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Post by Drake McCall on Fri May 30, 2014 1:18 pm

Drake "Rogue" Wyatt McCall

Nicknames · Rogue
Age · 27 Years
Gender · Male
Race · Shape-Shifter (Samuel Trepanier)
Species · Reptilian; Dragon
Sexual Orientation · Heterosexual
Occupation · Midnight Madness Security Guard


As primal form, he takes after a star-gazing light blue and dark blue towards a majority of his color. The scale plated beard that runs down from the chin to his waist is spiked and used for toughening armor against battle, it is also a vibrant green and one of brightest colored things about his primal form. When he is angered, the spikes traveling down his abdomen and back to his tail heighten and stick out in defense. His wings are elastic-like within skin, flexible, but feathered, unlike most common dragons. In the summer, particularly, his feathers become very hot, and blade sharp like corn leaves are when running past. His wingspan stretches to a total of thirty-feet, but he tends to keep them well tucked unless for flight, or fleeing from the feds/cops. His upper-body strength and grabbing technique with his hind talons have benefited him as well as others from falling into jail. Tattoos run along both of his bodies against his arms in sleeves and one on his right shoulder that is the name of his little girl, Emery. In his human form, his hair is dark brown and cut at a reasonable length and is usually found styled, or gelled to a certain form away from his eyes. As a dragon, his eyes are black, but fade to silver towards his human form when he shifts. He is all muscle, but very well intelligent when it comes to strategy.


He is death, and the walking shadow of darkness as we know it. The large reptile is claimed to be a criminal, and he wears the badge with pride. He prefers to be called Rogue rather than his real name, but he doesn't care. His attitude is reckless, and he kills without remorse, but a side of him is still there where he feels vengeance is the only thing that will bring back his family. He kills to relieve that pain, his only fear is being thrown into jail, but even that, the chances of him being able to stay in a confinement are unlikely. He uses his body as a weapon against all odds of transportation, a weapon, and pleasure for women. Rogue has convinced himself over time that committing all this crime and murders will bind the missing piece to his open heart and pay for what the people did to his family. And now it has become his drug. And once it starts, his addiction may never stop. He is great to work with, if you're in the same league.


Drake had been able to have the perfect life for a young man. He grew up around wealth, as his parents own a chain of businesses, and met the most wonderful girl in high school. They became the high school sweethearts when he met her at a baseball game. She was standing in the bleachers, with glasses and had the most beautiful purple scales as a dragon could ever possess, along with bright blue eyes and one of the brightest smiles. They dated not long after when he spotted her, and it was truelove at first sight. When they graduated together, the two decided they'd go to the same college and study to get their destined degrees in what they wished to do for the future. They had it all. The love, wealth and future together. When they graduated from F.U.R., the two paired up and agreed on getting a house together, sharing it as their own. Drake had made the greatest decision of his life when he proposed, and she of course accepted, and the two were united. At their honeymoon, however, left many things broken and both of their bodies were exhausted at the end of the night. As few weeks passed, his wife started to show signs of pregnancy, and when she announced it, a light in his head made him wake up and realize how perfect he got it. He picked her up and turned her around, kissed her millions of times a day just to show how much he loved her. And when the little girl was born, it became his world. Her name was Emery.

Unfortunately, when Emery was three and the family was just beginning to settle down with things, in the night it was disrupted with a large gun-shot. Drake woke up suddenly and sat up in bed with large eyes. He looked to his wife who seemed to have the same expression, and the two scrambled out of the room to go find their little girl in her closet, petrified of the sounds. His wife grabbed her and took her to the crawl-space in the master-bedroom while Drake grabbed his pistol he held for safe keeping on the top shelf in a case in Emery's closet. As he was reloading the gun and slinking down the hallway, he saw shadows line the walls one by one, and footsteps reach further into his house. He growled and aimed his gun up, until a white light blinded his vision, and smell of gun power filled the room. He shot blindly in front of him and heard a loud groan and a fall to the floor before his back hit it too. Blood pooled around him and a body, a broad shouldered anthro stood over him with a crooked grin, but his identity was covered with a ski-mask. With one shot to his shoulder, Drake was down and the loss of blood had made him pass out. The last image he saw was his bedroom door pushed down and men step over his some-what dead body. He heard a scream, but that was it. He whispered his wife and little girl's name one last time before the light ran out.

