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Beneath the Shadowed Pier(Open) Empty Beneath the Shadowed Pier(Open)

Post by Bastet Sphynx on Sat Sep 05, 2015 12:34 am

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       The time was dusk when he finally reached his arm away from the mouse and turned the computer off. College was fine. His room was fine. He was fine. But he had not done much yet, barely left the dorms as it was. Not knowing the names of his neighbors could be quite odd considering he was a newbie and would seem to want to have all the help he could get. But in his world, he could care less about what their names were, he'd barely talk to them anyways. Most of his time had been spent here in his own room, alone. He'd go out to go to town and buy all the crap he needed, but nothing else. The basic places for his necessities were all he knew about, not much else. Sooner or later he would need to get a job so he could keep a good amount of cash, but he had no idea where to start looking. The city was a good place, but he didn't want to work at one of the many clubs he'd overheard about. So now the feline just kind of laid back and watched things unfold. Spending his spare time in his room on his computer set-up, gaming away. He found a sense of fulfillment through those games, and despite his shyness, he bloomed there. It was a place he knew he would fit in, unlike in the real world.

          Raising his arms above his head, Bastet stretched. His tense muscles from sitting and playing for more than a few hours was definitely showing their complaints. But he didn't mind it, after all he was used to it. Standing up from his chair, the teen walked to the other side of the room, bending down slightly to open the mini fridge he had brought along and took out a bottle of water. He didn't know if he was supposed to have it or not, but it wasn't like he had anything to hide. He didn't care for drinking, he was to young to do it legally anyway, and drugs or smoking simply disgusted him. The smell of tobacco made him want to throw up, so he tried to steer clear from it. Unscrewing the cap from the bottle, he raised the brim to his lips and drank, holding the plastic container loosely between his fingers as he made his way over to his closet. He was going out. Fresh air was definitely needed and he wouldn't mind a walk either. He had no car so it wasn't like the anthro had any other options, he hated public transportation. Grabbing a dark gray T-shirt and a black hoodie he slid them on before downing the rest of his water. Walking out of his closet he tossed the bottle into the bin and sat on the edge of his bed to put on his shoes. Lacing them up, he wondered where he would go. He didn't know many places, but preferably somewhere empty and quiet. Most of the beaches would be deserted, so if he found one he'd probably sit there for a while. He wasn't a huge fan of the ocean, but he couldn't deny that it relaxed him a bit, even when just sitting on the shore. Standing up and walking to the door, he grabbed his keys and phone before slipping out of the room. Locking the door he then placed the items in his back pocket, pulling over his hood and sticking his hands in the jacket pocked as he made his way out the building.

He kept his shoulders hunched a tad as he walked, never looking at someone for too long. Thankfully no one attempted to stop him, so he walked in silence as he made his way forward. His feet eventually carrying him towards the pier. From where he was it was pretty empty, and he was pretty close to the main area of it. Walking onto the wooden structure he turned to the right to go down a flight of stairs down to the beach. The sun was almost set, and the sky almost completely black, he highly doubted that anyone would fine him here. Heading beneath the main attraction, Bastet sat a foot or so away from where the water came up when the waves crashed. Slipping off his shoes he let his toes sink into the sand as he laid his crossed arms on his knees, His legs were bent and pulled loosely to his chest, his back arching as he leaned forward. It was quiet and a soft breeze was blowing, a bit chilly from the ocean but it was nice. Even the damn seagulls knew that it was quiet hours. So for once that annying squawking was not heard. He stared over the ocean, watching as the sun slowly gave up the battle for the night as it sunk down into the waters.

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