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Aria Valentina Black

Nicknames · Ari, Val
Age · 18
Gender · Female
Race · Anthro
Species · Arctic Fox
Sexual Orientation · Bi-Curious/Heterosexual
Occupation · student/ Aspiring Musician


Aria is a small, slender arctic fox. Standing only 5'4" and weighing less 100 pounds the vixen would have a very tall and slender build, lacking in any real substantial muscle mass. Covering the arctic beauty's slender frame was a blanket of soft, down like white fur. Accenting her white fur the small creature would have a long pair of black gloves, moving from the tips of her fingers to end in a random jagged pattern just below the elbow, with a similar pattern moving from her toes to end just below her knees. Crossing the front of the vixen's muzzle was a long band of black, forming an almost perfect fang like curve. Topping the young vixen's head was a flowing set of snow white hair, accented by the vulpine's long black ears. Dotting the bottom of each ear were a pair of small steel studs, spread less than an inch apart, though often replaced with neon colored ones for parties. Less than an inch from the tip of each ear the vixen had a long steel bar running to a pair of studs on each side of her ear. Highly contrasting the black that seemed to accent the rest of the vixen were a bright pair of golden yellow eyes, almost seeming to glow against her white fur and black accents.  


Aria is a very laid back girl by any standard, generally letting most things slide by without ever showing anything but indifference towards them. However, this laid back nature ends when it comes to one of the things she is most passionate about. Aria has always found herself as the black sheep of her family and highschool, and with her parents strict expectations of her the teenager did as all do, and rebelled in her own way. However unlike most who turn to discipline problems or failing classes to make their point Aria found a way to rebel that she was passionate about, and allowed her to escape her troubles for a short while to create something she loved, music. From a very young age the fae had found herself drawn to music, especially the electronic types. Growing up the young girl had learned many different instruments, and while all were fun, none really produced the sound she wanted for her music. This all changed however when the girl discovered her second big passion in life, computers. From the time she first got her own computer to use Aria had spent countless hours on it, discovering the world of the internet, and through it learning how to create the types of music she truly loved, much to her parents discontent. As her music became more and more complicated, it would begin to require more and more from her system. Not wanting to lose any time from her work Aria taught herself how to upgrade her own system, quickly learning the more intimate details of her system, and discovering a deep interest in how computers worked, and what made them tick. Being a very passionate person as she is it is very easy for Aria to lose herself in her work, spending hours and hours at a time staring at the screen of her computer working on a song or code with no attention given to the outside world, usually at the cost of sleep. Because of this habbit, her parent' strict expectations of her, and her odd hobbies and interests in her school Aria never had any close friends, and only a few casual boyfriends growing up. And while the vixen didn't mind, as she found all the love and entertainment she needed in her computer's and instruments, as well as the friends she met at the local shows she frequently attended, it left her very inexperienced in normal social interactions, though she would feel right at home in any club or rave.  


