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Post by Rose Soner on Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:33 pm

OOC Name: Star-man
Character Name: Rose Soner
Job Requested: Chef
Why Would You Be A Good Fit?: "Well. I grew up cooking, it's been my life since I was much younger. My older sister became a personal chef and learned many things, to which she taught me. I know everything from seasonings things just right to cooking times and what needs to be cooked longer, or shorter. My favorite thing to learn from my sister was the Italian food, the seasonings and flavors can just explode in your mouth! All in all, I love being in the kitchen and find it just bubbling fun to be around food and make things that others will enjoy. Being in the kitchen is like being back home, it's easy to move around and do things to make new flavors. Not to mention everyone around you can be so enchanting or maybe a bit silly. Work isn't supposed to be all serious, you gotta add some spice to it and cooking is just one of the ways to do that!"
Sample Of Work: Rose breathed quietly as she entered the building, her amber eyes darting back and forth with confidence. She smoothed her hands over her blue jeans, lifting her head up higher as she walked in. She moved out of the way and into the kitchen, she had a job to do and she didn't have time to be nervous. She pulled an apron on, pulled her hair up and out of her face. She reached out and snagged a few bell peppers, chopping them quickly with a knife. Her ears twitched as she was given and order and started working on it. Noodles placed into a pot with boiling water, vegetables being chopped quickly to fit the way it was meant to be. When it was done cooking, more orders came in and she buzzed around the kitchen like a busy bee. She had her first order plated just as one of the waiters entered and looked to her for confirmation that the food was ready. "It's ready!" She purred, letting a rumble push through her chest as she continued chopping and making the food. Her heart raced with joy and she began her usual routine when she was at home. She started singing, moving with the beat, tail swishing back and forth as she made her way around. She was doing what she and her sister both loved to do. "Next order is up!" She was finally at home within the place, and she just loved her job.

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Post by DarkWolfProwler on Tue Sep 01, 2015 9:06 pm

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