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Post by Sindri Leifsson on Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:37 am

Sindri Benedikt Liefsson

Nicknames · Sin, Sindr
Age · 19
Gender · Male
Race · Shape-Shifter
Species · Arctic Fox
Sexual Orientation · Homosexual Biromantic
Occupation · Student | Unemployed


Sindri is gorgeous and he knows it. As a human, this guy is incredibly handsome; soft fair skin with no blemishes, a sharp jawline, bright silver eyes and silky platinum-blonde hair, he's got it all. Standing at 174cm tall, Sindri boasts a toned body, bordering on the lean side with rather defined abs. Nimble fingers are adorned with intricate silver rings. Two wrap themselves around his left index and pinkie finger, and three are chained together on his right index, ring and pinkie finger. Dressed impeccably with stylish clothing that compliment his dapper look, he may as well be a model, although the occupation is quite far down on his to-do list. A pair of navy blue headphones rest on his shoulders, connected to an iPod, filled with music genres ranging from classical to psychedelic.

As an Arctic Fox, Sindri is considerably smaller than that of a human, becoming 1/6th of his original height, standing on all four paws. Thick silky snow-white fur coat his entire body from head to tail. He has an adorable face, retaining his silver eyes and he does not hesitate to use it to his advantage. Soft fluffy ears sit atop his head and are quite responsive if one were to pet them. Due to his thick coat, he does not change into this form often, only using it to escape from situations or crawl through small spaces. During the cold winter, he will change and spend most of the day, lounging outside in the snow.


Not quite narcissistic, Sindri takes great care in looking after his looks and his body, making sure that he looks ravishing every day. Icelandic from birth, he is 100% fluent, but chooses to speak English for convenience, his accent is quite prominent and adds to his own charm. Rather coy, he speaks in a suave and smooth tenor that practically oozes sex, even though he may not have the intentions as he seems to exert. A musical prodigy, Sindri is a fanatic about music and is incredibly knowledgeable about the subject. He is a cellist and a pianist with a couple of adventures with the trumpet and clarinet. He holds music incredibly close to his heart and is highly judgmental towards any piece or song performed. Although he is quite self-assured and reliant upon himself, he is actually quite sensitive with OCD, plaguing his life. He is constantly fiddling with the rings on his hands, making sure that each one is perfectly positioned on his fingers. Once they're out of place, he will try several times to adjust them. He is prone to panic attacks when he is in situations that are incredibly uncomfortable or when he is unable to change a situation that causes him stress.


Sindri was born in Reykjavik, Iceland, on the 29th of May, to Lief Magnússon and Ásdís Arinbjörndottir; a rather wealthy couple. He was an only child up until age 7 when a little sister was born. From a young age, Sindri showed a particular interest in music, particularly that of Tchaikovsky. His parents immediately started him with the piano and at a young of 5, he showed considerable skill with the instrument. 4 years later, he started the cello; a long-time favourite instrument of his, achieving a high level as well. He was not exactly a happy child in school with occasional bullies who teased him because of his desire to look good, leading him to develop a dislike to be called 'girly' or 'feminine' (however, he would not mind being called 'Princess' from his S/O) He managed to pull through with his long-term friends and family supporting him. He was a rather good student, achieving high grades and receiving a scholarship in high school for music, which, at that time had caused him to want to pursue a career in the subject. After graduating at the age of 17, he took a gap year and travelled to Central Europe, where he stayed in Vienna, going on tours and learning German. It was there when he was learning the language that he strayed from his future musical career, changing to something along the line of science and international relations.

He discovered his sexuality at age 14, when he developed a crush on an upperclassman. He never told the upperclassman that he liked him, as the crush didn't last for a very long time. After moving to Austria, he met his first boyfriend, Conrad. He genuinely liked Conrad, but the relationship did not last for long, after the other male tried to force himself on him. He stopped all contact with Conrad and changed locations, moving to Salzburg. At the end of the year, he finally accepted an offer to go to Friends University Renown.

