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Eve Labell Caslin

Nicknames · Evy, and Ev
Age · 22
Gender · Female
Race · Anthro
Species · Wolf
Sexual Orientation · Bi-Curious
Occupation · Waitress (Under The Sea Diner)


Eve is a slender, cream and white colored female, with only a few markings here and there. On her back she has thin almost unnoticeable stripped creamy markings on her back shoulders and that lead down to the base of her tail. On her face she has the same darker almost yellow beige color on her muzzle and under her eyes. Her eyes are a soft blue green color, that is usually illuminated by her inner feelings. Her hair is a soft blonde color, that is a bit contrasting to her white creamy fur. When out and about Eve wears clothes that cling to her body, hip hugging jeans and tank tops. Most of the time when she is alone, she does enjoy the afternoons with becoming completely naked. The only other markings on her body is a tattoo on her right thigh which depicts a butterfly. It was a symbol she acquired in her teenage years to tribute her mother.


A few words that could describe this canine would probably be adventurous, blunt and clever. When among friends, she is quite adventurous picking out things to do, what to drink, what to play with and so. Even by herself she can be quite adventurous. She doesn't like to stay cooped up for to long, even though being alone is nice. She is quite the free spirit, but with her adventurous nature she has learned to keep herself in check. She doesn't whore herself out, actually she hasn't done any kind of nature in sex because she was raised that it was wrong. Her feelings on sex all together is quite innocent, despite her vast knowledge of it. Being blunt is something that her friends have gotten used to, when it comes to enemies however, they aren't so quick to understand. Sometimes Eve like to play around, be a flirt and not give away what she thinks but for the most part she says what comes to her mind. It doesn't really matter who it is, they will either get an earful or have nothing at all. When it comes to her clever nature, well she can't go to wrong. She likes to be quirky at times, there is great pleasure in messing with someone's head. What makes her angry is how it can backfire quite quickly if she isn't quick to come out with her words. Most of the time she deserves a scolding or two, but hey...no one said scolding had to be scary. All in all, Eve is a big bundle of different things. Most of the time many will see her adventurous side, perhaps her shy side, maybe even her depressed side but most will see her happiness.


Growing up in a home with a broken family isn't what everyone wished for, and Eve wanted out of it for a long time. There was a constant battle between her mother and father, always wanting her to pick sides. Her mother well...her mother scared her into believing that sex would cause nothing but pain and children. Her father, well that was probably the only thing he agreed with her mother on. The two hated each other, and even as young as Eve had been she could see it. They never divorced however, maybe in some twisted way they thought staying together would help Eve. It didn't. When they thought Eve wasn't listening or watching they would fight, verbally. Telling each other that they felt nothing but pity, and that they wished they had never gotten together. It had made Eve feel sick to her stomach thinking about how she was just a pawn in their little game. Often Eve would leave the house late at night, bundled up in a sweater and leggings and gone. Things were different at night, either alone or with someone else, she could be free.

Her adventurous side didn't come from either parent, it came from sneaking out at night to get away from her parents. As she grew up, she grew distant from them. She barely spoke at dinner, and would hardly answer any questions. She didn't feel the need to explain her problems seeing as they would just fight over it in the end. Depression would often creep up on Eve, but she had found a way to battle it and that was getting things off her chest and becoming a little bit happier. The day she was kicked out of her home forever was a good one and a bad one. It started with light prodding and joking from both of her parents. It was a strange mood for them to be in, and it bugged Eve. She ignored them and kept ignoring them until her father had grabbed her by the shoulder turned her around and forced her to listen and try to get her to talk. Everything came out like a punch. A complete screaming match with a bonus of tears to boot. She told her parents what was on her mind, how much she hated them, how much she feared them, and how much she hoped they would both die. As it turns out, Eve was the bad one, considering as she didn't notice her mother was pregnant again and they were starting to rekindle their love. Eve was forced out of the house by them both that same night, along with most of her stuff. Eve didn't stick around in the yard, she picked up what she needed and left. She ventured to her friend house, where her friends parents gladly took her in. They took care of her and she was able to finish up things before moving on.

