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Rose Danielle Soner

Nicknames · Rosie - Dani - Elle
Age · 18
Gender · Female
Race · Anthro
Species · Canine - Fox
Sexual Orientation · Bi-sexual
Occupation · Student - Italia Amor Chef


Rose is a uniquely colored anthro, her fur is light brown-cream. Light orange-cream hair that spikes into a bob-cut. Her hair curls perfectly around her face, short strands versus the lengthy ones that drop to her shoulders. From her elbows down is a darker fur, dark brown stretching all the way to her hands. Dark fur also covers her legs from the lower thighs down to her toes. Her chest and belly are covered in white fur, ruffling at the very top of her chest and lower part of her neck. She stands at exactly 5'3", weighing around 125 pounds. Scars cover her chest and back, claw like scrapes against her body. Several parts of her body (near her rib-cage) shows what looks like to be stabbing scars, as if she got in a violent fight. She looks younger then she truly is, looking as if she's about 16-17 years old then 18. She has light amber eyes that almost look yellow in some lights.


Rose is often considered to be shy when she does not know the person well. Though, once she gets talking, it's hard to get her to stop. She's quite bubbly and often just wants to see others smile instead of being sad. She's often easily worried and very stern with those she loves. She's very stubborn about getting her way and making sure those she cares about are alright. She is a curious one, but limits herself to not get in too much trouble. She is often blamed for things and has learned to accept the fact that others will blame others. She can be quite defensive when certain subjects are brought up. She's strong at heart and likes to keep her mind busy with puzzles. She's wise beyond her years, and brilliant when it comes to being sassy. She loves having 'sassy' wars, comebacks and sarcasm. While all her personality points to her being sweet, she is a real 'southern belle'. She has a thick accent, and a certain 'southern' style to her. She is always up for a challenge no matter how big it is and often takes it up with cocky confidence.


Rose was born to two fox anthros in a small town to the south. Taking on her mother's appearance and her father's stubbornness, she was practically made to live on the farm, and so she did. Being raised on the farm, and being a quick-learner, she was able to help out with some of the simple tasks her mother would do around the house and farm. She loved following her mother around and learning how to cook for a large group. When she reached a very young age, at around 7, her father died due to an attack from a mugger when he and her mother were on a 'date'. Her mother closed up, leaving her to the kitchen with her older sister, Rebecca. Rebecca and her were complete opposites, one outgoing while the other kept to herself unless faced with a challenge. Rebecca was fond of learning how to cook new things, instead of sticking with what they knew, she liked to experiment while Rose loved the older recipes their mother had used. Their mother had locked herself away in her room, only her older sister was allowed in to see her. The farm was going to collapse without the care it needed. So, Rebecca sent forth for their cousin to join them on the farm. Their cousin was young, but still older then Rebecca whom was 16. Their cousin took care of the farm, the plants that they grew while Rebecca taught Rose many things in the kitchen and about gardening. As she turned 10 years old, their mother passed away from a broken heart. Rose started her work in the gardens, planting and caring for the stuff that would make their money and help them around the farm. But little did she know, was that everything would change when she turned 16.

Her 16th birthday arrived and passed quickly, but the sting of hurt and pain stayed with her for months on end. Her older sister had sold the farm, they were going to be moving to a large city where her sister would be working as a 'personal' chef. Due to the change, Rose had to give up her life that she loved for something her sister loved, and after holding in her emotions, she gave in and pretended to be happy for her sister's sake. Moving to the city was rough, new school, no friends that she knew. Her challenging attitude and strength she had built up was useless to her now. She was a tom-boy, dressed like one, acted like one. Her sister never approved, and soon decided to send Rose off to an all girl private school where she would spend her time learning how to be a 'lady'. In this girl-school, there were different kinds of groups. The popular, the jocks, the nerds. Rose managed to fit in with the nerds, being pretty smart with most school subjects and still managing to be the most athletic within the school. She worked hard to impress her sister, flowing with groups and getting picked on. After about 6 months of the school, she decided she wanted to be apart of the 'class outrageous'. In that event, the girls competed to see who was the best in all her manners, sports, and education. The past 3 years all had the same winner, but she was graduating and everybody doubted that anyone other then her (Her name is Kisha Lemone) would get the prize. But Rose worked hard, determination sinking into her body as she trained herself to be a firm, but caring, young lady.

The end of the school-year came and so did the competition, Rose and only a few other girls decided to try their luck against Kisha Lemone. Rose came close, but Kisha pushed her around and learned what a southern girl's right-hook could do to the face. Kisha lost that year, but Rose was suspended for punching her in the face. However, Rose was smart enough to enroll in another private school that was made for genius' and she passed through the school with flying colors. She grew older and pleased her sister, but finally she turned 18 and decided she needed to explore the world herself. She left Rebecca, with what money she had, and made her way into a new area. She applied late for a college and hopes that they accept her. She has high hopes in making honor students and showing the world that a southern belle can make it in the life her sister wanted for her.

Roleplay Sample

Taken from Guardian Rose on AGE.

