Getting Close To The King

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Getting Close To The King Empty Getting Close To The King

Post by Kale Muse on Fri May 30, 2014 11:42 am

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you...... THE KING!

FRIENDS: Kale loves to have friends, and he will be needing them. He does not care if they are male or female. Anyone can be his friend, as long as they do not judge him for owning the Lion's Den.

FAMILY: If you would like to be related to him, that is all fine and dandy. he is the oldest of his siblings, and didn't really specify just how many or what kinds he has.

ENEMIES: If you want to be enemies with him, go ahead. Kale has a lot of money, so it is possible to have enemies. Of course there will be some who are envious of his money or of his business.

ROMANCE: He does not wish to be tied down, so commitments are a no-go. He loves to feel free and move from woman to woman. Sometimes if he really enjoyed his time with one, he will visit her again, maybe a couple times more.

CO-WORKERS: Since he is a manager of the Lion's Den, he will need employees. Any dancers who choose to work for him must be up for anything. Kale likes to test his dancers first, so he will offer to sleep with them If you deny his request, their job will be terminated and a hold will be put out for allowing them to get employment elsewhere for a while. Remember, Kale is a powerful man.
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