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Post by Sawyer Weston on Fri Aug 28, 2015 6:39 pm

Sawyer Reed Weston

Nicknames · Saw / West / Red
Age · 25
Gender · Male
Race · Anthro
Species · Wolf - Canine
Sexual Orientation · Heterosexual
Occupation · Student


Sawyer of a primarily white wolf with black, red, and gray throughout his fur. The most distinguishable thing about Sawyer is his head. He has a back and red colored faux hawk that he spiked up every day. HIs muscles are extremely toned and noticeable through his clothing or even without a shirt on, but even though he may not look like he has a lot of meat on his bones, he is far stronger than most except when they pick a fight with him. He typically is seen wearing jeans with a belt of no particular type. Normally, he wears a tank top or a normal t-shirt. One thing that he wears everyday and doesn't leave the house without is his military dog tag that was his father's before he died in the line of duty. He wears it everyday to commemorate his father and to hold him close to his heart. Sawyer looks like a "bad dude" when you first look at him. A guy that wouldn't mind taking your money and running off, but this isn't the case. Although his looks may be deceiving, he is far more than to what meets the eye.


Sawyer's personality isn't so much like his looks. He may look like a bad boy on the outside, but not so much on the inside. You see, he's more of a strong but silent type of guy. He speaks his mind and doesn't care what anyone else says. He voices his opinion without hesitation and makes sure you know of it. Despite having to share his opinion on certain matters every so often, he normally doesn't speak much. He has a particular way of reading others. He watches people, seeing who they are before even meeting them, or not even meeting them at all. He finds it extraordinary how much you can learn about someone just by watching how they act. He tends to find his own entertainment in things when he's bored, creating his own little worlds in his head. He's what most would call a day-dreamer. He can't help but ask about the "what if's" in life. He wants to learn and know more than most his age do. Especially his own brother. Sawyer is a smoker, but is trying to quit as he really hates what the nicotine does to him. He had lung cancer once because of it, but still has trouble quitting. He's very persistent. Once he says he's going to do something, he will do it. He uphold to all his promises and makes sure they're fulfilled. Most of all, the thing Sawyer demands from anyone else is respect. If you don't respect him, he sure as hell will not respect you.


Sawyer grew up on the Mid East in a fairly large community. He grew up around a not so great family. His father an alcoholic and his mother a heroin addict. He was never pulled into that life, as he knew there was better for him than someone as weak as that. He refused to give in to the kids his age who were addicted to drugs, alcohol, and sex. He stayed in school, received very good grades, and continued to play football and be involved in rodeo. They were his passions and what kept him sane. He found his place in both sports. Wide Receiver and Bull Rider. He loves them both with a deep passion. Through school, he focused on his work and did what he had to. He refused to be one of the many drop-outs in his town. By the time he had graduated, his graduation class was less than 100 other students, half of them barely passing. HIs mother and father didn't show up to see their son's graduation. He was furious. He immediately decided to move out and cut off all communications with his parents.

After a few years on working three jobs, he applied to F.U.R. He was overjoyed. He was finally going to pursue his dress of becoming something in life. He has yet to come across someone who he thinks he could spend the rest of his life with. But when that time comes along to settle down and have his own kids, he had already promised himself and to his further children to be a better father than his drunk of a dad ever was.  

