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Post by The Dean on Thu Mar 27, 2014 10:38 am

Site Rules

Before joining our community, please make sure you read the rules all the way through!

  1. Be respectful to the people around you. If a conflict arises Out Of Character, please come to an Admin to sort it our, rather than causing an unwanted scene on the site. Treat everyone how you would want to be treated.
  2. We do not role play in First Person, so all posts must use "he", "she", and so forth. The only time First Person is allowed it when your character is speak to another. For example:
    - First Person: "Today I went to the store and picked up some milk. While I was there, a little old lady needed help getting something off the top shelf, so I helped her grab it down.."
    - Third Person: "Today he went to the store and picked up some milk. While he was there, a little old lady needed help getting something off the top shelf, so he helped her grab it down.."
  3. We do try to be a literate site and for this, we have a minimum sentence requirement. There is no designated word count, but we ask that all role play posts have a minimum of 10 sentences. If ant anytime an Administrator or Moderator ask you to lengthen your post, it must be done, or it shall be deleted.
  4. From the time that you join our site, you will have THREE weeks to post a Character Application. I n this time, if you do not post one, your account will be deleted. This is to keep our site accurate with the member count. Three weeks is enough time for you to decide if you wish to join us or not.
  5. Mature content is allowed here. The only thing we ask is that you place the word "Mature" or an "M" in your thread title, so other users know what to expect when they read it.
  6. When creating a Character Application, use our form. Any other forms added shall be deleted, and the member will have to use our to be accepted. We took a lot of time to get everything just right to how we like it.
  7. Starting a Character Application, make sure your title is their FIRST and LAST name along with SPECIES they wish to join. For example:
    - "John Smith - Feline"
    - "Abigail Adams - Avian"
  8. Do not take information from another person's Character Application for your own. This includes Face Claims, Name Claims, and their general history. If an Administrator finds any kind of plagiarism, your account may be up for deletion.
  9. Your first account you create shall be your OOC account. Members are allowed to have 5 RP characters. For this, you will have to create an account for each character. When you create a character, please attach their information to your OOC account. This way everyone can keep track of who is played by who.
  10. Please keep foul language to a minimum in the actual forums. There are times when it is alright for your character to cuss, but please do not abuse this right. An Administrator or Moderator may ask you to change it if they see fit.
  11. Role Playing in threads, or In Character, means your character will be determined by what happens in the thread. If you role play in the chat box, nothing is set in stone. The two places are a totally different universe.
  12. Graphic pictures or "Yiff" are not allowed. Please keep them out of your photos. We do not need to see reproductive organs there.
  13. No advertising out of the advertising section. It is not allowed anywhere else on site. We are a guest friendly place, allowing guests to post their advertisements as long as we can do the same on their site. If they do not allow guest posts, then theirs shall be deleted.

Chatbox Rules

  1. No advertising or recruiting.
  2. No spamming.
  3. Foul language to a minimum.
  4. No fighting OOC in chat. Take it to PM or even better, an Administrator.
  5. Role play is allowed, but can be taken away if members do not post in the threads.

*Rules on site, may change at any time per Administrators discretion.*
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