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Post by Francisco Ibáñez on Thu May 29, 2014 11:25 pm


Nicknames · Francisco or Cisco
Age · 24
Gender · Male
Race · Anthro
Species · Doberman Pinscher
Sexual Orientation · Heterosexual
Occupation · Student


Tall, dark, and handsome. Francisco is a very handsome male. He has green eyes, which look gorgeous against the dark colors of his coat. His ears are thin and pointed to a tip. Most of his fur is black with highlights of a light brown. His muscles are tight and not too big against his body. He stands tall, always proper wherever he is. His nose is onyx in color, and glossy. His teeth are a pristine white and shine brightly when he smiles. His voice holds a Spanish accent to it when he speaks.


Francisco is very matter of fact. He sticks to the rules and obeys them as if he were told from the highest power to do something. He is always dignified and he will do anything to make sure he looks perfect at all times. It is very rare to find him at his absolute worst. He keeps people out, that is what he is used to doing. He is very intelligent and thinks over everything before he does it. Because he does not trust anyone easily, he is a virgin.


Born to the King and Queen of Spain, Francisco was the youngest of their three children. His brother is running heir to the throne, but Francisco wanted more than royalty for his own life. Followed by money, Francisco was given everything he wanted. He went to the best schools beginning in kindergarten. His elementary school was private, his middles school was private. His parents had a private high school created for their kids and other rich families. In school, Francisco did everything by the books. He listened to his father and mother, respected their wishes, obeyed curfews, and even did anything they asked of him. He never had to clean a day in his life, or cook for himself, for there was always staff around to do it for him. He never even cleaned his room. With his studies, there was always someone to help. But what he really wanted was to be in America. He wanted to learn the ways of the Americans, like he had seen on TV. At first his family was against it, but he promised he would go to college in the states and earn a Masters degree in Law. He would become a world famous lawyer.

His parents finally agreed that living in the United States would be a wonderful idea for him. Before he left for the states, he decided to catch up on his English, refine it to sound as if he had lived there his whole life. But the more he learned, his accent was still heavily present. When he finally made it to the Americas, he was baffled by their ways. The Americans were so rude and slouched over when they walked or sat down. No matter how much they wished it, he would never adhere to their ways. But he did love the way that they taught in their schools. He was happy to be away from the tyranny of his father's shadow. He could make his own way here and his own name.

Roleplay Sample

Look, I really don't have time for this, but since you seem to be wanting it so badly, I will be forced to share my past with you, not that you really give a shit anyway. It was a dark night, the only light came from the sun's light on the bright moon. A young girl, fallen in love with a young man in high school, was now on a date in central park. As they looked between each other's eyes, staring with that look of "puppy love", they spoke sweet things to one another. But the moment was soon ruined, it started as just a twitch, then a shiver down his spine. This was not his first time, but it was still going to be just as painful as it had been before. He pulled away from her, wishing to not harm a single hair on her head. But even as he moved to the shadows, she followed, concerned for her lover. But what she saw would change her views on him forever. Too bad it was too late for the poor female. The large wolf that snarled before her, lunged and sank its teeth into her soft skin. The taste of blood filled the brute's jaws, flooding his maw, rolling over his tongue. Tearing into her body, he killed her. As he stood over her lifeless form, covered in blood, he licked his lips and muzzle.

When he came to realize what he had done and his wolf form subsided, he dropped to his knees. For what seemed like forever, he cried. In his rage and fear of being hunter, he ran from the city, heading on his own. He changed his hair, the way he dressed, and everything else about him that he could. Moving from state to state, he could not stay in one place. If anyone recognized him, he was over.

He searched for a pack to join, and finally he found one. They lived deep within the woods, away from the eyes of man, able to roam completely free and wild. If they wished to be a wolf, they could go ahead and do it. He was happy, finally he was happy. In this pack, he was welcomed with open hearts and minds. One fae looked to him more than the rest. She was beautiful and both felt love at first sniff. They would meet in the dead of night, under the stars and blackened sky. There they would reflect on their lives and talk of dreams of the future. When he thought he would not be able to love, Travis fell in love again. They were inseparable, unable to be split by man or beast, or so he thought.

The moon was shrouded by the dark clouds hovering over the safety of their haven. Footsteps could be heard in the distance, but they thought nothing of it. When they were attacked, it was too late. The hunters came, with their dogs and their guns. They had heard stories of large wolves living in the lively foliage of the forest. People believed they were responsible for missing livestock and children. They tracked their prey, watching for tracks or hints of their existence. Soon they gathered the trail, forcing them deeper and deeper into the wild. Travis and his love were far off in their happy place. Gunfire was heard, echoing among the trees. Immediately, the fae rushed to her family. Before Travis could stop her, she was gone. Her tiny frame moved about the trees at a higher rate than he could ever imagine. He pushed himself as fast as he could, but when he got to the camp center, it was a horrid sight. A hunter had just freshly pulled his knife from her chest. Hazel hues stared at the fae and then the hunter. His one true love was dead, and there was nothing he could do to save her. He snapped, snarling and growling with such anger and aggression he had never experienced before in his life. He helped some other members of the pack massacre the humans, ripping the flesh from their bones, as well as torturing their canine companions. When the massacre was over, drenched in the blood of revenge, Travis left the pack. There was nothing more for him here, feeling a empty darkness consume what was left of his heart.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Insidious
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · About a year
How did you find us? · My wife owns this place..
What's the best way to contact you? · PM

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Character Information
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Francisco Ibáñez - Canine Empty Re: Francisco Ibáñez - Canine

Post by The Dean on Thu May 29, 2014 11:28 pm

You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

1. Visit the Claims and save your name, character, voice, song, and relationship status!

2. Make sure you reserve a Dormitory for your student. If you wish to have a teacher, PM The Dean.

3. Check out our Member Zone and get to know the other players on site!

4. And if you get bored, make your presence known in the Chatbox! We don't bite... Unless you want us to!

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