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   Nicknames · Hunter or Coach
   Age · 28 Years Old
   Gender · Male
   Race · Anthro
   Species · African Lion
   Sexual Orientation · Heterosexual
   Occupation · Teach Gym & Coach Football






A thick mane covers the top of his head and trails down his chest and spine. His body is lean and cut, perfect for an athletic position he might have to play. He is tall and muscular. He has bright green eyes. When he is in classes, he dresses appropriately, making sure to keep himself looking classy and dignified. When he is out of class, however, like on the football field; he takes off his shirt and really gets down and dirty with the players. He does not care about being clean or dirty, it's whatever it is.




He is very calm and very hard to anger. But once he is angry, it can be very difficult to break him off of it. It's a wonder he's such a great teacher. He keeps to his personal life. There are very few who can actually break down his walls. He is modest and tries to swarm off the college girls, but every once in a while he gives in and allows them to pleasure his body.




At a young age, he was abandoned by both of his parents. They had been a really young couple, not ready for the responsibility of being a parent. He lived in an orphanage for many years of his life. When he finally got fostered to a family, he was 16. They were a nice couple, and he obeyed their wishes, but it wasn't his family and they would not be adopting him. In the remaining high school years, he worked hard on his studies and loved sports. When he graduated from high school, he went to college for teaching, specifically sports. He studied all the sports he would be required to speak, but his favorite was football.

He has been working for the school for many years. He has looked for his parents in the past, but now he just wishes to teach and be happy with the school. He adores his students for the most part, but he tends not to show it.


Roleplay Sample


Taken From Lunari Addunt - Lucian to Eden

Walking with her through the brisk chill of the nighttime wind was a cooling feeling. The wolf loved the sense of this style cold. He hated snow, thought it was the worst invention mother nature had ever conjured up, but he liked the wind. The wind could tell you so much. Who had been there, if someone was there now. It could tell you if a cold front was coming, or even which direction one should begin to sail. Not that Lucian owned his own boat, but it was the simple things he enjoyed. After being alive for thousands of years, some tend to get tired of the monotony of it all. But not for Lucian. He enjoyed all things simple and pleasant. Eden, was his favorite of all, though he knew she would not be simple, and was probably more complex than most. He loved to talk to her, as he continued to speak of his funny tales, from the first time his wolf side had discovered ice cream, and all the other happy times he could muster. He did not wish to bring the mood down. When they arrived to the small cafe, he smiled to how deserted it almost looked. They would be allowed peace and silence from all others, allowed to mesh with one another vocally, listening and planning their futures together. Lucian had been alive for so long, his stories could go on for centuries. Way before the lands had shifted to how they were now, before Lunari was even called such a place, Lucian had seen it all, been lots of places. He had done many things. As he listed story after story, he finally took a break to order his drink. Looking over the menu, he had pondered over the effects of a hot tea, how it would soothe his body and relax his aches. Or perhaps a smoothie, cold and chilled, cooling his very center and allowing him total relaxation. He continued to eye over the menu, finally deciding on hot tea. "Hot tea please, no sugar." He looked to the little old woman with a genuine smile. He had no reason to be rude to the old. He had a high respect for them, knowing their end would be coming, and still being happy, even after they knew there were races out there which lived for thousands of years.

"When I was a kid, before it all happened... I lived with my mom. she was great, though she worked too hard to provide for just us. I remember one years she didn't have enough to by me the bike that I wanted, so she traded in some of her jewelry to buy the bike I really wanted. I rode that bike all the time, all day after school. I just rode in the woods, and around the house until it started to get dark. It was cherry apple red with chrome accents. The spokes and rims were chrome. The things was beautiful. That was probably my most fond memory, before I shifted." When the drinks came back to them, things seemed to change with Eden. She spoke as if she had been holding back a century of pain. Lucian knew the feeling, he had seen all too much pain for himself. The drinks were placed on the table and the little old lady disappeared. "2470," he repeated quietly, thinking back to the year. "The only thing I can recall from that year, which I often wish never happened.." Lucian grabbed his mug, staring down at it as the tea bag soaked in the hot water. He could smell the steam, the fusion of herbs and hot water. As he stared down, the memories of the day flooded to his mind. The darkness of his eyelids covered the emerald hues from the outside world, only allowing him to picture the images as if he were watching it that day. "Prior to that year, I had met a werewolf female. We fell in love and for the first time, I mated to gain my 'children'. Of the litter, I had five boys and three girls. Of that litter, I had one beautiful son, who looked and acted just like I did. His name was Jasten. I was proud of that boy, how determined he was, and told me that one day, he would take my place if I ever died. He would lead our race to massacre the vampires, for their betrayal to my mother. He would take back the world for our race, making us the leading numbers over Lunari. I was very proud of him. Very proud. Fast forward hundreds of years later.. Jasten had been fighting, against his mother's will, in the army with my building pack. He wanted to be at the front lines, and so he did just that. He was a brave boy. On the first day of the bloodiest war our race had seen, Jasten lead the charge to a human encampment. They swarmed the humans, taking them by surprise. They killed many, while I stayed back and watched as a General normally does. Jasten found a human hiding beneath a truck. I had watched him for a time, until I could no longer see him. I moved my position to see him, watching to see if he were alive and well. What I saw changed my view on the humans forever. A small female, about average height for a human, moved to save the human my son had killed. In the process, she took Jasten's life. I was enraged, but the humans came back in full force. I called my wolves to retreat." Lucian opened his eyes and looked to the cup before him once again. He looked up to Eden. "I am sorry for your loss, but I was not around when it happened, in fact I did not learn of your race until about two to three hundred years ago. I had an awkward run in with a bear, but that was a while ago."

Lucian lifted his mug in his hands and took a sip from it. "Eden, if it is revenge you want on the humans, I would be more than happy to build an alliance with you. But if you side with me, your race will also be suited against the vampires. I will get my revenge on Demetri. I will rip his head from his cold body and serve it for dinner as an entree for my race. They will devour his eye balls as I consume his brains. I would also like to seek my revenge on the humans. Though I do not know the name of their leader, I have a feeling she was the one who killed my son. And I shall pay her a debt long past overdue." He held her hand tight in his, showing her he did care about her, truly wanting her to feel safe with him. "What of your brother? I would like to meet him." He lifted his mug and took yet another sip and placed it right back down again.


Out Of Character Information

   Your Name/Alias · Insidious
   How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · About a Year or more... possibly... maybe..
   How did you find us? · My Wife Owns This Place
   What's the best way to contact you? · PM

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You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

1. Visit the Claims and save your name, character, voice, song, and relationship status!

2. Make sure you reserve a Dormitory for your student. If you wish to have a teacher, PM The Dean.

3. Check out our Member Zone and get to know the other players on site!

4. And if you get bored, make your presence known in the Chatbox! We don't bite... Unless you want us to!

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