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Post by Xavier Hoffman on Tue May 27, 2014 9:11 pm

Xavier Hoffman

Nicknames · Xav, Xavier, or anything someone can think of
Age · 19
Gender · Male
Race · Anthro
Species · Cougar
Sexual Orientation · Bisexual
Occupation · Student | Bartender at the Lion's Den


Xavier has a pelt that is a mixture of different shades of yellow, orange, and red that blend together quite nicely. He has captivating eyes that are yellow-green just around the pupil and fade into a darker, more pure yellow. He has a defined six-pack that is a pale skin color, though it is surrounded by his fur. He has an intimidating stance to him, due to his large muscles, and the mere sight of him is frightening to some. He has large ears that are a dark brown on the outside with an outline of white. Frequently, he is seen wearing a gray stone with markings on it and a green gem on it.


Xavier is a very outspoken and cocky male. He is constantly going out of his way to impress others and is not afraid to take the role of a leader in certain times. He is overly confident sometimes and can be considered a jock. He feels more comfortable in a place with many other people when he can show off. He enjoys playing sports and he will constantly put on an act of a badass.


Xavier was born as a single child with a caring mother and father. They would live as a normal family and there were usually no fights or anything that disturbed the peace within the family. He worked on a farm where his father taught him everything he knows. In school, he received good grades, but he was considered one of the more popular kids at his school due to his skills. At sports, he was one of the best because of his strength from working at the farm. It was not uncommon for him to have females swoon over him, and there were actually a few guys who did it as well. He didn't care of the gender, though he prefered the ladies more. His appearance only improved until he had a group of people who would constantly follow him, raising his self-esteem. He was always cocky and confident, which was attractive to some and annoying to others. However, if he ever set his sights on a girl, he could get them without a problem.

He finally matured enough to decide what he wanted to major in; football. His atheletic ways made him say that as his final and the other classes were just mere side things that he never really cared about. His popularity returned and he could never get enough of it. He always seems to walk with a strut and his head held high, though on the inside he is truly a good guy.

Roleplay Sample

Roleplay sample taken off of the site Incandescence

Eyelids fluttered open to reveal ice blue hues staring back into deep blue ones. Calmness settled over the fae as she silently got to her paws and pressed her body against the large white figure that bore such beautiful eyes. She closed her own for a few moments, letting her weight bear down upon the male as if he was the only thing keeping her up. Her dreams were no longer filled with the nightmares of her past, but now the Tundra wolf occupied them. He was almost the only thing she could think about since she met him. The silence between them was never awkward; always reassuring and tranquil. Finally, after much inward challenge, she pulled away. This was how it was every morning since the day they met beside Zerkalo Lake. She did not complain of such things, as it was more than she could have ever desired to wake up to his face, despite him having to trek to her den to see her. She knew, soon, they would be able to share a home without the fear of being caught. In fact, this day would hopefully be today. It was said that that night there would be a ball held for all of Aeterna and Aiseiri that were willing and allowed to attend. Of course, Enelya had all intention of going to the dance. It was a chance to one; meet new people of both packs and two; her and Gabriel ask about their relationship. So far, the only wolves she had met was her new close friend, Guardian Abraham of Aiseiri; Apprentice Syndri, the courageous young child; Gamma Max, the strong black brute; and Rogue Morpheus; the evil King. At that exact moment, a shudder ran down her spine at the thought of the terrifying creature. In a visit to the chapel with Gabriel, she had met Syndri and Max just before the devil wolf had joined their 'party'. She shook her head ever-so-slightly, ridding herself of the thoughts. She was not going to let her mind dawdle on such things, when this day was so promising.

She exited her den with the Gamma and she watched as the sun rose slowly until it hit its peak in the sky. At that, they set off, exchanging amusing words and conversations. It was so easy to keep one with the male and she couldn't help but gaze at him quietly sometimes, wondering how something so amazing could soon be hers. They walked along the border of Aeterna territories, patrolling and leaving scent-markers on the way. Their work was made entertaining when they soon began to play, causing snow to fly up in puffs, then slowly drift back to the ground and settle. The Guardian leaped around the large brute, dodging his gentle attacks and leaping in to land a soft blow on him before jumping away once more. It was slight training, in her mind, but their sparing activities were soon abandoned when she placed her paws on his back and pushed, causing him to collapse in the winter wonderland. She giggled, bouncing out of his reach as his legs splayed out. With a quick wink, she turned and bolted away, stopping after a few moments to look behind her to see if he was following her. It wasn't exactly tag, like they had played on their first encounter, but she just wished to know that he would follow her wherever she went. Though this was a small act, it could be seen as a big one in the long run. Pleasure seeped within her as she saw him bound after her and she waited until her caught up. She rubbed her maw against his, nipping his ear once, before they continued on their way.