Roleplay Sample

It was most definitely summer now; the sun being a clear confirmation to the upcoming heated days. The rays came through the leaves of the trees, ending as golden shadows on the brown earth. Sieglinde appreciated the warmth that the sun gave, but she was not fond of it. The dark hues of her fur reacted poorly to the heat, absorbing it rather than reflecting it like white-pelted wolves. It was during these times that she would seek solace within her own den, staying in the shade. And it was exactly where she was; lying safely in her own sanctuary. Having not left her den since the day before, she did not particularly wish to leave it now, especially since she could feel the heat radiating off the ground. But she could sense the temperature lowering in her den, going from a cool to a chilly. Any longer and it would no longer be comfortable. Sighing, she pushed herself up to her paws and cautiously poked her head out of her hollow.

Once she made sure that there was no one around, Sieglinde climbed out, stretching her body, arching like a feline. Humming pleasantly, she felt her bones pop back into place, her muscles releasing all tension. Rolling her shoulders, she looked towards the sky, seeing the scattered sparkles of sunlight through the leaves. This wasn't enough warmth. She would have to go somewhere else where there was less shelter and more sun. Shaking herself to beat away some of the cold, she began to wander out of the forest. Not really having a set direction, she went towards the left of her den, believing that it wouldn't take long for her to leave the woodland. Oh, how wrong she was. For what seemed like hours, it was just tree after tree with the occasional shrub that greeted her as she continued on her path. Musing to herself, she said, "Goodness, when will this end?" Despite the slight wariness now in her mind, she continued forward, hoping that eventually she would reach the outer stretch of the forest.

Fortunately, it was easy to tell when she had left the pack clearing when the treeline abruptly stopped and there was just a spread of green and yellow out in front of her. The dark fae hadn't paid attention to which way she had gone but she was fairly sure it was south. The sun was almost glaring down upon her fur and she immediately felt her pelt warming up. Her paws soon began to walk on sand, rather than dirt, the soft sensation beneath her pads disrupting her cadence, causing her to stumble. Sinking slightly into the sand, she gazed at wonder at what it lead to. Crystal blue water splashed softly  against the white, shimmering from the light of the sun. Mesmerised, she went forward, stopping just before the seawater line, staring out into the distance, hardly being able to take her eyes off the scene. A tingle of coolness sprung through her as the tide pushed small waves towards her, kissing the tips of her paws. Not wanting to get herself wet, she retreated back a couple of steps, but stayed a considerable distance from the sea.

A squawk brought her attention from the water to the seagulls fluttering about on the beach. Feeling slightly mischievous, she stalked towards them and once close enough, leapt into their midst, anticipating their surprise. Immediately, several squawks flew at her,  as the birds flew up and away, obviously flustered from the sudden scare. Chuckling lightly, she repeated her actions, occasionally nipping her jaws near them, teasing. She travelled a while down the coast, stopping only when she saw a dark shadow up ahead. Ceasing her playful antics, she shook herself to rid her fur of any sand before casting a curious glance towards the giant rock formation. Jade eyes glimmered with interest and she started into a slow jog.

As she approached the rock formation, she realised that there was another smaller rock blocking her way. Nearing it, she noticed that there was a dark form settled atop of it. Narrowing her eyes to have a clear look, she recognised the shadow as Delta Desoto. She had only ever seen him once during the pack meeting and they had exchanged no words. Why was he here? Dragging her gaze over his figure, she observed that he looked particularly forlorn and generally unhappy. Drawing nearer, she subtly padded up to him, making her presence warm and submissive. She didn't want to startle him and create a bad impression. Smiling softly, her expression kind, she murmured, "Delta Desoto, it is a pleasure to meet you on such a...warm day." Deciding not to speak much in order not to overwhelm him, she jumped straight to the point. Her voice still soft and gentle, she uttered, "A penny for your thoughts, sir?".

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Mushroom
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · 2 years and...4 months/i>
How did you find us? · I have my ways...
What's the best way to contact you? · PM | Skype

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Make sure to make an OOC account named "Mushroom" before this is completed.

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You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

1. Visit the Claims and save your name, character, voice, song, and relationship status!

2. Make sure you reserve a Dormitory for your student. If you wish to have a teacher, PM The Dean.

3. Check out our Member Zone and get to know the other players on site!

4. And if you get bored, make your presence known in the Chatbox! We don't bite... Unless you want us to!

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