Roleplay Sample

A post with my character Sitka from Age

The brute listened as the far explained who this Thunder was to her. Brother? He automatically thought of Ezekeial and how he was unsure if he was still alive or not. He completely understood how she felt now knowing wether a brother was alive and well or not. "Aye. I understand how you feel. For I have a brother who belongs to a pack away from here, and I have not seen him since we were two. But do not worry, my dear. I'm sure Thunder is alive and well." he smiled at her, understanding her pain of not knowing if her family was safe. He wished to see Zeke again. Really wished for it. He wondered what happened to his little brother in that pack off his that he joined, but didn't know if he would ever find out what happened to him. He didn't know his other four siblings well enough before they died as they were all very young. He did question how his mother and father allowed four of their six children to die. It confused his, but didn't dwell on it much. As he listened to her speak of her brother a bit, he couldn't help but wonder how old the female was. He didn't dare ask, as he knew that was quite rude to ask a lady of her age. But he couldn't help but wonder about her. Her past, family, if she had other siblings alive and well. There was still so much about this little she-wolf that he was eager to learn. He felt something strange for a moment. That they would become close friends due to their similar past and connections. He heard as she spoke of possibly being anyone in particular that drew her interest within Pine Summit. He had to admit to himself that he was slightly relieved that the small Guardian hadn't been in like with any brute. He chuckled as he heard her ask of anyone in Cedar Grove."There was one by the name of Clare. She came to Helidos with me after the fire, but has long since disappeared." Sadness slightly covered his face as his eyes drifted downwards toward his paws, but changed suddenly as he realized he had no reason to be upset over the skating female. She was gone, and he was ready to find someone new. Someone who would be staying with him through everything. He was ready for a commitment. But pushing all these thoughts to the side, he focused on Rose. "I have to say, I am a bit relieved you have no interest in another male at the moment, Guardian." He laughed awkwardly as he admitted his thoughts aloud. He had a goofy little smile on his face, but really hoping she didn't ask him why he was relieved of such a thing.

She continued onto asking him about his past. He hadn't shared it with many, as nobody really asked. He was slightly excited to tell her about where he came and his life before Cedar Grove and Helidos. He tried to remember as much as he could from his pup hood. "Well, I was born to loners far from here or Cedar Grove. I had five other siblings, four of which died before age one. My remaining brother and I left soon after we turned a year old due to ack of prey in our area. Out mother and father refused to leave the den where they both had lived for their entire lives. So, it was just Zeke and I. We traveled for a while together until Zeke was accepted into a pack along the way. I chose to remain a loner, although the pack offered me a position in their ranks." He shifted himself to become a little more comfortable in his seated position. "I contented on my way before I came across Cedar Grove's borders. Yes, I was extremely relieved to be at their borders as when i arrived, I was starving. I arrived in late winter and there was no prey around to keep my belly remotely full. Luckily for me, Flash, I think was the female's name, understood my circumstances and allowed me into the pack to regain my strength. But not long after my arrival, the fire struck and we were forced to move out of the lands. It did upset me as I thought I had a home, but it was soon destroyed. And as you asked, I am quite alright now as a member of Helidos. Quinn and Fenris are like parental figures to me and I would do anything to please them. This is my home now. It forever will be. I intend to live out my life here and whatever else comes along." He smiled as he looked at the female. Her eyes had captivated his interest. She was a spunky one, that's for sure. He thought about seeing what this little Guardian was made of. But first, he wanted to know more about her. "Enough about me. What was your past like?" He questioned the female with curiosity sparked in his eyes.

As he awaited a response from the white fae, he began to grow a bit peckish. His belly hissed at him like an angry rattlesnake being threatened. Sitka's mind was slowly focusing more on food, but his real focus lay with Rose and her backstory. A few deer could be seen a small distance away, grazing in the fields. He looked at the female with a gleam of trouble in his eye. "Care to join me for a hunt?" He stood and looked at Rose with eagerness to that she would join him. He knew he would accidentally make a fool out of himself as he did with the female known as Elsbeth. Falling over and hitting his head on a tree root? How more embarrassing could that get? He laughed a little to himself remembering the events that took place with the lovely Caretaker. He wished to meet with her again, to catch up and grow closer to her as a friend. He looked at Rose with a devilish grin. "Dare to challenge me to a race, little Rose?" He smirked, hoping she'd accept both offers for a bit of fun in the new morning sun. He watched her silently, awaiting her responses to his many questions and temptations.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · BlueberryWine / Mad / Madi
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · 4 years
How did you find us? · Magic
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Sawyer Weston
Sawyer Weston

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Sawyer Weston - Canine Empty Re: Sawyer Weston - Canine

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You're Accepted!


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