Fraternities

Post by The Dean on Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:00 pm

In order for your character to move out of the dormitory, they must either create or join a Sorority (females) or a Fraternity (males). In order to do so, you must follow these rules:

  1. In order to start one, you MUST have an adult character to act as "Mother" or "Father". They do not care for the students, just make sure the house is well taken care of. They MUST be a faculty member.
  2. You MUST have 5 pledges in order to create your Sorority or Fraternity. Your pledge does not count.
  3. Pictures of the house are not required, but welcomed so your members know where they will be living.
  4. The application MUST be completed using the correct form as follows:


<span class="appdets"><b>[color=#ffffff]Sorority OR Fraternity[/color] ·</b> <i>Pick one.</i></span>
<span class="appdets"><b>[color=#ffffff]Name Of Sorority OR Fraternity[/color] ·</b> <i>Must contain 2-3 Greek character, which can be found below!</i></span>
<span class="appdets"><b>[color=#ffffff]Pledges[/color] ·</b> <i>List ALL 5, not including yourself</i></span>
<span class="appdets"><b>[color=#ffffff]Mascot[/color] ·</b> <i>*Optional*</i></span>

Rules For Sororities & Fraternities Greek-Alphabet-Chart-Letters

This is what it should look like:

Sorority OR Fraternity · Pick one.
Name Of Sorority OR Fraternity · Must contain 2-3 Greek character, which can be found below!
Pledges · List ALL 5, not including yourself
Mascot · *Optional*

Rules For Sororities & Fraternities Ejzd
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