After a while, they began their trek to Aisieri, crossing through neutral territories on their way. In the middle of their short journey, the sky's glow began to get the look of ashen hues and suddenly, they heard rustling near them. They found signs of a deer and located in mere minutes. It was a doe and Enelya couldn't help her mouth watering. She glanced to Gabriel and she gave a nod once their eyes met, and they slowly moved toward it. In the silence she gave one more nod and he leaped at the creature, closing his jaws around its hind leg. He released it once it reared and it began to run away, though the limp in its gait made it easy to catch up to. The couple worked perfectly in tune, their minds seemingly to meld into one to make the perfect duo. The female leaped forward once she was right behind the animal, sinking her claws into its haunches and holding on with the Gamma running on one side. She jerked her body back, still clinging tightly onto it, causing it to stagger, and let her counterpart take it down sideways. She tumbled to the ground, falling loose just before its body crushed her. She let the white wolf rip its throat out in one, swift motion before sitting back, satisfied. She murmured praise to the male, brushing against him as they looked at their prey. The life faded from the doe's eyes and gave silent thanks. Finally, they both picked up the female deer with much effort and began to haul it to the ball. She was very grateful that their chase had led them into Aiseiri territories.

The depicted their way to the sound of other wolves in the distance, dragging their kill and soon finding herself in a meadow-like field. Flowers and tall grasses caused the two to be hidden from sight for moments until the entered patches of lower grass, before sliding into the unseen. This happened many times until they ended up in a group of others. She and Gabriel dropped their haul and she backed away, letting the arriving wolves, as well as the ones that were already there, have first dibs on whatever they desired. She smiled gently to the Gamma before scanning the area. She soon found two females standing beside each other. She stood in silence, waiting for something to happen. After a few moments, one of the two began to speak with such authority, Enelya knew this was Alphess Rose of Aiseiri. With her words, solemn fell upon the wolves gathered there. It wasn't until a few minutes that talk began to start once more and the wolves of both packs began to converse. She glaces around for the familiar face of the black knight that resided in the opposite pack, but she could not find him... yet. Her gaze rested on the ocean-blue eyes she had woken up to and she remembered she had not told the male about her encounter with Guardian Abraham. Unless she was to introduce the two, she saw no need at the moment to tell him. Soon, however, they would recognize the faces of each other; when the time came.

After a while of standing amid the conversations, she let her paws carry her to where the two females stood, though she went to the one who had not yet spoken. She tried to not let awe consume her as she stared at the fae. Enelya did not know how truthful those of her pack were when they spoke about Alphess Iceis. She was a beautiful timber wolf and the lower-ranking wolf could not help but to bow. After raising her head, she noticed a white pelt beside her and relaxed slightly. The time had come to ask. "Hello, Alphess Iceis," she murmured, the first word hoarse from anticipation, though the last two were smooth and silky. She took a deep breath, attempting to regain her composure and she held herself high. "I am Guardian Enelya and I am slightly new to Aeterna's ranks, though I know I will soon prove myself to you." She had not met the leader of her new family as was terrified at what her reaction would be? Would she be insulted by the wish of becoming Gabriel's mate because they had only met a few weeks ago? Would she be repulsed at finding out her new Guardian was the fae who stood before her and was merely wasting space in her ranks. How was this an acceptable first-encounter with her Alphess? Fear coursed through her veins but she held herself as she parted her mouth to speak once more after her love had introduced himself. "I–" she began but then corrected herself, "We have a inquiry to make that only you can answer." She flicked her tail to Gabriel and the looked at him awkwardly. She desperately wished he would ask rather than making her. In that moment, she was slightly surprised she was doing such a thing. After the announcement that Daedalus was asking for a bride, she most seem rude to then go and ask if she could become mates with the Gamma. However, she was tired of the anxiety that was caused by waiting for the moment to ask if they could become an official couple. Without realizing it, her breath was held and she waited for the question to be put out into the open.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Loch or Lochness
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · For years
How did you find us? · Admin
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You're Accepted!


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