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Post by Dallas Felton on Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:47 pm

Dallas Clay Felton

Nicknames · Dally / Clay / Coach Felton / Mr. Felton
Age · 26
Gender · Male
Race · Anthro
Species · Wolf - Canine
Sexual Orientation · Bisexual
Occupation · Music Teacher and Basketball Coach


Dallas is a tall and lean wolf in his mid 20's. He stands at about 6'2 and 190 pounds. Both his height and muscle contribution to his larger weight. He has a soft voice, but easily make it terrifying, especially if they play basketball for him. His eyes are a dusky blue grey that can be quite mesmerizing. His coat consist of treys, creams, and whites surged around together. A spot on his chest is noticeable with two small black marks. The hair on his head is more of a blonde faux-hawk, which he typically has most days. His dressing difference from where he is. If he's teaching his music classes, he's dressed properly in a button up and slacks with nice dress shoes. For his basketball practices, a dry-fit shirt and basketball shorts and shoes, along which his whistle and clipboard. During basketball games, he wears a collared F.U.R basketball shirt and slacks with his dress shoes. Out of the house, he mainly wears casual clothes like jeans or shorts, a t-shirt or sweater, or boots or his Vans.


His personality doesn't really differ from school to home. He's still the same guy outside of class as he is inside. There's a few slight differences though. He's very open in speaking his mind on any and all topics. He's not afraid to say what he feels, even if it offends others with what he believes. His mind is a complicated maze of thoughts, dreams, and memories. Nothing really fazes him and he isn't easily fooled. He prefers the male gender over the females for some unknown reason, but is bisexual all the same. He's not sure exactly what he wants in life entirely, he's rather going with the flow of whatever happens to come his direction. Maybe in the future, a family with a husband or wife, and still teaching his positions at the college. For now, he's just letting things happen all on their own.


Dallas grew up as a scrawny little fellow, not much meat on his bones until the age of 15. he had a major growth spurt and weight gain. He was one of the larger kids in his freshman class, but muscle wise, not fat. He was always fairly popular, with girls swooning around him for his dashing good looks. He became interested in the male gender as well, then labeled himself as a bisexual. He made the Varsity basketball team for his last three years of high school, which he went on to play college ball and a year of professional. But before then, he had some obstacles in his way. His mother and father did not approve of his sexuality or his choice in sport. They kicked him out of the house at 16, to where he lived with his uncle until he moved out to F.U.R. at 18. He had a fairly easy life. His mother and father never speaking to him, not even calling him to see if he was even alive and well for that matter. This frustrated him, but he knew that if they weren't concerned about their only son's health and well-being, they were not worth his time. His uncle constantly called him and made sure he was alright. he was more of a father than his own would ever be again.

At the age of 22, Dallas found someone who he thought he loved. A frisky little lioness who truly didn't love him. After months of dating and moving in with him at his apartment, she stole all his money and took off to who knows where. He couldn't believe what had happened, from then on, he was a little less trusting when it came to relationships, especially with females.

Roleplay Sample

Treading up the pathway into the treetops, the young male threw his sweater hood over his head then his hands into his jean pockets. He could hear the sound of his boots clicking against the wood of the walkway into the treetop hideout. He wasn't sure how how found this little place out in the middle of the forest, but he did and whoever owned it or cared for it didn't mind him visiting every now and then. He reached the door and lightly opened it. He walked in and took off his boots, took off and hung up his sweater, revealing his dark blue t-shirt. He climbed up the ladder into the loft where another larger window with curtains remained beside the larger loft bed. He smiled as he saw the christmas lights that were hung up along the walls, giving it a warm feel. He climbed back down, just to make himself come hot chocolate. He waited for his drink to cool, so he pulled his sweater back on as it was a little chilly in the treehouse, but removing his shirt first before putting his sweater back on. He walked back into the tiny kitchen to retrieve his hot chocolate. He took a sip from it, running smoothly down his throat. He had happy little shivers run through his body. He crawled back up to the loft, and turned the lights off. He sunk down into the sheets and pillows, leaning against the floorboards as the bedd was in-ground. He crossed his legs out in front of him, and watched out the window. The occasional bird or squirrel would hop through the branches of the pine trees, and he just silently watched the nature from inside where he remained warm and comfortable. He wanted to live this way. No responsibilities, no worries. Just himself, nature, and a cozy little home. This though also conflicted with his dreams of having a good job, a wife, and a family, but he had a little while longer until he thought he had to worry about that kind of stuff. He sipped the last of his hot chocolate from his mug, then slid down into the white pillows and sheets. The light of the christmas lights strung around the room alongside the nightfall of this autumn day made Sawyer begin to nod off. He didn't care if he fell asleep, but he wanted to enjoy the watching of the forest more.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · BlueberryWine / Mad / Madi
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · 4 years
How did you find us? · Magic
What's the best way to contact you? · PM

Dallas Felton
Dallas Felton

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Dallas Felton - Canine Empty Re: Dallas Felton - Canine

Post by Junebug on Sun Aug 30, 2015 10:18 pm

You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

1. Visit the Claims and save your name, character, voice, song, and relationship status!

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