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Post by Anubis Romero on Tue Aug 25, 2015 9:23 am

Anubis Poe Romero

Nicknames · None
Age · 28
Gender · Male
Race · Anthro
Species · Doberman
Sexual Orientation · Bisexual
Occupation · English Teacher


Anubis is a doberman, very different from most breeds. He is tall and weighs over 200 pounds but not with an ounce of fat. He is all muscle, and can prove it just by whipping off his shirt. His fur is a a dark brown color, that contrasts with the light brown around his pecs, arms and lower stomach. There are other places that are the same color, but those aren't shown off like the others. His feet are the same light brown color as his hands and inside of his ears. Working out at the gym has filled out his body, and he could be slightly conceded feeling the power of his sexy body. When teaching he usually wears suits or shirts with ties, he doesn't like to lounge around in regular clothing unless necessary. When not on the clock, he likes to either wander around his place naked or half clothed to work on school papers.


Strict yet playful is how Anubis likes to role, at least in his classes. Growing up he always has boring English teachers, and when he decided to become a college teacher he didn't want to be boring. When it comes to doing work, however, he can become quite strict. Even with his playfulness he still likes to see work get done. He doesn't like chasing down students, but he will pick them out if they struggle. He of course doesn't do it all the time, but he has always encouraged to come after class so he can help. Anubis is kind, but there is something different about him. When he isn't teaching and is by himself, perhaps with a lady or man he likes to become dominant. Sometimes it peeks through when he is in class teaching his students, but when alone at his home with another he becomes full dominant and takes over. He is very much in control of any situation, and even when he is teaching it likes to come out and play. He likes to play with his...submissive, and he enjoys teasing a the students sometimes with good jokes. All in all, he is a laid back kind of guy.


Abandoned as a pup, Anubis was taken in by an elderly feline couple who took care of him. They died when Anubis was 13 and with no relatives or next of kin he was put into an orphanage. The orphanage was like hell for Anubis because the orphanage was built out of the same hospital he had visited many times growing up. He had been a very sickly child and the memories of what had happened to him from needles to groping were very harsh on his mind. His love affair with hospitals was not to good. While in the orphanage he had many  nightmares, and it went on for many years. He was a very thin and pasty young pup, and not many adults wanted to take in someone like him. He was weak and was quite ugly. He got his education from the teachers in the orphanage and he hated most of his classes but he passed all of them with A's. When it came closer to be 18 he started working out. The orphanage wouldn't keep him for very much longer, so after getting his GED he left. He found himself a job as a bus boy, and began renting his own studio apartment. It was spacious and quite cheap, he had to remodel it. He painted it, and bought new furniture and was able to knock off the price of the place by a couple hundred dollars. He decided at that young age that he wanted to be a college professor.

While working through college, he was slightly nerdy. He hated seeming weak, so after moving in his weight lifting equipment in his apartment he began working out. It was a lot of work, but it paid off two years later. He got his master's degree in english and was ripped by the time he had finished. He had girls fawning all over him, he had some men too. He enjoyed it but never took anyone up on their offer until after he had found a job at the university. He never dated any of his students, but he did enjoy taking on a few of the teachers. A good rough fuck was what most wanted and he gave it. Others wanted the complete submissive style, and he gave it to them as well. He continued to work out, and keep his body fit and nice looking for both genders. He had been working at the University for a few years he decided to step up his college class and make it fun. With smaller classes he was able to take them out on trips and help them see that English wasn't so bad. Still to this day, even with larger classes he likes to make things fun for them.

Roleplay Sample

As she passed Byrce, she had the common courtesy to say she was sorry, even though it had been his fault. He was walking too far away from the corner, which everyone knew that when you had busy servers you had to make room for others. She hadn’t said anything to him at all about that, and she had stooped down low to say sorry. What pissed her off was that he snapped back that she should be, what the hell did he think he was? Royalty? She growled softly as she filled her customer’s drinks and went around the corner to avoid anymore collisions and came back to her table. She smiled seeing them laughing and enjoying themselves. They seemed pretty happy, and that made her smile even brighter. She had never seen such a combination of friends, a zebra, a wolf, a bird and a tiger. It was nice to see that they were all friends, and perhaps even on a date? She wasn’t sure, but what ever it was they were enjoying their time together. ”Here are your drinks, have you decided on what you want?” She asked cheerfully as she gave them their drinks and straws. She pulled out her pen and paper and began writing what they requested. All were different, two had a meat platter and two had some salad, along with some other condiments. She smiled at them as she finished the ticket and picked up their menus. ”I will go place the order, and your food should be done before you know it.” She said with a smile, and they all said their thank you's. She had heard the girls at the other table giggling as Bryce showed off to them. Eve didn’t forget her encounter with the male, and figured with the sexy ladies he probably already had. He thinks he runs this place, how annoying. She thought as she looked at the other table seeing he was gone, and felt a bit more cheerful. She passed through the double doors to give the cooks the order. She ignored Byrce’s glare and placed the ticket upon the rack to be filled. When he spoke to her, she turned her blue gaze to his and felt a soft growl build in her throat. ”Apparently you do. It’s actually slightly annoying to see.” She said, knowing that they both had some time to kill before the orders were placed. ”You aren’t royalty here, you aren’t the manager, you are a server. You don’t get to treat me like a piece of crap just because I almost ran into you. Boohoo.” No, she didn’t feel like being kind to him. It didn’t matter to her, even if he was attractive. She found herself looking at him quite often, but she would never let herself actually try to be attracted to him. As she was waiting her order was called up, quite quicker than the rest. She smirked at him, and brushed past up picking her platter. She winked at him, sashaying her hips a bit as she walked. ”Hope your charm isn’t broken.” She said and walked out the double doors and into the main dining area. She walked over to her table, and placed their plates in front of them. ”Can I get you all anything else?” She asked a smile on her muzzle as she waited to see. They all shook their heads, and she gave a nod. ”I will be back to check on you in a little bit.” She said and walked away to go wipe down some tables seeing as it was just her and Bryce for the rest of the night.  

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Sinister
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · Years
How did you find us? · Already a member
What's the best way to contact you? · PM

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Post by The Dean on Tue Aug 25, 2015 11:09 am

You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

1. Visit the Claims and save your name, character, voice, song, and relationship status!

2. Make sure you reserve a Dormitory for your student. If you wish to have a teacher, PM The Dean.

3. Check out our Member Zone and get to know the other players on site!

4. And if you get bored, make your presence known in the Chatbox! We don't bite... Unless you want us to!

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