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Bastet Sphynx

Nicknames · Bas, Sphynx? (come up with them later in RP)
Age · 19
Gender · Male
Race · Anthro
Species · Cat
Sexual Orientation · Heterosexual
Occupation · Student, unemployed


Bastet is your average 19 year-old in looks. He's average in his height, standing at about 5' 8". His structure is that of a cat, though more humanized. The fur that covers his body is a midnight black, except for a few spots on his muzzle. Dark blue, about a navy color, form three stripes on the bridge of his maw. They are thick and stand out, just like his eyes. What is the most odd or mesmerizing about the boy is the fact that his eyes are two colors. Though he isn't the only one, it is not a very common thing to have in society. His left eye is an amber that leans more orange than yellow, while his right is an electric green. Not only that but on the right side of his face there are a group of long scars. They are form a result of when he was walking alone down his hometown's shady streets and was jumped at age 13. Now six years later they still are quite prominent and for a while he had worn a hood to cover his face. Sometimes he still does. Sphynx has also taken time to add a few assets to his look. Gold bands, three on the left and two on the right, decorate his ears. Though why he got them was more for fun than actually wanting earrings.


Tell us about your character's personality. Their quirks, their gripes, how they treat their friends or their enemies. Again, no need to write a novel here, but we'd love to know how your character ticks.
Baset is not what you would call the "Social Butterfly" or "Cool". He is rather the opposite. Being socially awkward has proven quite the difficult thing for him to handle. He never had many friends, maybe about one or two, and has never had a girlfriend. He spends most of his time alone, hauled up in his own little box of safety and solitude. He is what one could call a hermit as he doesn't like to socialize much, and he spends most of his time on his computer. Even when walking down the street he probably has a phone or tablet in-hand or with him. One could say that he is a technophobe, which he most certainly is. However, despite his nature, he is a rather nice and sarcastic guy. Once he opens up he is full of hidden secrets, like a treasure chest that has a certain lock combination. Get it right and you're in.


Until he was about five, Bastet lived in an orphanage. His parents had left him with a letter that explained why they could not take care of him to read when he was old enough. Needless to say, he did not read that until years later. But about half way through that certain year, something in his life changed. He was always quiet, the kid who hid behind the owner of the place he called "home" or one of the older kids who he knew and liked. Meeting people was hard for him, and they never seemed to find what they wanted in him, until that day. A man had come, a lone one, and obviously he wanted a child to take care of. It was quite strange, but the fact of the matter was that his late wife was unable to have children anymore due to cancer. She had died months before and he wanted to have something to take care of, in memory of her. And that was when he found Bastet.

Through their whole interview and how they spoke he had managed to get the boy to open up a bit, laugh, and smile. Ms. Grimes, the head of the Adoption Clinic, was so overjoyed to see that someone might be able to take care of and love him. The thing was is that the two looked similar, Anthros of cats with black fur. The only difference was that both of his father-to-be's eyes were green. They were put on a six month to a year trial of how they would live together and it worked out. From then on the pair were happy. They helped each other through a lot and not only did their family relationship grow stronger, but also their friendship. When the lad neared his age of 14 he decided it was time to read the letter from his biological parents. He had no idea what the contents were inside, but he knew that no matter what they said he would not leave his dad. But what he found was unpredicted.

Encased in the envelope was a piece of lined paper, marked with tears that had been forced into the material to create stains. As he read the faded words his eyes were drawn close together in confusion and concentration. His mother had supposedly been diagnosed with some type of cancer that was going to be expensive, and they knew they would not be able to pay for both it and him. So in order to try and prevent anything from happening to either of them, they put him in a home. They had asked Ms. Grimes to keep him there for a few years, so they could see if they could have him again. If the event that came up that she did die, her husband, his father, would come and take him home again. That was a promise. As he read the letter over and over it finally clicked to him. He had been adopted by his real father. And the fact of that made him both pained and delighted. Hurt that he had not been told, and happy because he was with who he was supposed to be with.

Nevertheless, the two had talked about it. Bastet lived the rest of his life at home rather normally for him. And when the time came he set off for college. A new life in a new place, he is not quite sure how this is going to go for him. Hopefully it will be a good few years.