Roleplay Sample


The Noble woke to a groggy start. His hair stuck up straight in strange curled directions due only to the twisting and turning he displayed within the joy of his slumber. Rubbing his face and over his eyes, he blinked a couple times to adjust to the light that shown in through the top window inside his room. He shielded his hand from it and groaned, falling back onto the pillows to hid his face within the plushness until the white sky hid for a couple more months. He had always hated this season the most, of all of them combined, he hated this one. It was cold, and made his fur wet wherever he walked. There was no color, no warmth, or no joy in where he went within the snow, but plans were abroad his mind that day, one's he had kept in mind since the last date held with the Queen, the woman of his dreams. Flattening his ears against his head, he closed his eyes for few more minutes as he hoped his tired feeling would decease and his body would be filled with the need to move once more. Instead of that happening, the tips of his ears flickered back in forth through instinct as a loud clunking noise came up the stairs. Connor shot his head up and looked as a large mass moved through his room with wide, fearful eyes. It moved closer into the room and more towards him, the darkness of his bedroom hiding it's appearance until he scurried quickly across his bed to turn on the nightstand's light. As he did, he yelled in only fear, looking widely as the object turned out to be his horse, "Temptress!" His arms spread out behind him, making him flail backwards and fall completely off the bed with a loud thump to the floor. He groaned and scrunched his face up as the horse walked on over to nuzzle down at his cheek. He glared at the animal and flattened his ears against his head before reaching up to pet the mare softly over her chin. "How the Hell did you get out of your stable?" He plainly asked his pet, rolling his eyes as she whinnied and nudged him to get up. Temptress pushed him harder, making him laugh and eventually reach to his feet, keeping his hands upon her body so she'd stay still.

Pulling on her reigns, they moved back downstairs carefully and Connor released her to go put on something thicker before trudging on through the light patched snow. The trees were caked with white crystals, as were everything else around him. It depressed him, but he didn't speak of it aloud for the whole kingdom to hear his bickering. That was one benefit he had in living so isolated from the village, it was quiet up here, and he wasn't far from meeting the Queen luckily, especially since the stables weren't far from his house either. As he put Temptress back in her stable, he patted her nose and rushed back on home to change. Shutting the door quickly, he huffed and ran up the stairs, throwing clothes out of his closet to try on and tear back off to attempt another potential outfit. Connor looked at the finishing combination he was last to come up with, combing his hair back in a sleek fashion so that the bedheaded hair was no more. He wore black sneakers, dark grey slimmed pants with a matching beanie, a light orange flanneled shirt and a thin black tie, topping it off with a black leather jacket to keep him warm. Once he knew he was finished, he moved towards the bathroom and shaved the budding scruff atop his face, smoothing it over with aftershave and checking for if there were any thing else he could cover up. He fixed his tie and looked at himself for a long while in the mirror. Everything seemed to look in place, but something was missing, he thought. Patting his jacket pockets and pants, he shook his head and looked through his drawers to find what he wanted. Holding it tight, Connor moved back downstairs and into the kitchen. He took the orange rose from the fridge and then moved out of the house all together. As he did, he texted Willow to come to a certain territory he had discovered while wandering around by himself. The territory was beautiful in the summer, but he was not so sure now that winter had fallen.

He returned back to the stables and chuckled as Temptress banged against her cage at his presence, neighing for his attention in order so he'd let her out. As he did, she nearly attacked him, but she stopped and curiously looked at him as Connor lifted up a near saddle and pair of reigns. They were a dark, amber brown colored set, something he had recently had to buy with his savings just for the evening, plus he had been eying them for a long while now. The Queen liked orange, he knew, so this would hopefully make a great impression if he rode in style amongst his trusty steed mare. Strapping Temptress down with the saddle and slipping on the reigns, the Neko lifted himself up with a grunt, settling on top comfortably before telling her to move forwards out of the building. She huffed and listened to his command, clunking her loud hooves against the ground and out onto the snow slowly into the direction of the weeping willow path. He steered her gently, rubbing her dusty mane carefully so that she knew he found her a wonderful horse. Even for being part animal, he liked other animals as well, always had since he was a mere child. Connor could remember begging the foster mother to let him bring in so many strays, but she always denied him and instantly called animal rescue to have them taken away. Little did he know, is that animal rescues were using bodies to experiment and create his now race. He sighed at the memory and rubbed his neck where the end of the scar still lay, emerging into the land and onto higher ground beneath a white topped tree over his head. The end of Temptress's long tail flicked back and forth, the air puffing through her nostrils an icy puff of smoke riding into the chilly winds in front of them. He drew an icy breath as he watched and waited, looking around suspiciously as he thought as to where she would come from.

Out Of Character Information

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