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Broken Supplies (Open) Empty Broken Supplies (Open)

Post by Pierce Blackwood on Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:17 pm

Pierce snorted. He forgot his supplies at his apartment, his boyfriend had dumped him at breakfast, and he just found ruined paintbrushes stuffed into the abandoned folder of a graduated problem student. Giving an angry groan, he inspected the corpses. Paint was caked at the base of the ferrule, and the once crisp edges of these flat brushes were frayed and useless. Pierce stared at them, sapphire eyes blazing, until the handles eventually snapped between his fingers. He hadn’t noticed the pressure he had applied. It didn’t matter now anyway.

Tossing them into the trash, he turned about and unbuttoned his bleached white shirt. With a bit of a leap, he jumped up onto one of the tables in the studio and sat down, beginning to thread little beads on wire and string. His students would be coming in soon but he didn’t really care yet. Mr. Blackwood would have to calm down first. He began to hang these little ornaments on his antlers. They jingled and glistened in front of him, bringing forth the edges of a smile. Oh how easy it was for such tasks to take the burdens of life off of one’s mind.
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