Roleplay Sample

It's from AGE
For a while it was quiet. For a while it was just him and the earth, basking in the heat of the sun. His eyes had closed as he began to relax a bit, still stiff from his thoughts but less.. troubled. His dark pelt absorbed the rays of the sun that shone down upon him, and the rock he lay on soon became warm to the touch. If it were not for the water below him he would have worried about overheating in this heat. It was a rather hot day, but as the bits of water sprayed upon him as the waves hit the rock he now rested on, he was cooled. The small fizz of the particles of salty water in there air was also cooler than being in the camp clearing. Undisturbed and alone.. it was rather nice now that he was here. But it seemed that almost everything he could or would think about always led him back to conclusion of what troubled him. Something was wrong with him, he had never felt so unhappy as he did now. Before he had been fine, almost happy, but now something bugged him and he couldn't pinpoint what it was. Agavos was fine, he liked living in the strange group of wolves. He may not know many of them, but slowly he was getting accustomed to many of its members. As a Delta it was his job to look over them, train them. Which was another thing he also had not done quite yet.

At the end of the hunt, when he was promoted, Desmond had said that he, with the help of Breeze, was supposed to train the wolves. But now, about a season later and he still had done nothing. A few thoughts were coming into his mind, and slowly he was forming something. He hoped it would be done soon, he wanted to finish his first training task soon. But he also did not want it to be boring, or else it would have barely any effect. His jaws opened to let a sigh come from his lungs and into the air. It was soft against the sounds of nature, almost blending into nothing. All he saw still was darkness, his eye lids being closed made sure of that. But still he could picture what lay before him, endless amounts blue from both the sky and water. Only the liquid was darker and a tad green the farther out one would look. Behind him white beaches lay and soaked up the sun. To the left there was the arch that when the wind passed through made a soft whistle or howl. And atop and behind that was the forests, inland where one would go to the camp clearing or neutrals. Along both sides of him the shore line extended. For how far it went exactly he did not know, nor did he really care. He knew it was there and that was all that mattered to him.

The sound of distressed squawking from the distance alerted him that he was no longer alone. He opened his eyes and raised his head, looking over in the direction from the noises came from. His gaze caught onto the white and gray feathers of the seagulls as the flew into the air then back down onto the sand. From where he was he could only see the birds as they rose into the sky, but could not see the culprit of their loudness and panic. He rolled his eyes, a low growl coming out from his closed jaws in annoyance. His ears flattened as he lowered his head onto his dry legs again. His eyes looking back out towards the sea. Dropping his tail from its position at his side he let it hang loosely off the rock. It just dipped into the water, the tip of it becoming soaked a tad as he left it there. The bounding of paw-steps was becoming louder against the sands, but he did not turn his head. He kept looking out to the sea, thinking of nothing but everything. The banner of his that was in the water moved with the soft waves as much as it could. Drifting back and forth as the unknown being made itself closer to his own mass.

"'Delta Desoto...'" The voice was soft, feminine; a murmur. As almost as if she wished not so startle him in his silent state. Moving his head he looked over at her, his golden orbs scanning over her frame. She was smaller, not tiny, but small. Her eyes were a jaded green that seemed to glow against her dark pelt. Green eyes.. just He blinked to get rid of the thoughts, his eyes looking away from the she-wolf for a moment. She was gentle, almost as if he gave off how troubled he was at the moment. She said it was a pleasure to meet him, but would it still remain? He never really got first impressions down right, Fel would be an example. He still frowned upon that moment and he had a feeling that she would never let what he had said go. A penny for his thoughts? A season ago he had asked Braelyn the same question, only used hare instead. He sighed once more, his head turning back to the female who still stood in the waters that surrounded him. His golden optics locking on her face in a gaze of neutrality. Void of most emotion as he opened his jaws to speak. "My thoughts are jumbled. Trying to figure things out, you see. I want things, but I cannot have them. I have a training task that I still need to plan, wolves to oversee, borders to patrol and loners to accept or decline. Agaves has grown quickly, and me and my nature are finding it difficult to become accustomed to the new wolves around here. I have been here since the beginning, yet I only know a few wolves, not befriended any." He stopped his words from going forth, not wanting to trouble the vixen before him. She was a member, not a higher ranked. She needn't be hearing of the complaints of a superior. He offered a tense, half-hearted smile. It only reached halfway across his muzzle, and barely showed his teeth. "Anyways, you are Sieg..." He shut his mouth, his eyes narrowing in thought as he tried to remember the rest of it. But he could not and it bothered him a bit. "Sorry.. I'm not the best with names; if you hadn't guessed. But if I remember correctly you are a hunter, yes?   Tell me, who accepted you at the borders, and how are you liking Agavos?"

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · I am Myth~
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · Since the dawn of time.. No just kidding, a few years; about three or four.
How did you find us? · Well, I am an Admin and was referred to the site by the owner
What's the best way to contact you? · PM

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You're Accepted!


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