Aria Valentina Black was born in a wealthy suburb to very wealthy parents. Her father was very successful in the Stock Market, and her mother sat on the Board of Directors for a company that manufactured Musical Instruments. From a very young age Aria's parents expected her to follow their example, pushing her to get perfect grades and be the perfect little girl to complete their perfect high society family. However, it would quickly become clear this was far from the life Aria wanted for herself. From the first days she was allowed out of the house on her own the young vixen would take to exploring the nearby woodlands, coming back covered in mud and grime and seeming all the happier for it, even when it earned her a harsh speech from her mother and an hour long lecture about being more "lady like".
However, the young vulpines life would change drastically on her first day of fifth grade. In an attempt to make her settle down from her rather rambunctious ways Aria's mother forced her to start taking piano lessons. At first the arctic fox did nearly everything in her power to avoid going to the classes, a tactic that only worked a few times before her parents caught on. However, no matter how much she hated the classes and the boring classical music she was forced to learn, the young girl found herself quickly falling in love with the instrument, and even more so with making music. Soon she began to dedicate most of her free time locked in the piano room of their house, learning new songs or instruments, and eventually even beginning to write her own music, and even though it wasn't exactly the classical style her parents had desired, but Aria's passion for music had succeeded in keeping her out of trouble for the most part.  However, even this part would soon enough backfire.
During her freshman year of highschool, Aria would meet a more rebellious student at her school who shared her musical interests. After showing the other a few of her compositions the pair actually became quite close, much to her parents ire. The more Aria hung around with the other music lover, the more her parents pressed her to stop seeing her only real friend, until eventually they outright forbid the friendship, a situation the vixen would find unacceptable. After she was forbidden to see her friend Aria would spend nearly every weekend sneaking out of her house, or lie about where she was going, her parents often far too busy with work to check on where she really was or what their precious angel was really doing, the thought that she would lie to them probably not even crossing their minds. At first Aria would just go to her friends house, until one Friday evening the pair decided to get adventurous.
After sneaking out, the pair would meet at an abandoned warehouse, inside raged a party unlike anything Aria had ever seen before. She could feel the bass kicking in her chest, the music so loud she could barely hear her own thoughts. In every corner of the illegal party there was every drug she had ever heard of, and some she hadn't. Couples who had never met before were dancing, if it could be called that with eachother, and others had taken it much much further than that in plain view of all who attended. But despite it all, Aria loved it. She couldn't get the music out of her head for days as she started to spend nearly every hour she could manage behind her computer, trying to learn how to make music like that. Nearly every weekend Aria would sneak from her house to visit a different party. At first she would keep to herself, just enjoying the music. Then she started to talk to some of the usuals she recognized, always lying and telling them she was 18 and a freshman in college. Soon after she started drinking, only a beer or mixed drink at first, and then heavily, having to sneak back home after her night out of partying. Next she started experimenting with different drugs, never daring to do any of the harder things at the parties. However, the more the vixen drank, or experimented, the more friendly she became with the others at the parties, often finding a guy, and a few times girls, to dance with, and on a few rare occasions do much more than dance, though never allowing anyone to take her purity.
As the vixen more and more frequently attended these parties, she would become more and more comfortable with the scene, until it was all she knew. With her parents forbidding her to have any real friends they didn't approve of, and those they did approve of being annoying perfectionist that made Aria's skin crawl, the only friends she knew would be the music and those she enjoyed it with, which often included drugs, alcohol, and as close as she could come to sex without crossing that line. However, as the girl started to make a name for herself, her musical abilities would start to become known through the large community that attended the parties, until finally she caught her big break. Less than a day before one of the massive parties a slot opened, and with her reputation growing Aria was invited to play, an opportunity she couldn't pass up even if she wanted to. The first performance earned her a second, which earned her a third, and a fourth. With each performance the vixen would make more and more of a name for herself, an image that took four years of her life to build. However, all too quickly those four years would come to pass, and soon enough the vixen would graduate highschool. But with all success, comes change. With highschool behind her, the vixen knew she would be leaving for college, opening the door to an exciting new world in a new town with new people. But also a new mountain for her to climb, a fresh reputation to build, and a new world of challenges to overcome.  

Roleplay Sample

Copied from Apprentice Aleu on Age of the Wolves.

Aleu kept a firm glare the entire time she accosted him, a fury she had never known of herself before boiling over from the last step of betrayal and pain the poor creature could handle. She had never known her father, and had lived her first months on earth with only her mother's fury and disappointment, and then she even lost her. Juno and Rose were much kinder than Katyusha had ever been, though she knew deep down Katyusha loved her, she had to  as a mother, right? But with the news of Striker dying Aleu had gotten into a very serious fight with Juno, the very fae she called her mother, and the pup was certain she had lost her family in Helidos now as well, all because Striker couldn't bother to talk to her, to tell her she hadn't lost everything she loved in this world. Although honestly she had no one but herself to blame for Juno, it was her own rage that had chased her off. But wasn't she doing the very same thing with Striker? As she turned to walk away, the young fae would barely hear him walking up behind her, until he snarled loudly. Turning to face him in defense Aleu would hear his retort, her own snarl replying "You've had a whole season to explain yourself! What, did you forget where I live?!" she snarled, turning to leave again. As the brute jumped onto her back Aleu's eyes would go wide, a loud snarl leaving her muzzle as she kicked her back legs at him, until she was pinned on her back, a menacing growl leaving her muzzle "Get off me!" she snarled before he leaned in to nuzzle against her, an action that nearly dumbfounded the poor pup below him. As he began to speak Aleu would turn her hide, trying to hide the burning in her cheeks as as cleared her throat. At the mention of Sam her ears would perk quickly, her gaze turning to meet his "Hey Striker....I'm really happy you aren't dead..." was all she could say. She knew how Erenyx was, and she assumed Juno wasn't wrong about her information, even if Striker had survived somehow, a gift Aleu couldn't believe she was so lucky to have recieved. As he backed off Aleu would slowly lift herself to a seated position, looking away in silent embarrassment " are real. Right?" she asked, smiling to him slightly, hoping he would accept her 'appology'.

