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Nicknames · Lil' Sanders.
Age · 19 Years
Gender · Female
Race · Anthro
Species · Canine; Wolf
Sexual Orientation · Unsure
Occupation · Student


As the youngest of the Sanders Trio, Peyton is relatively short for her age, and does not see herself growing any taller anytime soon. At this rate, the tallest she'll ever be is when she gets to reach the chin height of her middle sibling, Bryce. Her muscle strength is of course limited, but can punch pretty hard with the enough momentum and anger to rise from her tiny form. A paw-print tattoo is placed on her right cheek, and she has a scar from a car accident along her wrist, but she never thinks about it anymore. Her eyes are a shiney amber and her hair is naturally black, but streaked with a dark red. Her coat is simple, both fledged with a ivory belly and snout, along with the rest being obsidian upon everything else. Both ears are pierced at the points, and so is one upon her lip.


In her years of not having an older brother around as much, Peyton gained an almost rebellious and stubborn attitude, but her loyalty to her brother's protection still remains strong. With him being so annoyingly over-protective, she was not able to reach out to her interests and sometimes found it no use to fight anymore and allow him to do as he pleased. From that point, she was claimed as untouchable, that being said, her personality now revolved around it as a virgin according to sexual orientations. She has found herself wondering what it was like and often does not speak about herself, instead she is off somewhere being a loner, some may say and can be snotty to those who get too close, as she is afraid, and is too stubborn to show it. Inside, she dearly misses her brother still.


Born last of three siblings, Peyton grew up beneath her brother's over-protective personality and older sister's absences, along with two fighting parents. When she was young, their parents separated and allowed them to have split custody, which granted the kids to being with their mom until they were claimed adults to the country and spend weekends with their father. They got along here and there as best they could and off to the side, little Peyton would try to listen and understand while everything around her kept rolling on without a care. Out of both siblings, she favored Bryce the most, and often annoyed him when she was jealous of their father's attention. They had always had a bond, and their father never paid much attention to Naroh and her when they came down for the weekends, which only made the little wolf want to be just like Bryce. It was tough being the youngest and most vulnerable, but if there was a will, there was most positively a way.

Sadly, when Bryce and Naroh approached teen-years in high-school, the house at home was a lot quieter. The youngster became used to being alone in her room and watch as her siblings would come home with a guy or girl and bring them into their rooms and fool around. And whenever she would try to do the same, Bryce would tell her no, and she got that a lot, and hated it. But she still loved her big brother and knew to do what he told her too, even if he wasn't the boss of her. When high school came around the corner, Peyton had gained an almost dark side to herself and hung out with the wrong crowds most of the time behind the bleachers of her brother's games. Their father's favorite football star of a kid had annoyed her enough to give up and fuck the world as she knew it. But she was a good student and paid close attention to her studies until everyone left for their graduation and college years. Now it was her turn.

Roleplay Sample


The wind blew against her face in strong blasts, pushing her long lochs from her vision to only then be blinded by the burning sensation the air gave her, for it was cold like the passing winter, but warm like the beginning of spring. Sprinting down the dark paths claimed as the village's alley's, the she-wolf escaped her beloved's knowledge and began using her full potential speed in her advantage against his younger abilities. The whole point of her escape was to teach him a lesson, for he teased too much at dinner and she was not going to let him have the candy at the end of the tunnel unless he worked for it. Or at least, prove himself that he wasn't going to tease this time and allow his undivided attention to crawl right into her palms tonight. The idea of that ever happening was slim, but still faintly hopeful to her in some way. Even after so many years passing of them becoming mates, to her it only felt like a day had passed, as she had become one with time after so many years on these grounds. For him, it would feel like sixteen more years of his life, but she could not relate with that anymore. Not a breath was wasted as she ran through the night, her steps but of only a silent, delayed tapping, for she weight close to nothing in comparison to the brute to which followed her at a range to that she knew not, ..Give him a run for our money... He needed a little chase tonight any way... Her wolf acknowledged, chuckling softly as the voice hovered over her shadowed actions. The inner self forced the woman's adrenaline to kick in and start up, sending her into an unrelenting frenzy towards the goal she sought to find - the campus grounds.

The university's outline was as plane as the button-cute nose on her face, silhouetted in front of a setting sun that faded from a light lavender all the way to a dark obsidian blue filled with bright twinkling diamonds that reigned the heavens. There she would find the perfect place to hide until he'd come close enough to capturing his prize. Seeing the campus gates were closed, she chuckled and shook her head slowly as she ran up along it's steal barred border, pivoting on her feet to jump up and grab hold of one of the bars to then swing herself over the top. It was simple, or so it was for her now that her ancient age had succeeded in filling her with the body strength of a bull, but even if she were her mate's age, it was still somewhat possible, so she did little to worry about how Travis would eventually try to get through. As her feet hit the ground, she made a break for it over the grass and kept her arms tucked close to her body in doing so. She was not so sure of whether or not the Guardian male was in his other form, for that could make him closer than she initially predicted, if he was in his human form, Vitani could have enough time to get to where she wanted to be. A large, brick building that had an arched roof seemed fitting to be the gymnasium. Sadly, since the children had not been officially put into classes yet, that still left her some time before she wished to explore the area a bit more. She still had yet to do that, but for now, she could need a little more time to find where she was going.

Creeping against the wall, her hand slid out to attempt to unlatch the door - it was locked. "Damnit." She cursed beneath her breath, biting her lip while she looked around for another way inside. Then she slowly looked over her shoulder and smiled, the reflection of herself staring through the glass of a large window big enough to slide her body inside. Stripping off her shirt, she cuffed it around her fist and looked both ways behind her before punching through the sharp material. It could always be replaced, she thought as she climbed in on through and ducked low to the newly polished floor of the gym. The only bit of lighting her human eyes could make out was the glowing green exit signs in the back corners, other than that, it was completely dark. Blinking twice, Vitani controlled her senses to be wolf-life and flipped the mental switch of her eyes to see nocturnally like her other side would be able to do. The locker room door was the first thing she saw, making an idea pop into her head almost instantly before she went inside and closed the door behind her. Turning on the lights, the doctor moved around the corner and spotted the clean light blue showers, to what she assumed represented the masculine locker room, and began to take off all her clothes in a long trail towards them from the door's opening. With this, Travis would be able to spot the trail and get the picture right off the bat that he had won the game she made and soon, hopefully, follow up into her naked arms beneath a shower's rain. As she was finally naked, Vitani smoothed back her hair and turned on the faucet, letting the hot water pool over her body and soak into her skin. She left the shower curtain wide open for the male to see her as he would arrive, acting oblivious to her surroundings as she began to close her eyes, smile and wait.

Out Of Character Information

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