She rolled her ears forward with excitement as the brute seemed to understand exactly what she had meant about her brother. Her white fur fluffed up as she listened, getting comfortable as the male's voice echoed through the area."I know Clare, I accepted her at the border when I first became Delta female, she is such a dear thing." She nodded slowly, shifting from paw to paw as she thought about the one she had accepted. It had been  a quick acceptance after finding out Clare had been from the previous lands she called home. She wondered if the brute still took a fancy to the white she-wolf, but she didn't dare ask. "She disappeared? How odd..." Rose felt sad for the brute, knowing the pain of loving another and having them leave. She shifted and looked down, her amber eyes full of understanding and sorrow for putting him through such memories. Her ears flicked forward as the brute spoke his mind. So he's glad I have no interest in anyone? Why...? She pondered for a brief moment and met the brute's gaze, her amber eyes glistening with curiosity. "Why are you glad I have no interest in anyone?" She spoke loud enough for the brute to hear, her eyes staying upon him.

He then continued on, talking about his past and she felt sad for him. "I am glad you are here now." She spoke softly, trying to reassure him about coming to Helidos, starting a new life. She felt bad for his past, but she was confident he would be alright. "My past? Well..." She paused in her words and shifted so she could fully see the he-wolf. "I was born in the deep south, lands covered in thick snow during the winter. Hot sun during the summer, flowers that would make you see beauty for what it truly is and leaves that showered the ground, showing death brings harsh life and then it brings hope. My mother looked much like me, but with deep blue eyes, like the sea or a blue flower. My father looked like my brothers, but with deep amber eyes. My family was well known in the pack, my mother being Lead Healer and my father being the Beta. When we were old enough to see and hear, the Alpha came to the Caretakers den and took us by age, Thunder, Faith, Holmes, and myself. He named us each, calling us what he thought be fit and our parents beamed with pride. When we reached the age to become Apprentices, we were brought to a field and the Alpha spoke to us. He told us the importance of our pack and how we must defend them. At the age of one year, in the same field, the Alpha asked permission from my father to have me be his mate when I turned of age. The alpha was young, 4-5 years of age as he had just taken over when we were born. He was kind, but I did not love him. My father agreed to it however, beaming that his daughter would be an Alphess. But a short while after that, our pack was attacked by the rival pack, lead by a vicious Alphess and Alpha. She killed her husband and took Faith and Thunder from me. Holmes, the third eldest, ran with me deep into the woods. But Holmes had been ill from birth, his lungs gave in and the two Elites chasing us had gained to the point of being minutes away. He turned around and fought them, telling me to leave. With the fact he was ill, and not the strongest fighter, I am sure he is dead." She felt sad by what she had to say about her brother, the one whom had saved her life.

"I wandered, too young to really understand anything, on the verge of starving and losing my own life. I met a wolf named 'Raven', a brute who stood at the tallest height I have ever seen, broad shoulders, and icy blue eyes. He teased me, and then mentored me in life. I became his companion, traveling with him and following him around like a small pup. After a while, he had discovered my sister and mentored her as well. He loved her, and I did not know he was leading her in the same direction as me. He kept us apart, not wanting us to meet until the time was right. One day after he had admitted loving a fae that looked almost exactly like me, he and I walked upon a mountain, attacked by a large cat. He died saving me, but he killed the large beast. He told me he loved me like a sister, that I would be strong enough to continue on without him. My sister was left unknowing his death, waiting for him to return until she decided he would not." She flicked her tail and looked down at her paws before continuing. "I then found myself in Pine Summit, greeted at the borders by Alpha Obsidian, a brute that looked exactly like my old mentor! It startled me, and then he explained they were not the same wolf and accepted me. I made friends, and found my brother in Cedar Grove. Then the disease struck, and I roamed the lands until I ended up here. Quinn's Betess, Juno, accepted me and then later I met Quinn and discovered she was Alphess of Maple Woods. I had heard Fenris had come to these lands in search of Quinn, and their love brought them together, it was amazing." She stopped talking, her amber eyes searching the rustic colored brute. She grinned as he spoke.

Hunt, or run. She pondered, a small and innocent grin dancing across her maw. "Race! If you can beat me, I'll catch you something better to eat!" She stood, her tail swaying as she bounced to stand beside him, her paws shifting in the dirt and she looked across the large field. "Halfway across the field or all the way?" She shifted and crouched down slightly, shaking her hips as she prepared to dart forward with the male. She would beat him, because she had been running all her life and was as quick as ever. She took several breaths, waiting for the he-wolf to say the words that would make her bolt. Her fur bristled against his because she stood so close to him, her tail swayed in a wag and she tilted her head upwards to see the males face, a grin crossing her maw at how tall he was compared to her. She was bubbling with excitement and joy, blood pumping through her veins. She wanted to go, to win and to be victorious. But she knew there was a chance of losing.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Star-man
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · Exactly one year~
How did you find us? · I know the Owner <3
What's the best way to contact you? · PM - Skype (CapaAngel)

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Finished <3

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You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

1. Visit the Claims and save your name, character, voice, song, and relationship status!

2. Make sure you reserve a Dormitory for your student. If you wish to have a teacher, PM The Dean.

3. Check out our Member Zone and get to know the other players on site!

4. And if you get bored, make your presence known in the Chatbox! We don't bite... Unless you want us to!


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