As the brute began to vent Aleu couldn't help but feel guilty, after all she was the one that had driven him insane, or at least severely frustrated. Sittin in the same spot in the sand in silence Aleu could only hang her head and watch as he paced back and forth, before stopping and looking her dead in the eyes. Aleu wondered how he was taking the transition to a new pack, and how he was handling being all alone now. She truly hoped he had someone in this new pack to take him in like she had. Or maybe she could convince him to come to Helidos with her. As the brute approached to look into her gaze he could easily see the sweet, gentle look she reserved for him in her eyes, letting him know she had calmed quite a bit since the first words of the encounter. As he responded to her harsh words she could only sigh "I don't know Striker....You know everyone I've ever cared about has left me.... And I care about you....I guess I was just afraid you would leave me too..." she sighed, noticing his more radical actions started to worry her. As he continued to speak Aleu would take a step back nervously, watching as he seemed to return to himself as he approached her again. Shifting to rest on her haunches Aleu would wait for his next words, feeling she owed it to him to at least be able to explain himself.

Aleu watched as the brute moved to sit before her, the young Helidos wolf's eyes staying locked onto him, listening intently to every word he had to tell her. As he spoke of the fights, and how he had lost sibling's Aleu's ears would pin flat against her head, a feeling of deep guilt filling her for getting mad at him for such a horrible thing he had to endoure. Aleu had never had a sibling other than Sam, who she had only spoken to for a short time, but she couldn't imagine the horror of seeing her siblings killed in such a pointless way. As he went on to speak of how he wouldn't be able to defend her Aleu would simply feel her heart melt, soft appologetic eyes turned to meet his as he moved in and placed his neck over hers. Aleu would feel her heart pound in her chest and she pushed back against him gently, resting her head on his broad chest weakly. He felt so much stronger than before, and she felt so safe pressed against him, like she did with Marrok, but different in a way. As he pulled back Aleu had to stop herself from letting out a whine, her gaze turning to meet his for a brief moment before she turned her head quickly away, feeling rather ashamed of how she had acted. Pausing for what felt like an eternity of a few seconds the pup would clear her throat, looking up to his gaze "Don't be sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you like that...I should have let you explain." she said, stepping forward to press her head into his chest again, just wanting to feel him for a few seconds longer "I can't imagine how hard that hard you had to fight... Just...thank you for survivng. I can't think of what I would do if I had lost you..." she said, opening her muzzle as if to say something else "Striker I.... I..." she paused, looking down at the sand "Thanks." was all she could manage, staying pressed against him for now.

Out Of Character Information

Your Name/Alias · Vixen, Vix, Danielle, Dani
How Long Have You Been Roleplaying? · 10 Years
How did you find us? · I'm Warrior Katyusha from Age of the Wolves
What's the best way to contact you? · PM, I get an email on my phone so I can reply quickly.

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Aria Valentina Black - Canine Empty Re: Aria Valentina Black - Canine

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You're Accepted!


What should you do now?

1. Visit the Claims and save your name, character, voice, song, and relationship status!

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4. And if you get bored, make your presence known in the Chatbox! We don't bite... Unless you want us to!


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