Now living in an apartment on her own, Eve doens't feel any regret leaving her parents behind. She hadn't spoken to them since she was 16 and was glad for it. She hoped her little brother or sister wasn't fucked up as she was. Despite her messed up childhood, she had been able to find herself. She had been able to see that she was a beautiful young wolf and could easily do anything she wanted. So, at the age of 22 she decided to start college. She picked up a second (and better) job as a waitress and began working on saving for tuition while deciding to stay in the dormitory instead of her apartment. It was barren and disgusting anyway.

Roleplay Sample

From Age

It was summer time, a favorite time of year for Remus or at least it had been. Summer now just made him feel cold and empty inside, as did every single season. Remus walked forward, his amber eyes looked tired but they were still alert. Having been chased for almost over a year he had learned a few tricks about evading and keeping away from other wolves. Many thoughts were on his mind, why join a pack? What is the use? He needed a home, protection and something to focus on. When he finally lost the rogues that had been chasing him, it had left him alone with his thoughts and he had crawled into a dark place. It was his choice to escape or keep going, and he chose to escape. When coming close to the territory of Erenyx he made a beeline for the border. His brown ears were flicking nervously as he tried to catch different sounds, each soft and almost silent against the roaring of his own blood. The sun beat down on his black markings, making him pant as he walked. The dirt and grit he had gotten so used to encountering was now stinging his paws, forcing up into his cracked pads. He had not had a chance to find a healer, or even treat himself in many many months. Remus was on the skinny side, and smaller than most male wolves but he still had his speed. It was his speed that kept him from dying, it was his speed that caught prey and it was his speed that made him strong and sleek. He had his skills in fighting, when growing up he had been taught by his mother and the rogue that hunted him down. His fighting skills could be improved, and he was sure when joining a pack that they would be. He had no real knowledge of the lands he had ran into, but it didn’t matter to him right now.

Running on an empty stomach had made his hunger reach impossible levels. Even in the lands, he had to hunt and pass through the underbrush he had found the remains of a rabbit. He snacked on what he could but it of course, didn’t push away his hungry. He moved on, the dirt stinging his paws like small needles and the warm wet feeling he felt after a few moments of trotting was blood. The only problem he had before this was the bleeding crack pads and it had always caused him trouble. He stopped just near the border of Erenyx, licking his wounds like a sick dog would. The bleed subsided for now, but it had left a trail of bloody paws in his wake. If a wolf was not patrolling now they would soon especially with the smell of blood. Sighing, the thin male lifted his muzzle up and breathed in. The sweet summer air filled his lungs as he got ready to howl, and once it let free he not only called out to the pack that sat before him, but also let out some built up anguish. Once his howl was done, he waited his amber eyes focused on the trees and the brush. He didn’t hate himself for what happened, not hate was not strong enough. He blamed himself, and would always blame himself but there was something nagging at him. Something kept pushing him farther and farther away, pushing him to become something better. Perhaps death was on it’s way and it would take him finally, but he doubted it. Death would be kind and accepted, not painful and pushed away. He knew that when his time came it would be the most painful death he could experience, and that was possibly all he could ask for now. Remus sat, his black and brown tail curled next to his thigh, the tip just barely touching the side of his foot, his back was straight and his head was raised. His amber eyes flicked from tree to tree, gazing with a lost look in his eyes. This was a change that called to him, and perhaps he could make a true home of this place and move on. Even you doubt that… he thought as he waited for a wolf to appear and judge him, assess his needs and see if he was worthy.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Sinister
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · Years
How did you find us? · Advertisement
What's the best way to contact you? · PM

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You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

1. Visit the Claims and save your name, character, voice, song, and relationship status!

2. Make sure you reserve a Dormitory for your student. If you wish to have a teacher, PM The Dean.

3. Check out our Member Zone and get to know the other players on site!

4. And if you get bored, make your presence known in the Chatbox! We don't bite... Unless you want us to!

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