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Nicknames · Little Fox
Age · 22 Years
Gender · Female
Race · Anthro
Species · Canine; Neon Fox
Sexual Orientation · Pansexual
Occupation · Lion's Den Bartender


Clearly by color, Aspen resembles a soft, neon glow to which radiates around the contours of her features and throughout her body. Neon swirls wrap up along her sides and twist around the front of her breasts, and the tip of her fox fluffed tail is also completely vibrantly green as well. Other places where this green shall be shown is up at the points of her fluffed cheeks and pointed ears, as well as her nose, claws and most importantly - her eyes. They are a shade green just as bright to the neon parts of her coat, which she loves most about herself in fact. The rest of her fur is but of a normal dark green, just as beautiful as the rest, one might think. She stands at a reasonable height for a female and has a slim build made up from so much running and working out in her spare time. Her hair is cut short and drifts off to the side of her face to cover her one eye. She sometimes has trouble keeping it out of her view, but simply blows it off into the other direction, for she is used to it. A collar, she was gifted with from an ex of hers, is now wrapped around her neck, and the tag hanging from it has her name printed in the metal. She wears it proudly, and refuses to take it off.


Aspen's personality is as simple as it gets. She is typically short of reason and tends to think a lot before she says anything. At a young age, she was taught to hold her tongue if she knew what was good for her and did so that for that point on, which has benefited her in the long run from any trouble abroad her future so far. Habits of hers include of being too quiet sometimes, as she has developed a love for listening rather than providing more to the conversation other than few details to let it grow for the other person to keep speaking. She loves to learn, and her favorite time of the year is summer, for it is warm and helps her relax. Aspen's self-esteem is fair in a sense for being a female, and she wouldn't ask to be anyone else or have anyone else's body except her own. Though the path may be rough, she keeps quiet with a smile to show to everyone that she is find and happy, inside and out.


Growing up was rough, but that didn't let the little fox's head face down, as she kept it high. Her parents divorced when she was young and Aspen was forced to live with her father, as her mother incapable of doing so, for she was a drunk and the court would not file custody or child's support to her. She had a younger sibling by the name of Toby, an age difference of two years, but just as awry as a toddler almost. They paid little attention to each other throughout their child-hood and more on school, and while their father was out 'working', Aspen was formed to be the typically teenage mom for her little brother up until the time their father introduced them to a crooked lioness that would soon be named as their stepped mother. Many lonely, quiet nights were spent while Toby and Aspen were left alone in the darkness to tend to their daily needs and try to catch the bus. Little did they know, was that their dad has been sneaking around with a woman behind their backs and leaving them to rot and work to survive on their own. Her name was Meridith, but Aspen and her little brother liked to call her Medusa from time to time amongst their friends and to themselves when they had the privacy within their rooms.

Throughout high-school, Aspen was poorly treated by their step-mother and often almost broke down enough to start crying herself to sleep. Toby, as well, as being tortured along with it, forced to clean their step-mother's stuff while their father paid no attention to them at all. He seemed to be falling so quickly for his new wife, that he didn't care for his own walking blood anymore. What a fool he was, they thought. Junior year was perhaps the best time of her life for Aspen, as getting her own car with the money she worked hard for had become enough for the car she had her eyes on along with being granted her permit. After that, Toby and Aspen spent their time together almost all the time, as long as they could get away from home. Freedom was in their very palms as soon as Toby was granted the same. Their plan from the beginning was to run away. And it didn't take long for the two to get their parents drunk enough for them to pack their stuff and grab the money left in the safe to make a new life on their own. All they had left was the few years to freedom and finding what fate had in store.

Roleplay Sample


Maple Woods...

Those words were the only thing the kept the fae from dismissing herself from the crowd in spite of finding a meal for herself. Her lips coiled into a whisper around it, savoring the flavor of maple left on the residue wetness of her snout and connecting the unfinished puzzle above her mind's center. A rush of hope pumped into her lungs, and soon then she began to raise her head a bit higher, her view shifting as she saw them from what she had seen before. She was not entirely alone from where she came from, and Quinn, whom she knew was the first female of her old position, and the fae of which accepted her into the lands of Cedar Grove - was here, and able to start a new with the lessons she had gained from and all to that would cause them to succeed as a hard-working pack. But the tinge of fear was still left in her, she would not be recognized by even the slightest, her thoughts confirmed. She was an above-average fae, and surely Tragedy did not deserve to be known, not even her own pack-mates knew who she was till she received the rank of an Elite, and here, she was in the same position as before.

Hope was all lost and fading as she knew it.

The weakened flower rose to her standings and trembled with the urge to walk, her coat was matted and the scars to which shown were horrid, but beneath the mask was something less harmful. There was no beast to unravel, or perhaps a master-mind of fighting, but of only a fae with a forsaken past and no where to go. Her amber eyes grew less in color as she walked through the crowd of moving wolves and waited patiently till the others would scatter so that it'd be easier for her to speak to the higher ones. Searching for some relief in her legs, the fae lowered herself to sit once she had given her slightest of bows to the leaders upon the large rock in place. It hurt her limbs to do more than that, but she kept quiet. The healers would only be dead by the time they took with fixing her was over, and she had been in too many healing dens since her birth. She didn't need another visit added to the list.

"Alphess Quinn. It is I, a former wolf amongst the Haven, if that is if you remember me. But do not find it a burden to my emotions if you do not." It had surprised her that her voice had not yet broke her speech, however, her fainted ambers slowly pried from the floor to find the ones' looking down at her. She tried to give her a clearer image of her face, but with how many wolves the Alphess may of accepted, she doubted the fact she would be remembered above them all. "I was the Elite of Cedar Grove, working along side Azrael in the process of building a stronger life. My name is Tragedy. You were the one to of accepted me years ago into the lands when you were the Elite female, too. If it be mean of anything to your time, would you perhaps speak with me possibly soon on the matter. As for your becoming of Helidos, I wish you the bests of luck and know more than the rest here today of what you are capable." Her face sent her in pain as she almost twisted it into a friendly smile, making her insides squeal, but not a whisper drew from her lips, "There is much to discuss between us, I believe. And thank you, for being the replacement of our new leader. I see no other fit better for the job."

And without another word, Tragedy got up and began to tread towards the darkness to which encased her empty heart. The past hovering on her shoulders like the devil and angel, taunting her choices and making her hear the things she had never wanted to register. Her ears stayed narrowed as she walked, her head low and tail swaying behind her until the shadows hid her form from the very light from above and her paw-steps trailed to silence from the clearing - onwards.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Junebug
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · Couple Years.
How did you find us? · Admin
What's the best way to contact you? · PM, Skyper (pedoo.bearr13), Facebook.

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You're Accepted!


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